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Difference Between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

IPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S was released in 2013 along with iPhone5C, which is a revolutionary change in the Apple brand of smart phones .We will have a brief discussion on the differences and similarities between these models. With the similarities between these phones both come up with an ios7 operating system and comes up with the 1GB RAM and having similar dimensions. The weight of 5C is 132 grams, which weighs more than the 5S which is 112 grams.

The chip set also differs in these smart phones with the 5S coming up with the A7 chip set with a quad core processor while the 5C comes up with the A6 chip set with a triple core processor and both have 1GB RAM.

The display of both these devices are 4-inch Retina Display but the 5S comes up with a fingerprint lock facility which was a important feature of 5S but is not present in the 5C. Both have a rear camera of 8 megapixels and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels but the flash differs. While the 5C comes up with the LED flash to add reality to pictures, the flash used in the 5S is with the true tone flash and the 5S comes up with a slow motion video recording which is not present in the 5C.

Both these devices have Bluetooth 4.0 but the battery capacity of 5S is 1570mh while the 5C is with a smaller battery of 1507mh, which makes 5S a long stand as compared to 5C.

The 5S comes up with three variants of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB of storage while the 5C comes up with two variants 16GB,32GB. The colors which were a revolution in the 5C brought splashing colors to the Apple brand of mobiles which previously stood for the two-tone edition and the cost of 5C was low for an Apple release which marks the new strategy of Apple.

The rest are pretty much similar with both these phones with all the features having the brand Apple on them. To summarize the discussion:

  • I Phone 5C comes up with the A6 chip set while 5S is with the A7 chip set
  • iPhone 5C comes up with the triple core processor while the 5S is built with the powerful quad core processor
  • iPhone 5C is weighs more than 5S
  • iPhone 5S is built with a more powerful battery than the 5C
  • iPhone 5S comes up with true-tone flash to enhance the real image capture
  • iPhone 5S comes up with 3 variants varies on the storage capacity while 5C comes up with 2 variants but with different color panels, which was a value addition, and the cost is less compared to 5S

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