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Difference between iPhone 5 & iPhone 5C

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5C

The Apple iPhone 5C is the first iPhone which has been designated as a cheaper iPhone compared to the usual high end price of Apple iPhones. The “C” stands for “Color” and indeed the different colors of the iPhone 5C wrapped around a superior quality plastic shows a gorgeous design in this new model from Apple. It’s available in white, pink, green yellow and blue and comes with the new iOS 7. Let’s check out the main differences between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5 is very slim and its thickness is 7.6 mm. The iPhone 5C is a little thicker having a waist of 8.97 mm. The 5C is wider and measures 59.2 mm to that of 58.6 mm of iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C is taller by a margin of 8 mm than the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5C weighs 132 grams, where the iPhone 5 weighs 112 grams. The 5C sports a beautiful plastic cover and the iPhone 5 has a metalling steel design. The camera on the iPhone 5C sports a BIS (backside illumination sensor) so that the photos are a lot better under low light. Both the phones support 3G/HSPDA and the CDMA2000 networks along with the 4G/LTE. But the iPhone 5C has been designed to be compatible with more LTE bands.

Both the iPhones use the same A6 processor which consists of an Apple customized 1.3 GHz dual core ARM processor and the GPU is integrated of the model PowerVR SGX 543MP3 GPU. The iPhone 5C comes with preinstalled iOS 7, which is a great addition to the Apple mobile operating systems. However, iOS 7 can also be installed on iPhone 5. With the official iOS 7 coming with the iPhone 5C, the iWork suite of Apple – Pages, Numbers and Keynote along with iMovie and iPhoto have been turned into free apps. The iPhone 5C has a storage capacity of either 16GB or 32GB. The iPhone 5 is available at another capacity tag – the 64GB. In fact, the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 are not much different from each other except for the form factor and structural material. The iPhone 5 looks very solid and luxurious besides the classy, colorful iPhone 5C. The 5C is comparatively cheaper than the iPhone 5 and was released to sell at cheap prices in different parts of the world where people prefer to go for an iPhone which is available at a low price tag.


Key Differences between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

  • The iPhone 5C is a little heavier, thicker, wider and taller than the iPhone 5.

  • The iPhone 5C is made of polycarbonate (plastic). The iPhone 5 has a metallic steel exterior.

  • The camera on iPhone 5C features Backside Illumination Sensor (BIS) which is not available on the iPhone 5.

  • The iPhone 5C supports higher number of LTE bands than iPhone 5.

  • Unlike iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C is not available in the 64GB capacity model

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