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acneZits vs Pimples

Zits tend to surface when the oil and melanin glands in the skin get clogged. This results in a raised pop which produces pus. Zits are generally infectious in nature and tend to spread if carelessly popped leading to worsened conditions. On the other hand, pimples result from the blockage that occurs in the skin pores. Pimples appear as raised pustules or papules and are very painful. Acne can be an active element causing pimples.

One of the vital characteristics of zits that differentiate these from the pimples is that these can occur in individuals from all age groups, including teenagers to mid 30s to old people. Zits do not necessarily occur on the facial skin alone and may appear on any other parts of the body. But pimples occur particularly in teenagers as a result of the hormonal changes which lead to over secretion of melanin causing skin pore blockage. Moreover, pimples occur primarily in the facial region.

Some of the common causes of zits are, stress and building up of toxins in the body. Infections can also at times lead to zits. Stress is a significant cause as more often than not it is not just a mental state but can also affect physical health and the toxin levels in the body. Consumption of fried and fatty foods, use of cosmetics that particularly affect the skin, hereditary disorder and hormonal imbalance during the pre-menstruation phase and puberty are some of the other issues that may cause zits. On the other hand, puberty is one of the prime factors causing pimples. The sebaceous glands in the skin are supposed to produce sebum which may at times glue the shedding dead skin cells in the epidermal layer. This causes a blockage in the pore. Excessive testosterone secretion during puberty leads to an increased secretion of sebum which results into clogs that get infected by bacteria and cause pimples.


1) Zits occur when melanin and oil glands in the skin get clogged. Whereas, pimples surface when there are blockages in the skin pores.

2) Zits at all times are infectious and if popped can worsen. Pimples are not necessarily infectious all the time.

3) Pimples tend to occur more particularly at a specific age which is the puberty age whereas zits may occur to people of all ages.

4) Causes of zits are fatty foods, cosmetics, hormonal imbalance and stress whereas gluing of shedding skin with the sebum and further bacterial infection is the prime cause leading to pimples.

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