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contact-lensAOsept vs. Clear Care

In our present society that demands products that can help maintain and augment vision, therapeutic and corrective lenses have become quite popular. In fact, one company has been transformed from a small eye-product store, into a US$ 1 billion empire. This American company is known as Ciba Vision. It focuses on the manufacture and sale of lenses, and the products that help clean or care for the said lenses. Examples of the latter include AOsept and Clear Care. To date, many are still having problems telling the difference between the two lens care products.

The problem in using contact lenses is that your eyes may become irritated after prolonged use, especially if rapid drying has already occurred. In this connection, many lens care products are made available for the use of every contact lens user. Traditionally, there were wetting drops that were said to ‘re-hydrate’ your eyes or lenses instantly, but modern optometrists today recommend a solution that is hydrogen peroxide-based.

AOSept is more expensive because you cannot drop it directly onto the eyes due to the nature of the solution. The AOSept solution comes with an AODisc that can help neutralize the product. This is not the usual direct, wet, no-rub lens care solution like most of the old lens care products around.

After the AOSept solution had made a mark in the lens care industry, a newer product has been developed by the same company, CIBA Vision. This product is the Clear Care solution. In terms of packaging, the Clear Care solution is described as one product that is coupled with a metallic neutralizing disc and case. This is not the same as with AOSept, for which you need to buy the metallic disc separately. Hence, the resulting price for Clear Care is relatively cheaper than that of AOSept.

AOSept does not come with a surfactant cleaner, like Clear Care, therefore it requires the user to rub the lens clean and then to rinse (an additional step). Hence, you have less direct contact with the lens when using Clear Care as opposed to using the AOSept solution. That’s why Clear Care is said to work best for a short time, and is a less durable lenses, while AOSept is practically used for more durable contact lenses that will be used for a longer period of time.

1. AOSept is an older and a more expensive lens care product compared to Clear Care.

2. AOSept is a stand alone solution wherein you need to buy an additional case and metallic disc, whereas Clear Care has all three components in one package, including the solution itself.

3. Clear Care comes with a built in surfactant cleaner, while AOSept does not have any.

4. Using Clear Care allows less direct contact with the lens during the cleaning process, as opposed to using AOSept, which requires more contact with the lens.

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  1. This writing is not really true. I just purchased aosept yesterday with the clear container and disk included. It also had a sample of clear care. It was not made clear the differences and why the differences pros/cons etc. Why would I choose aosept over clear care or vice versa.

  2. Clear Care is not an option for those of us who are sensitive to the cleaning agents added. I’ve tried Clear Care several times over the years and after about 1 month each time, I experience dry eyes and eyelid irritation. It significantly reduces my ability to comfortably wear lenses.

    As soon as I switch back to AOsept my eyes are fine and I can wear the lenses all day again. I clean my lenses first with Miraflow, rinse with a sterile, non preserved saline solution and then use the AOsept system.

    It is more expensive, but Clear Care does not work for me.

  3. I wish they would simply leave the AOSEPT product alone. I am tired of buying AOSEPT only to be thrust upon a 2 oz trial of their Clear Care product. (I throw each of these away). I have tried the Clear Care product several times. IT simply irritates my eyes so badly I have to throw away my contacts and start over again with AOSEPT. NOTE::: I have used AOSEPT with Mirraflow daily cleaner and Sensitive Eyes saline since I was 15 — that means I have used this product with NO complains and NO issues for 35 years now!!!!

    Now I am also faced with MiraFlow having also been discontinued. COME ON guys.. If it works – LEAVE it alone !!

    I know most contact wearers are probably a bit more tolerant and face it (lazy about their cleaning) so a one solutions does everything meets the masses. But believe me; for those of us whom have severe sensitivities to cleaners, stabilizers and what ever; there is NO SUBSTITUTE…. Please keep the AOSEPT product as is and quite trying to force us to change — IT IS NOT AN OPTION !!!!

    I wind up now buying my products online in BULK every time I find it; cause I have already undergone several SHORTAGES within distribution. So I tend to buy like 2 years supply at a time now — and YES I throw out each one of those lousy Clear Care bottles.

    If AOSEPT is suddenly gone from the pipeline — I will be forced to Lazer correction surgery. — In poetic justice; that removes my funding from the Ciba Vision income stream.

  4. I have had the same problem other people. I have used AOsept for years and have never had any issues with my eyes, etc. I always have comfortable wear/no eye irritation. When I use the Clear Care I get dry eyes, irritation, makes my lenses uncomfortable and I am not able to see well. AOsept is the best, I don’t know what I would use if this was taken off the market. Clear Care does not work for me(the cleaning agent or whatever the difference in the two is the issue).

  5. I’m getting ready to go to Greece for 2 weeks & have been trying to figure out if they have Clear Care for my CRT lenses. Since I don’t really need to wear these lenses for long periods I never considered that the dryness I experience in the mornings could be as a result of using CC. I will certainly try AOsept and I know that it is carried in stores in Greece.
    Thanks for the AOsept recommendations!

