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Immunizations and vaccines are important compounds that are being introduced into our body. It is a very necessary thing to do once an infant is born as it protects humans from deadly diseases at birth and thus allowing the extension of the lives of human beings.

One of the most widely used vaccines around the world are DTaP and TDaP. “DTaP” stands for “diptheria,tetanus, and pertussis” or whooping cough. “TDaP,” on the other hand, also stands for the same types of diseases being prevented. However, the latter is a booster vaccine.

DTaP is given to children who are at the age of seven and below to prevent the major diseases that are listed. TDaP, on the other hand, is a booster vaccine. Since the effect of vaccines wear off in time, a booster vaccine is needed to strengthen and stimulate antibodies to fight against these types of illnesses. Booster vaccines are given during adolescent ages 11 and 12 and older adults ages 19-64 years old. TDaP vaccines contain less and a reduced amount of the pertussis and diptheria vaccines.

DTaP vaccines can be given to infants starting a dose at 2 months, then 4 months, next 6 months, next 15-18 months, and lastly a dose at 4-6 years old.

Before these vaccines were developed, a lot of children were dying because of the complications of these diseases. For diptheria, it is a respiratory illness which causes breathing dilemmas, heart failure, paralysis, and, sadly, death. It can be acquired through coughing or sneezing. Tetanus, on the other hand, is also known as lock jaw. It gives off a toxin which causes nervous system paralysis, lock jaw, and then death. Lastly, pertussis is a very serious and severe case of illness causing spasms which makes it hard for infants to breathe. It can cause brain damage, pneumonia, and death when untreated.

Thanks to the power of vaccines, children were able to thrive and live longer. The spread of disease is also halted as a result of immunization.


1.DTaP is a vaccine while TDaP is a booster vaccine.
2.DTaP is given first then TDaP is given during the adolescent and adult age.
3.DTaP is given as early as 2 months up to 4-6 years old while TDaP is given at 11-12 years old and then 19-64 years old with one dose only.
4.DTaP has a more concentrated amount of vaccine while the booster has reduced amounts of it.

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