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Difference Between Milk and Yogurt

Milk vs Yogurt

There are many types of yogurt and milk like low fat milk and low fat yogurt but generally speaking milk is just one of the many components found in yogurt. It is actually very easy to tell the difference between milk and yogurt. Although both are considered as dairy products, one can instantly say that yogurt is not milk and vice versa. Based on looks and consistency, milk is more watery while yogurt is a lot thicker.

There are lots of individuals who developed some aversion to milk because of being lactose intolerant. With this, they become sort of ‘allergic’ to milk whenever they drink one. Thus, these individuals now settle for yogurt. They no longer have to worry for protein allergies nor for any type of intolerance if they chose yogurt over milk.

With regard to digestion, yogurt is really the healthier dairy product as compared to milk because it is digested easier and faster within the body. This is achieved with the help of yogurt’s special culturing process. The culture mechanism artificially creates the enzyme lactase. This enzyme is said to be the ones lacking among lactose intolerant individuals. Another not so heard enzyme, beta-galactosidase is also created in the culture process. This aids in better absorbing lactose, which is practically useful for those who are lactose intolerant.

The rest of the bacterial enzymes resulting from the culture are able to break down casein, a milk protein, which makes the yogurt less allergenic. Lactobacteria are the more specific group of colon friendly bacteria that is usually fortified in yogurt products. These good bacteria significantly decrease the risk for colon cancer and maintain good integrity of the intestines.

On the contrary, lactose is generally lower in yogurt than in pure milk. Although this may not be true in all cases because some yogurt brands make special yogurt formulas with a boosted value of lactose, most yogurts have already been depleted much of their lactose because this sugar has underwent conversion into galactose and glucose. This is also one of the reasons why yogurt is an easily digestible food. This means, there is less risk for gastric or stomach upsets even in lactose intolerant individuals.

1. Yogurt is thicker while milk is more watery.

2. Yogurt is a more digestible dairy product as compared to milk.

3. Yogurt generally has less lactose content than pure milk.

4. Yogurt has more beneficial enzymes and active bacteria that help the body become healthier.

5. Yogurt is practically a healthier food product than milk.

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  1. A very informative and useful article especially for those who have lactose intolerance

  2. Informative and useful especially for those with lactose intolerance

  3. I want to understand what is the difference between milk and yogurt. When eat yogurt my left leg between knee and foot become stiffen. Then same is observed when I eat butter and beef. But Milk has no such effect, it is OK.

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