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Dandruff vs Lice

The misconceptions surrounding head lice and dandruff are many. Having an understanding of these small parasites and how they affect people is of great importance. Head lice are normally responsible for many conditions on the heads of human beings. If they are not handled well and given the due attention that they deserve, they can easily turn into a full-blown infestation.

One of the most common conditions that is responsible for human pediculosis, fairly common in developed countries, is the louse. It is a small, sucking insect that lives in human hair. To survive, it needs a warm, moist environment with blood. The interesting thing is that lice do not cause diseases.

The differences between dandruff and lice are many. Lice are between two to three millimeters long. They have no wings and, as a result, cannot jump or fly. When fully grown, an adult lays many eggs in a day. Usually it takes about seven days for the eggs to hatch and ten days to mature and start producing on their own. This is a fairly short period and serves to give a glimpse of how fast these parasites can multiply. Dandruff, on the other hand, is dead cells that cannot lay any eggs.

The difference between dandruff and lice is dandruff appears white in color and falls randomly from the head. Lice are much darker when they are still living and appear white when they are dead. The ability to stick to the head is as a result of some cement-like substance that is produced when the eggs are laid.

On the other hand, another difference between dandruff and lice is that dandruff is a strange condition that develops as a result of the excessive shedding of dead skin cells on the scalp. This, therefore, means the difference between dandruff and lice is that dandruff is not a living organism.

Unlike lice, which are alive, dandruff is just a collection of dead skin cells. It occurs at any age and occurs as a result of the normal growing process. It is not possible to stop the shedding of dead skin since it is a natural process that accompanies growth. Some people have a tendency to shed much more dead cells than others. This is a matter of their genes. Therefore, it is not possible to measure the exact volume or number of dead cells that an individual sheds in a day.


1.The differences between dandruff and lice are:

2.Lice are responsible for many conditions on the human head and scalp.

3.Dandruff has no effect on hair loss on the human head.

4.If you do not take care of lice, it can become a full-blown infestation.

5.Dandruff cannot be an infestation.

6.Lice are insects living in human hair.

7.Dandruff is a collection of dead skin cells on the scalp.

8.Lice are much bigger; they are two to three millimeters long.

9.Dandruff is very small dead skin cells.

10.Lice are able to lay eggs.

11.Dandruff cannot lay any eggs.

12.Lice appear dark in color when they are living.

13.Dandruff is white in color.

14.Lice stick to the hair and scalp.

15.Dandruff falls off randomly.

16.Lice are living organisms.

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