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Difference Between Ghee and Butter

butter We can term ghee as clarified butter, butter oil, drawn butter, or typically as Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF). Still they are not the same thing and lot of differences lie between both commercial food commodities.

The smoke point of ghee is very high (approximately 400 °F) and undoubtedly one of the premium oil for sautéing, baking and deep frying. If you sauté with the help of butter then milk solids can precipitate and generate a bad smell. No milk solids are involved in ghee, and it is also stable at soaring heat. People who are allergic to dairy products can easily include ghee in their diet. People who are allergic to dairy products fail to digest casein and lactose. During the clarification process of ghee, casein and lactose are removed from the butter.

Ghee can be stored for longer time compared to butter. The moisture content in ghee is comparatively less than butter. Therefore there is no need to store it in a cool place like refrigerator. You can easily store it in an air-tight container at the room temperature for 2 to 3 months. If refrigerated, ghee can last up to one year. Ghee will also enhance the sweet and richness of the food in comparison of butter. It’s quality also far better than butter. One tablespoon of ghee will offer you the same quality (in terms of recipe) that 3 tablespoons of butter can offer.

Both ghee and butter have their respective effects on the body. Some studies and experiments have clearly revealed that ghee has somewhat alkalizing effect over the body. In contrast, butter will have somewhat been acidifying effect over the body.

The role of ghee is not confined to household usage only. It is also significant in terms of Ayurvedic medicine. A ghee which has been thoroughly washed can be highly beneficial for the skin. According to Ayurveda it can easily heal many skin problems. It is also very effective on dried lips. Ghee is widely recognized in various Ayurvedic massages & supplements. You may not find such benefits in case of butter. The application of butter is only confined to dairy products and household use.

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