  6. I’m frustrated that I can no longer purchase Aosept in stores. People use Aosept because they have allergies to other products. If Aosept is discontinued, I will no longer be able to wear contacts or will have to purchase single use lenses. I cannot use Clear Care for the same reasons listed on other posts.

  7. I totally agree with all the above complaints about Clear Care. I am totally happy with the AO Sept product. It is the very best product on the market. I have been using it for ten years since I began wearing soft lenses. I hate Clear Care. I cannot tolerate my lenses after using the Clear Care. Not I cannot find AO Sept in my local stores. Please bring back AO Sept!! Please!!!

  8. I also have issues with Clear Care and prefer AOSept. They still sell AOS at my local grocery store, but it always has that extra bottle of Clear Care in. I don’t want it! It’s a waste of resources and money.

  9. I’ve used Aosept for 15 years and _never_ had to rub my lenses to clean them. I have no problem with protein either…unless I use Clear Care which is a laugh…blurry vision after 3 days and can’t see. So what if we need the Aodisk? Guess I’m going to find a online supplier and stock up. Clear Care is not the same and quite inferior, no matter what CC claims….speaking for myself only.

  10. I’ve been an Aosept user for over 10 years. I’m sensitive to the many of the ingredients in multi-purpose solutions. With Aosept, I never had any issues. When I tried Clear Care, I got were itchy eyes and burning sensation after a couple of hours of wear, something I never experienced with Aosept.

    If Aosept is discontinued, I would probably go back to glasses.

  11. I am very disappointed that aosept has been discontinued. It is the only solution that works for me. I have high protein buildup. I just purchased 5 boxes that I could still find. If anyone knows of anything similar let me know. I cleaned in clear care last night and by 2pm my contacts were bothering me.

  12. I too am very disappointed with Ciba Vision discontinuing AOSept. I tried Clear Care for four weeks and had nothing but problems with my eyes that only kept getting worse. Shortly after switching back to AOSept, all of my eye problems disappeared. I repeated the process several months later with the same results. And don’t tell me that these two products are the same. I looked at the ingredients and there is a slight different in the percentages. Enough of a difference that I, and many others, will probably be forced by Ciba Vision to stop wearing contacts and only wear glasses. Guess Ciba Vision would rather keep changing the only product that works for many people and loose their customers business. Maybe not all companies care about their customers and their profit line. I’m thinking this may now be Ciba Vision’s mission.

  13. CIBA. GFY (good for you). Nice to see you really care about your customers. Unless there is something harmful in the old Aosept product that you are trying to hide by discontinuing something that works for a lot of people. Clear Care is garbage that ruins my contact lens wearing experience. Where can I purchase enough Aosept to last me the rest of my lens wearing life. Aosept worked for me and I have been wearing lenses for 40 years. Again, GFY CIBA!

  14. I too am unable to wear my contacts when I use Clear Care. It is getting more and more difficult to find Aosept. Please let me know where I can still purchase it. I may be unable to wear contact lenses anymore if it is no longer available.

    • If anyone finds a combination of contacts and solution that works let me know. I have depleted my Aosept stockpile. I have been wearing my glasses ever since. I have high protein buildup and I have not found any solution that works. HELP.

  15. I currently wear Preference lenses and have managed to keep a supply of Aosept through various sources. I am close to reaching the end. Unfortunately. I am posting today to see if anyone has any suggestions for contacts and solutions with someone with high protein deposits and sensitivities to preservatives in solutions. I am at a loss. I hate Clear Care. It is nothing like Aosept. PLEASE give my any suggestions that you might have!! Thanks.

    • Yes ,

      Major good news for you. I am highly sensitive to both the contacts and solutions. Been on aosept for probably 35 years ?? I’m 53 and started with contacts around 14 – when I first discovered severe hyper allergy to cleansers and type of contact.

      Anyway I have found a solution to this. Been working for me now at least 2 years and no issues.

      Lenses I buy are BiiMeducs 55

      My daily cleaner is still Cibavision MiraFlow
      As to saline and Hydrogen peroxide based cleaner – I buy my stuff now at CVS Pharmacy. Get the CVS Hydrogen Perixide cleaning / disinfecting agent. This is 1:1 a replacement for Aosept. I also buy the cVS Pharmacy Saline Solution for sensitive eyes.

      Very happy eith this combination and able to walk into any CVS Pharmscy snd find it in the shelf stocked !!!

  16. BioMedics 55 contacts

    CVS Pharmacy Hydrogen Peroxide cleaner disinfection
    cVS saline for sensitive eyes
    MiraFlow daily cleaner to scrub protien from lenses

  17. Will this combo work on ant general soft lense or just biomedics 55?
    Thank u for response

  18. This is confusing and contradictory throughout.

  19. How do I know when the ao disc is used up?? How many times can it be used??
    Please respond.

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