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Difference Between Palm Pre and Palm Pixi

Palm Pre vs Palm Pixi

The most recent offerings from Palm include the Pre and the Pixi. The biggest difference between the two is the form factor of the device. The Pre is a slider, hiding a full QWERTY keyboard underneath, while the Pixi is a standard candybar but still having a full QWERTY keyboard up front. It just depends on you whether the mechanism of the slider appeals to you or whether you like the convenience of having the keyboard all the time. Although the name Pixi might imply that it is very small, it is only slightly thinner and narrower than the Pre. It is also longer than the Pre by about half an inch, probably to accommodate the screen and the keyboard.

Since the Pre has a bit more usable space, with the keyboard hidden in the slide, it has a larger touch screen display than the Pixi. Whereas the Pixi has a 2.63 inch diagonal, that of the Pre is 3.1 inches; just under half an inch difference. It also has a slightly higher resolution with the vertical increased by 80 pixels while the horizontal resolutions are the same.

For imaging, the Pre is equipped with a 3 megapixel sensor with LED flash. Although the Pixi is also equipped with a LED flash, its sensor has a resolution of only 2 megapixels. Under the same conditions, the Pre can take better and bigger pictures than the Pixi.

Wi-Fi is an important feature since it allows you to connect to a network, be it your home network or your network at work. Wi-Fi comes as standard in all version of the Pre. The original Pixi does not have Wi-Fi but a later release, dubbed as the Palm Pixi Plus, is already equipped with it.

Both phones use the same WebOS from Palm and have virtually identical capabilities. There is really very little difference between the two phones. If Wi-Fi is a deal breaker for you, then you should go with the Pre or maybe the Pixi Plus, which adds Wi-Fi to the Pixi.

1. The Pre is a slider while the Pixi is a candybar
2. The Pre is shorter but slightly thicker and wider than the Pixi
3. The Pre has a bigger screen compared to the Pixi
4. The Pre has a better camera than the Pixi
5. The Pre has Wi-Fi as standard while the Pixi does not

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