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Difference Between Heat Pump and Furnace

heatpump-pdHeat Pump vs. Furnace

Heat pump is a term commonly used for heat transferring or circulating devices, and machines like refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. As opposed to the heat engine, heat pump converts mechanical energy into thermal energy. This task is mainly achieved with the help of fluids known as the ‘refrigerants’. The classic examples of refrigerants are CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and carbon dioxide.

A heat pump can be used to either heat the atmosphere or lower the temperatures, depending upon the type of output desired. However, a ‘furnace’ can be used only for heating. Furnaces cannot be considered as a cooling device. To generate heat, a furnace derives energy from several sources, like natural gas, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), coal, fuel oil or wood. Typical furnaces involve devices and machines like kilns, ovens and boilers.

Unlike chimneys, the heat pump heats up your household during winters without choking you. Moreover, the latest heat pumps now have an inbuilt air purifier, thereby making sure that you inhale fresh and pure air. Most of the heat pumps are convenient to use, and take up very little space. Heat pumps come with a promise of long term service, and are also cheaper when compared to other heating devices. Certain heat pumps are eco-friendly too.

In order to use a furnace in your household, you need certain components, like a thermostat, blowers and burners. One of the plus points of a furnace is that it can provide heat by burning various sources, like gas, oil, wood, electricity and coal. Moreover, the blowers and burners make sure that the furnace works for a longer time. Current age thermostats are now digitalized, and hence, you can now control the temperatures of your household efficiently; thereby reducing your electricity bills and fuel costs.

In summary, heat pumps prove to be a better choice when compared to furnaces. The following are the major differences between a heat pump and a furnace:

1. A heat pump can either increase or lower temperatures, however a furnace can only provide heat.

2. Even though one might opt for a furnace, purchasing a heat pump might be necessary if the temperatures are soaring high.

3. The sources used by heat pumps are limited, and are somewhat eco-friendly. However, a furnace can operate on a variety of sources.

4. When compared to a furnace, a heat pump costs much more.

5. When it comes to electric bills, heat pumps provide a huge relief when compared to furnaces.

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