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Difference Between Nikon P90 and Nikon P100

Nikon P90 vs Nikon P100

The P90 and P100 are two superzoom offerings from Nikon. There are a few differences that separate one from the other in terms of features and performance. To start with, the P90 has a 12 megapixel sensor while the P100 is only equipped with a 10 megapixel sensor. Although the sensor resolution of the P100 is lower than the P90’s, it is still higher than what most people would use. The sensor of the P90 is also a CCD while that of the P100 is a CMOS sensor. Each type of sensor has its own pros and cons so you should look up their differences for a more detailed discussion.

The P90 is better suited when you constantly taking pictures when the supplied lighting is far from ideal. Its ISO range is from 64 to 6400 while that of the P100 ranges from 80 to 3200. A higher ISO rating lets you take better images in darker situations without using the flash of the camera.

Another great thing about the P90 is its ability to take more continuous photos at 15 frames per second for up to 45 photos. It can even take photos before you press the shutter button, making it very desirable for fast action photography. Although the P100 can also be used for sports photography, it can only shoot at a lower speed of 10 frames per second.

Lastly, the zoom range of the P90 and P100 are far beyond what you would typically find in a fixed lens camera. It is more common in SLR cameras. The P90 can zoom up to 24x or the equivalent of 26-624mm. The P100 can zoom much further at 26x or the equivalent of 26-678mm. These are optical zooms that uses lenses to refract light and allow the camera to see much further, much like binoculars or telescopes. This is in contrast to digital zoom, which is like zooming into a photo on your computer. Optical zoom is always better than digital zoom.

1. The P90 has a maximum resolution of 12 megapixels while the P100 has a maximum of 10 megapixels
2. The P90 uses a CCD sensor while the P100 uses a CMOS sensor
3. The P90 has a better ISO range than the P100
4. The P90 is better at taking continuous photos than the P100
5. The P100 has better zoom than the P90

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