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Freckles vs moles

There comes a time in a person’s life where he/she will need to face problems. However, it may sometimes be hard to face the problem if the problem is your face. People encounter countless problems on their faces and these problems may include pimples, warts and freckles. There are many factors that affect these face problems. Some of the factors include genetics, the soap you use, sun exposure, and other skin products. There are no concrete ways in how to avoid these problems but there may be steps you can follow to minimize and later on avoid them. Two of the most popular face problems are freckles and moles. Sometimes people mistake them as one and the same, but the truth is, these two have so many differences. To know the differences between the two, it is best to define and differentiate them.

Freckles can easily be noticed, you can find them located in the face and arms. They are little brown spots on your skin. Fortunately they pose no threat to your health. These skin problems are actually quite common to most people. This is common, most especially to people who has lighter skin and red hair..

On the other hand, moles are brown or black in color. They can be in groups or alone, and they appear anywhere in your skin. Moles may not be present in the early age of your life, but they may appear later on during your 20s. There are times when moles do not appear at all. If you are an adult, it is normal to have 10 to 40 moles. There are moles that just disappear later on; there are some moles that do not change at all; while there are also moles that change in the long run. Some of the most common features in a mole that changes include the size, the color and hairs growing on it.

Both moles and freckles are pigmentations of the skin; they are spots in you skin caused by too much exposure to the sun. Though they have similarities, they both have significant differences. One of the major differences between the two is the mole being related to melanoma’s, while the freckle is not. Melanocytes help in making the true color of your skin surface. This means if there are moles, the true color of your skin shows. Another major difference is that the mole when changing appearance can sometimes need treatment, while the freckle does not.

These are some of the differences of the moles. You may notice there are some major commonalities between them, but ultimately they are very different from each other.



Freckles are flat and brown while moles can be lumpy with the color black or brown.

Freckles may disappear like moles, but the mole may change in time, growing hair and changing its color and size.

Moles are related to melanoma’s while freckles are not.

Sometimes when moles change their appearance, they may need treatment, while freckles are not threatening to ones health in any way.

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