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Difference Between Dyson DC25 and DC25 Animal

Dyson DC25 vs DC25 Animal

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is one of the names that belong to the top end. Their vacuum cleaners are very innovative and are very different from the common bag and canister vacuum cleaners. The DC25 and DC25 Animal are two very similar models from Dyson. The main difference between the two is who the product is intended for. The DC25 Animal, as the name may already suggest, is advisable for people who have pets in the house. It is designed to remove pet hairs that are quite bothersome, especially when it gets stuck in carpets, couches, and the like. For those that do not have pets, the DC25 would do a job just as good.

The DC25 Animal’s ability to remove pet hairs lies in the Mini Turbine Head Tool that attaches to the vacuum. It is made especially for this purpose and makes short work of pet hairs. Aside from the Mini Turbine Head Tool, the two are basically identical in terms of specs, power, and even the other attachments. You can even get the Mini Turbine Head Tool of the DC25 Animal and attach it to the DC25 and have the exact same functionality.

Because of the additional Mini Turbine Head Tool, the DC25 animal costs significantly more than the DC25. With a price difference of roughly $100, it really doesn’t make much sense to get the DC25 Animal if you do not have pets in your house. In case you already have the DC25 and you decide to get a cat or a dog, you can probably purchase the Mini Turbine Head Tool separately but at a higher price.

Aside from the functional differences, the DC25 and DC25 Animal can also be differentiated with their colors. The DC25 Animal is colored violet while the DC25 is colored yellow. The color is actually not important as you probably won’t be having your vacuum cleaner in plain sight most of the time.


1.The DC25 Animal is intended for people who have pets while the DC25 is good enough for those who don’t
2.The DC25 Animal comes with the Mini Turbine Head Tool while the DC25 doesn’t
3.The DC25 Animal costs a lot more than the DC25
4.The DC25 Animal has a different color than the DC25

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  1. This is probably the least informative review I have ever found (at least, for a “high rating” google search result). This was pretty much a waste of time and totally unhelpful; if I need this type of information in the future I will simply go to the dyson.com website.

    Sorry to sound disillusioned, but I have been searching for info on Dysons for quite a while and this site only adds to the “crap that wasted my time” category.

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