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Difference Between Jawbone 2 and Jawbone Prime

bluetooth-pdJawbone 2 vs. Jawbone Prime

There isn’t really much to improve on when it comes to Bluetooth headsets, as their function is very basic, and new features are unnecessary, if not unwelcome. Jawbone Prime is an updated version of the Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset from Aliph. The most significant difference between the two is the improved noise cancellation in the Jawbone Prime, that is achieved through the use of advanced DSP algorithms. It can greatly reduce the noise from wind, like when driving in a convertible, or from other sound sources.

The noise cancellation capabilities of the Jawbone 2 lie in the VAS (Voice Activity Sensory) touching the face or cheek of the user. In cases where the VAS no longer touches the user’s face, the noise cancellation is lost. Aliph added AVAD (Acoustic Voice Activity Detection) in the Jawbone Prime to prevent that from happening. Although it does not perform as well as when the VAS is actually touching the cheek, it gives the user the chance to readjust the unit without interrupting the conversation.

A seemingly minor, but well received change in the Jawbone Prime, is the redesign of the ear buds. It now fits in the ear much better, and allows most users, though not all, to use the unit without the ear loop. These ear buds can be bought separately and used with the Jawbone 2, but that entails additional expenses for the user.

New to the Jawbone Prime is the inclusion of Bluetooth 2.1 profiles. The lack thereof in the Jawbone 2 was an issue for some users. Due to this, the Jawbone Prime is capable of multipoint connections, and the Jawbone 2 is not capable of this. Multipoint simply allows the user to connect to two devices at the same time, without needing to pair them whenever you switch between devices. This means that if you have two phones, you can pair both phones to your Jawbone Prime, and automatically receive calls from either phone through your headset. You can also switch between the two phones on the fly.


1. The Jawbone Prime is much better at noise cancellation than the Jawbone 2.

2. The Jawbone Prime adds Acoustic Voice Activity Detection, or AVAD, that is not found on the Jawbone 2.

3. The Jawbone Prime comes with better fitting ear buds compared to the Jawbone 2.

4. The Jawbone Prime is capable of multipoint connections, while the Jawbone 2 is not.

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