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Difference Between HK416 And M4


The differentiating of firearms is a challenge nowadays, considering the availability of hundreds of brands in the market. It is because every model we come across carries typical features, making it incomparable with the others. The same perception is applicable to M4 and HK416 also. However, a gun savvy can explain the difference by taking into account various aspects such as price, size, capacity, trigger system, ergonomics, reliability, purpose etc.


HK416 is an assault rifle manufactured by Heckler and Koch with the collaboration of Delta Force. It is an improved version of the M4 carbine. The short stroke gas piston system of the carbine is designed in such a way that when it drives the operating rod it will force the bolt carrier to the rear. This design does not allow combustion gases from entering the interior of the carbine. The short stroke gas piston system of HK416 is actually an adaptation of the Heckler & Koch G36. It is available in the form of a whole weapon and is also offered as an upper receiver kit attachment to any AR-15 type lower receiver. The aiming and illumination gadgets, the grips, and an AG416 40 mm grenade launcher could be fixed on the set of rails. Even after firing 30 rounds on full automatic, the bolt will remain cool so that it can be handled by bare hand. The heat reduction leads to decrease in the fouling of the bolt carrier group which in turn increases the dependability of the weapon. At the same time it also diminishes the number of stoppages.

With HK416, the operator cleaning time can be saved a lot, and it avoids tension about the critical components.   It can withstand adverse environmental situations, having the ability to fire without using lubricants. The lack of lubricant keeps sand and mud away from the weapon, which improves its reliability. That means it can be fired soon after being in water or buried in sand or mud.   The winter trigger guard works well with gloves or winter clothing. HK416 gives protection against accidental discharge. It has customized assembly interfaces and modified receiver connections. Moreover, it is compatible with HK steel and polymer magazines as well as HK 40 mm low velocity GLM/M320. The HK416 is provided with modular interface for bayonet and a foldable front sight on barrel having variable length of 14.5”, 16.5” and 20”. HK416 is at present used by US Special Operations Units and the Norwegian Armed Forces. The HK416 has demonstrated its worth when the US Navy SEALs used it to exterminate Osama Bin Laden.


The M4 is a variant of the M16A2 assault rifle, and is manufactured by Colt Defense.   Its carbine integrates a direct gas operating system. The weapon’s forearm and Buttstock are made of very strong and hard polymer materials. The length of its barrel is 14.5 inches, and its Buttstock is collapsible with 6 positions, instead of a fixed one. The carbine is compact with a flat top upper receiver assembly, and is significantly easy to carry it in limited space due to the shorter barrel. The gun has a U-shaped handle-rear sight assembly which is removable. The grouping of mounting rails makes it convenient for customization with different attachments such as sight, flashlight, grenade launchers etc. The Muzzle velocity of the weapon is low, whereas the sound is loud, because of the reduced barrel length.

The M4 is known to be a selective firearm, having the facility to fire semi-automatic as well as automatically. The weapon is light and very accurate. The most important feature of M4 is its ability to execute fast-point close-quarters fire. However, any failure to maintain it properly will cause jams in hostile environments like sandy and dusty surroundings. According to the United States’ Combat Development Directorate, the M4 is the most sought after gun by the soldiers in combat.

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