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CDRW and CDRW are two compact discs that allow the user to store information on them. At first glance, you’d be hard pressed to identify one from the other without the distinctive writing on the top side. The main difference between these two is reusability as a CDR can only be written to once, although you don’t have to write to the entire disc at once. Once it is full, you can only read data from it. On the other hand, a CDRW is rewritable. This means, that you can erase the information stored on it and write new data whenever you want. This increases the usable lifetime of the disc extensively as you can keep reusing the disc.

CDRW achieves this by using certain metals to store the data rather than dye, like with CDRs. The state of the metallic material can be changed while that of the dye, once activated, can no longer be changed back. A CDRW requires a better laser though compared to a CDR.

The main advantage of the CDR is compatibility with older CD-ROMS. Because of the difference in material with the CDRW, some older drives and players, like discmans and stereos, may fail to recognize and read the data stored in a CDRW. Newer models can read both CDR and CDRW, but for those with older hardware, a CDR is the safer bet.

Lastly, the cost of the two medium are not the same. As expected, the more versatile CDRW disc is pricier than a CDRW disc. But unless you are buying them in the hundreds or thousands, the price difference should not be a major concern as both as rather cheap.

For transferring data, a CDRW is best while a CDR is more cost effective for long term back-ups. But today, these two have been rendered obsolete by newer and better alternatives. A DVDR functions just like a CDR but with capacities of up to 8 times more. The DVDRW also has a lot more capacity than a CDRW and a flash drive is a more convenient alternative for quick and easy transference of files from one computer to another.

CDR can only be written to once while CDRW can be reused again and again
CDR uses a dye while CDRW uses different metals
CDR is more compatible with other players while CDRW is less so
CDR discs costs cheaper than CDRW discs

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