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Blizzard Entertainment has managed to come up with a video game that has hooked million of individuals. They introduced World of Warcraft (WOW1) and promoted its sequel, the World of Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal (WOW2).Although WOW1 and WOW2 came from a similar company, the plot and interesting gaming features are different. World of Warcraft exists just in the Warcraft world of Azeroth. It was made available on November 23, 2004. In the current statistics done by the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG, it holds the most popular MMORPG by over 12 million subscribers. As for the Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, this is the expansion pack enhanced further by Cyberlore Studios and released in the year 1996. However, WOW2 won’t work unless the full version of the original game is also available in the computer.

The story or gameplay of WOW1 allows a person to control a specific character, the avatar, most commonly known as the Toon. One gets to explore a game world in a third-person view. He gets the chance to explore the landscape, fight with monsters, and complete a quest. A person gets to play with some non-player characters or other players. One starts a game by choosing a realm or a server. After that, you have to create a character choosing between the opposing factions of Horde. Characters from different parties will have rudimentary communication. A player will also have to choose a race like the Orcs or Trolls. As for WOW2, the plot will have to be after the events of Warcraft II; Tides of Darkness. Here you will find the Orcs being led by the Ner’zhul. It is in this game that a new invasion of Azeroth that astounds the citadel of Nethergarde. Various groups will rally the forces so an Alliance will be strong. The Alliance will then seal the rift perpetually.

Settings of both versions are different. World of Warcraft is a real-time strategy game set in a 3D presentation. As a player searches out for new locations and routes, mode of transportation will be available. There would also be access to flight masters so the player could fly from a previously discovered location to a newly discovered location. There are available zeppelins, portals, and boats giving you access from one continent to another. If you want, you can have quests that are designed to guide you and allow character development. Not only that, you get to spread different characters in various areas to avoid player collision. Then players get to customize the appearance and controls and include add-ons or other modifications.

In Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, there are new features. The new version has two more campaigns and a diverse choice of multi-player maps. So what else is there in WOW2? The campaign has ten new heroes; five for the Alliance and five for the Horde. You would be happy to know that the hero units have elevated unit statistics. As a result, they are more powerful, have their own portraits and speech. The Orcish heroes are also more powerful compared to their human counterparts. Heroes play a vital role to the story so they may not be killed during the quest except for the final mission. There are also new swamp tile sets for the World of Draenor. It does not just end there. You will be provided with different musical tracks from the game. The last track of the disc will combine unit voices and lyrics to create a comical song called, “I’m a Medieval Man.” Also, you do have to expect a new sequel where Draenor survived the outland and the Ner’zhul was intercepted by Burning Legion.


1. Blizzard Entertainment introduces WOW1 and WOW2.
2. WOW1 allows a person to control a specific avatar on a conquest. WOW2 is all
about finding the Orcs.
3. WOW1 is set in a 3D presentation with different locations and portals. WOW2
has more add-ons, features, and new campaigns.

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