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iPhone vs Curve

The iPhone is Apple Inc’s brainchild. It is considered as the king of all smart phones but even before these products of Apple became popular, Research in Motion (RIM), the company that brought you the enormously popular Blackberry, had been dominating the market particularly in US and North America.

As a matter of fact, it was the iPhone that actually challenged Blackberry’s dominance and won some fans in the process, mainly due the combination of tremendous, signature Apple marketing hype and genuine innovation.

There are three types of iPhones ‘“ the original, 3G, and 3GS. Except for the original, each version is an upgrade of the version before it. So in essence, the iPhone 3GS is the best the series can offer.

On the other hand, RIM’s Blackberry has a variety of models to choose from but for this article’s sake, we will take a look at the Curve in comparison to the iPhone series and attempt to breakdown their advantages and disadvantages.

Design and Dimensions

There is not much difference in terms of size. The iPhone is a tad taller but the Curve is thicker. However, it is safe to say that iPhone is just too sexy, sleek, and stylish, and the Curve just can’t compete with the Apple product. The look alone of the unit is almost irresistible for any potential consumer.

Curve looks okay, nothing striking or special. It seems that the design is really more about functionality Indeed it is as the device has a full mechanical QWERTY keyboard for easier character input which can be very useful for email messaging and other typing tasks.


iPhone is designed to flawlessly designed to effortlessly sync with a computer system especially the MAC. Conversely, the Curve may have synching issues and you may opt using paid software for seamless synching which can be a let-down.


This can be highly subjective. Blackberry users will have no trouble handling the Curve. It has very practical keyboard shortcuts. The iPhone is found to be awkward at first use but it is highly intuitive and the user will, by and by, fall in love with its interface. The touchscreen feature of iPhone is just amazing.

For Email Use

Blackberry boasts about its email usability. In fact, it is made chiefly for email service. Emails with iPhones is good but have some minor issues. Nevertheless, the Apple product is gradually catching up.

Multimedia, Browsing, and Applications

iPhone creators apparently gave importance to internet browsing experience. The iPhone is almost a fully functional internet browser at the palm of your hands. It is state of the art and some may buy the unit for that aspect alone. Curve’s browser is so-so; nothing special but usable nonetheless.

With the iPhone, applications development is potentially limitless. The developers of the applications for Blackberry use outdated tools that do not give them enough access to the core APIs on Blackberry handsets.

Overall, iPhone handles multimedia better than the Curve. Both have average camera quality but the iPhone has better interface, and complementary applications. iPhone is a much better multimedia entertainer.


iPhone is a power hog and easily loses steam. The Curve will offer better service for corporate people needing a portable communications and organization device because of its more economical use of battery power.


1. RIM developed the Curve while Apple made the iPhone.

2. iPhone has three versions;Blackberry Curve has many models as well.

3. iPhone has a more stylish, sexy look; Curve’s design aims to be more on the functional side.

4. Curve has a full mechanical QWERTY keyboard; iPhone relies on touchscreen inputs.

5. Curve may have synching issues while iPhone synch rather seamlessly.

6. Although iPhone is awkward at first use, its user interface is highly intuitive, easy to learn, and fun to use.

7. Blackberry is still the best email managing communications device.

8. iPhone is better in handling multimedia and browsing the net, and has more applications.

9. Curve handles battery power more economically.

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