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Difference Between LG Versa and LG Dare

lg-dare-versaLG has been developing phones that share the form factor of the now very famous iphone. Two of these offerings are the Dare and the Versa which are pretty similar to each other with only very minor difference. The key difference and advantage that the Versa has over the Dare is in its versatility where its name is taken from. The versa has a keyboard attachment that supplements its capabilities and allows the user to type messages much faster than any on-screen keyboard could.

QWERTY hardware keyboards are not uncommon in mobile phones that share this form factor, in fact most manufacturers have a range of devices with and without keyboards. The advantage that the Versa has is that its keyboard is detachable, something that isn’t very common. With the keyboard removed, the Versa looks just like the Dare and from afar, it would be pretty difficult to distinguish the two.

When attached and closed, the keyboard looks like a leather case but it has its own OLED display and call buttons on the outside so that you won’t have to open it in order to answer or reject calls. The Versa is also able to recognize when the keyboard is opened. It can then switch the screen orientation into landscape mode allowing the correct orientation for keyboard use.

The saving grace of the Dare over the Versa is still the very advanced camera. Although the Versa camera still shares some of the notable features that are present in the Dare, it has been downgraded into a 2.0 megapixel sensor. Simply put, the Dare can take better pictures compared to the Versa. Another good aspect of the Dare over the Versa is its use of the standard 3.5mm jack. This is the industry standard and almost all high end headsets use this size. The 2.5mm jack of the Versa means that you would need to buy an adapter in order to use your standard headset on it. This could mean some loss of quality due to some noise that the adaptor might introduce, not to mention having another tiny object that you need to keep track of.

1. Versa has a detachable keyboard.
2. Versa can automatically switch screen orientation.
3. Dare has a better 3.2 megapixel camera over the 2.0 megapixel camera of the Versa.
4. Dare has a standard 3.5mm jack suitable for all headsets while the Versa has a 2.5mm jack that requires an adaptor for most headsets.

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