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Difference Between Canon G11 and S90

Canon G11 vs S90

The Canon Powershot G11 and S90 do not look very similar on the onset but the two cameras share a lot of identical capabilities like sensor resolution, image processor, and others. But there are also distinct differences between the two, which may help buyers in choosing one over the other. Just by looking and holding both cameras, it is obvious that the G11 is bigger and heavier than the S90. The G11 is bigger in all dimensions and is twice as heavy as the S90 even without the batteries. Having a small and light camera is convenient for ordinary users who carry them around on outings and events.

The bulk of the G11 hides a lot of features that you would not find in the S90. The first would be the 5X zoom provided by its lens. In comparison, the S90 only has a zoom factor of 3.8X. Both figures stated above are for optical zoom, which uses lenses to magnify the subject. Both cameras do have digital zooms of 4X if you need to zoom much closer at the expense of image quality.

Speaking of the lens, the G11 is better at focusing on objects that are much closer compared to the S90. The G11 can focus at objects that are as close as 1cm while the S90 can only focus at objects that are 5cm away or further. Shutter speed is also a major advantage of the G11. Its fastest shutter speed is at 1/4000 of a second while that of the S90 is at 1/1600 of a second. Fast shutter speeds are important in shooting fast moving objects, to prevent blurring, and far objects, to eliminate camera shake. It is even more important when you are shooting a distant object that is moving quite fast.

The LCD screen of the S90 is what you would typically expect in compact cameras and measures 3 inches diagonal. The screen of the G11 is a little bit smaller compared to that of the S90 at 2.8 inches but it swivels out in order to provide the user with a better view no matter what the angle of the camera is.


1. The S90 is smaller and lighter compared to the G11

2. The G11 can zoom further compared to the S90

3. The G11 can focus at much closer objects compared to the S90

4. The G11 has a faster shutter speed compared to the S90

5. The G11 has a smaller screen than the S90 but it can swivel while that of the S90 is fixed

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