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Difference Between LG Voyager Titanium and LG Voyager Black

lg-voyagerThe LG Voyager Titanium and LG Voyager Black are two phones that share the same exact hardware and were released only 10 months apart. The only change that allows you to tell the two apart is the difference in color. Apart from that, the hardware is totally the same. What sets the Titanium ahead of the Black is the hugely updated firmware. This firmware version included a lot more features like Visual Voice Mail, City ID, and VCast Music from Rhapsody. Voyager Black owners though can avail of a free upgrade for their units that brings their firmware at par with the Voyager Titanium. Then we are again back to the only difference between the two, color.

When the Voyager Titanium was released, the need to set it apart from the Voyager Black led LG to change the color. Black was colored black and Titanium was a metallic color. This distinction was necessary in order to highlight the many features that were included in the Titanium, all of which are in the software only.

The most significant of said features is the Visual Voice Mail. This nifty feature allows users to view a graphical list of their voice mail and even read transcribed copies of what is in their voice mail for a fixed monthly fee. The audio is transcribed using advanced speech recognition software in the mobile phone company’s servers. The minor features are City ID, which allows the viewer to see from where the caller is calling from and VCast music, which is a music partnership with Rhapsody to deliver music to your mobile phone much like iTunes.

The upgrade also fixed some of the minor glitches that surfaced after the Voyager Black was released and some of the features and names were tweaked in order to improve their functionality or to better reflect it. As stated above, owners of the Voyager Black can bring their units back to where they bought it and have it upgraded for free. This might take somewhere from 45 minutes to an hour and after that you already have Voyager Titanium in your hand, but it’s still colored black.

1. Voyager Black is colored black while Voyager Titanium is colored a metallic color.
2. Titanium has Visual Voice Mail, City ID, and VCast Music that the Black doesn’t have.
3. Some of the little glitches in the Voyager Black have also been fixed in the Voyager Titanium.
4. Voyager Black owners can have their unit upgraded for free so that it has the same features as the Voyager Titanium aside from the color.

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