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Difference Between Sony HDR SR11 and SR12

sony_sr12_amSony HDR SR11 vs SR12

The Sony HDR SR11 and SR12 are called twins because they share almost the same specs, and look identical in their physical features. Calling the SR11 and SR12 twin gadgets is fairly accurate, but there are still some differences between the two that are worth mentioning.

For starters, the hard drive of the Sony HDR 12 has a bigger storage space than the hard drive of the Sony SR11. The SR12 has 120 Gigabytes of available space, while the SR11 has only 60 Gigabytes. This is a significant difference, because you can store more videos on the SR12, than on the SR11. This difference also affects your capability to capture videos. With a larger hard drive, you will be able to shoot more videos.

Another difference between the Sony SR11 and Sony SR12, is their lux ratings. The Sony SR11 has a lux rating of 0, while the SR12 has a lux rating of 5. This is somewhat a minor difference, because both of the camcorders can still capture vivid and high definition images. The lux rating is a measure of illumination. If a camcorder has a lower lux rating, then it is more sensitive to capture images without noise. Due to the very slight difference in lux rating, you will never notice any noise in the images captured by the SR11 and SR12.

Lastly, there is also a slight price difference between the Sony SR11 and SR12. The Sony SR12 is pricier than the SR11. The average retail price of the SR12 is around $1400, while the SR11 costs around $1200. You will pay more for the extra storage space provided by the SR12.

To recap the differences between the SR11 and SR12:

1. The Sony SR11 has 60 Gigabytes of hard drive, while the SR12 has 120 Gigabytes.

2. The SR11 has a lux rating of 0, while the SR12 has a lux rating of 5.

3. The Sony SR11 has an average retail price of $1200, and is cheaper than the SR12, which costs $1400.

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