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palm_preiPhone vs Palm Pre

Many people today are on the verge of buying the coolest gadgets around, without paying close attention to what each device has to offer. In the aspect of mobile connectivity and media, two names are in a constant battle. These mobile devices are the iPhone and the Palm Pre. In order to make the wisest choice possible, you must first know how each unit differs. Below is an article that compares the features of the two devices:

Foremost, the iPhone is a proud product of Apple, while Palm Pre is from Palm Incorporated. Both devices have dimensions that are almost the same, although the Palm Pre is slightly thicker than the iPhone. Palm has a full QWERTY keypad, whereas the latter incorporates a software touch screen keypad that can either be launched in portrait or landscape mode.

With regards to search capabilities, the Palm Pre really seems to have the upper hand. With its so-called universal search capability, this unit can search almost anything, using one search bar. The iPhone does not have such a feature, although its newer models boasts of fancy extras like the Spotlight, which allows unprecedented search capabilities, amidst many other applications installed.

Although Palm has devised a multi-tasking function among its series of applications, the iPhone has declined this feature, since it claimed that it’s a waste of battery power. The latest iPhone versions limit this functionality with limited applications. It is stated that programs running in the background, or operating simultaneously, just drop the power efficiency by more than 75%.

In terms of photography, the Palm Pres has a 3 MP camera, whereas the iPhone 2.0 has only a meager 2 MP cam. The Palm unit also comes with a led flash capability. However, this feature is not a definite end, since both products can easily upgrade their own respective cameras, in their new releases. In this connection, the iPhone 3G S now boasts of the same 3 MP cam, with a video recording function.

In text editing, both units seem to have their own arsenal. The Palm Pre can easily make a copy and paste of the texts written, while the older iPhones don’t support such a capability. Nevertheless, it is good to hear that the newer iPhone 3.0 has its own unique copy-paste function, that can even undo erroneous texts with just a slight ‘shake.’

The most important differences between the Palm Pre and the iPhone are in a summary below:

1. The Palm Pre, from Palm Inc., has a universal search function, whereas the iPhone, from Apple Inc. has the Spotlight search.

2. The Palm Pre has a full QWERTY keypad, while the iPhone only has a software keypad.

3. The Palm Pre has a 3 MP cam with led flash, while the newer iPhone 3G S also has a 3 MP cam, and video recording capability as well.

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  1. Video Recording will be available for the Palm Pre via software update in early February.

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