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Differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8

Using a computer has certainly become a necessity in today’s world, and almost all office and business work, accounts, finances etc. are managed through software and other computer applications. One of the most important reason for the use of a computer is the reduced time consumption compared to doing the same task manually. Moreover, convenience is also a major reason why people resort to computers when it comes to recording data and ensuring its mobility. Most of us, according to surveys, use the Windows operating systems and although there is always a craze to get the latest windows version available in the market, the changes may not always suit everyone and on many occasions people have complained about the changes. Sometimes, people like to be set in their own ways and do not even like the slightest of changes to how something works. Here it is that the question arises, would they go for the all new Windows 8? Or remain stuck to the Windows 7 or previous versions for that matter. For those of you who are indifferent we will just point out a few differences to make your decision easier.

The greatest change in windows 8 compared to its previous version is of its UI, that is, user interface. The much so popular traditional windows start menu has changed entirely in Windows 8. Instead of a panel type start menu that shows some icons, the new start menu is full screen and displays icons in the form of tiles. Furthermore, further emphasizing on its claim in sole concentration to the task in hand, Windows 8 has also made full screen application mode available. Almost all applications that you use, from the internet browser to skype, outlook etc. are now available in full screen mode. What’s more is that switching between applications is also easier than before with a simple rightward swipe on your trackpad.

‘Snapping’ apps to the side of your screen is another possibility so that you can have a particular application, such as your email inbox, available to you all the time right on your screen. The changes presented by Windows 8 are too many and one really needs to continue using it to familiarize himself/herself towards it.

Windows 8 introduces the new Windows store for you to download new apps. Although you might choose to stick to Windows 7 but that means that getting new apps will be more time consuming.

The most common things that people use computers for have been presented as dedicated applications by Windows 8. You may have to open a browser for your mail, Facebook or your cloud storage. However, with Windows 8, for each one of these as well as others, there are built in apps to save you the hassle of resorting to your browser every now and then. Also, with their apps constantly uploading and downloading data from the internet, a mail received will give you a notification as quickly as your phone does on receiving a text message.

A very important difference between the two is completion. If you use a computer at home you may not realize it much but for those who manage their entire businesses from their computers, there is a disadvantage of Windows 8. It is a new project and there are occasional bugs that need to be resolved. Although Microsoft has been constantly working on it, but it cannot be denied that Windows 7 is more of a complete product. Bugs have been fixed from Windows Vista and consumer suggestions and complaints integrated in this last version before a revolution, namely Windows 7.

Summary of differences expressed in points

  1. User Interface is very different, Windows 7, similar to older Windows versions; Windows 8, full screen start menu with tiles, applications for many tasks such as mail, skype, calendar etc., switching between applications requires just a swipe
  2. Windows 8-snapping apps to the side of the screen, to work on one app and still have another app present
  3. Downloading apps; windows 7-browse the internet; windows 8-use the windows store
  4. Apps for mail, skype, Facebook with synchronization on Windows 8, receive updates and notifications
  5. Windows 7- more complete, tested, debugged, complaints and suggestions dealt with; Windows 8, a new project, bugs present, work going on

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