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Difference Between Holographic and Red Dot Sights in MW2 (Modern Warfare 2)

Holographic vs Red Dot Sights in MW2 (Modern Warfare 2)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the bestselling first person shooter games. It offers a wide variety of weapons as well as accessories. Among the accessories are the holographic and red dot sights. Both these accessories are based on real-world equivalents. But due to the game, the actual differences between the two in the real world are not applicable to the gaming world. The main difference between the holographic and red dot sights in MW2 is the size of the red dot at the center. The red dot sight has a very small red dot in the center which many users like because it obstructs as little view as possible. On the other hand, the holographic sight has a much bigger red ball at the center, but it is slightly transparent to allow some view of the target. Many gamers do not like the increased coverage of the red area in holographic sights as it can sometimes cause the entire target to be obscured.

Another size difference is with regards to the entire attachment. Holographic sights are also bigger than the simpler red dot sights and can block a greater area of your vision when aiming. This can be problematic when in close quarters, and enemies can pop up just about anywhere. If the enemy appears right in the area blocked by the holographic sight, you miss the essential second to react to the threat which could easily spell the difference between life and death. The red dot sight is very compact and takes up very little space allowing a better view of the battlefield.

Lastly, and probably what most people like about the holographic sight, is it provides a very slight magnification when aiming. The red dot sight doesn’t have any level of magnification. The magnification doesn’t really compare to that of sniper rifles, but it is enough to provide a slightly easier, more accurate aim.

So far, those are the only tangible differences between the holographic and red dot sight. In the end, it still boils down to user preference. Just go with what you are comfortable using or the one that gets you the most kills.


1.The holographic sight has a bigger red target than the red dot sight.
2.The holographic sight is bigger overall than the red dot sight.
3.The holographic sight has a slight zoom to it while the red dot sight doesn’t.

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