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iphone_hacks_bookPWNAGE Tool vs QuickPwn

Ziphone, QuickPwn, WinPwn, Pwnage Tool ‘“ anybody who’s not familiar with Apple products and its applications, may not necessarily know what these terms mean. Basically, all of these are tools to unlock the iPhone, and free it from network restrictions. When the iPhone was first released, amid media buzz, the exclusivity of its use to one network was sidestepped using the process of SIM unlocking and Jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking is the process of replacing the iPhone firmware with a slightly modified version, so that more applications can be downloaded. However, let us focus our sights on two of the most common processes involved in the use of iPhones: The PWNAGE Tool and QuickPwn.

The Pwnage Tool for Apple users is used to activate, unlock or jailbreak the device for third party applications. The main functionality of the Pwnage Tool is the .ipsw, or custom restore bundle. The main goal of using the Pwnage Tool, is to create a device that will best suit your needs.

The good thing about using the Pwnage Tool, is that it is 100% reversible. If you don’t want your device to be pwned, you simply need to restore your gadget to a stock Apple firmware.

QuickPwn, on the other hand, runs using the same principle as the Pwnage Tool. It also pwns your device, but it uses a different system. QuickPwn offers more functionality than the Pwnage Tool, in the sense that there is no need for restoration. Moreover, QuickPwn uses a ramdisk to make modifications to your device. For most Apple users, QuickPwn is a much better option than the Pwnage Tool, although there are some who still prefer the latter over the former.


1. The Pwnage Tool is used to activate, unlock or jailbreak a device for third party applications, while QuickPwn is also used for the same functionalities ‘“ only, it uses a different system.

2. The Pwnage Tool uses the .ipsw or custom restore bundle, while QuickPwn uses a different system to jailbreak your device.

3. The Pwnage Tool is considered to be an adequate method, although, most users prefer QuickPwn.

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