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Baidu vs Google

When it comes to search engines, one name stands out, Google, which is the biggest search engine in the world today. Another competitor, although more obscure to the rest of the world, is Baidu. To clearly understand the differences between the two, it is important that we put forth that Baidu is a Chinese company while Google is an American company; although Google does operate in Hong Kong, which is a territory of China.

Although Baidu is accessible outside China, it does not allow for any other language aside from Chinese; aside from Baidu Japan which is in Japanese. This is the primary limitation that Baidu has since English is still the greatest common language in the world. Google aims to provide service to the entire world and provides translation of its services to other languages for those who cannot read English. Language is also a major part in the next difference between the two. Baidu is the leading search engine in China while Google is the leading search engine everywhere else in the world. You may have already deduced why that is, given the facts stated above. Some users outside China may use Baidu, but only those who can speak and read in Chinese; or Japanese for Baidu Japan.

Another key significant difference between the two companies is apparent in censorship. The Chinese government is pretty restrictive when it comes to what information can be disseminated to the Chinese people. Baidu strictly follow the regulations of the Chinese government and the government basically has control over what the user sees. Google on the other hand, is not too keen on censoring materials, aside from those that are explicitly illegal. Google has clashed more than a couple of times with the Chinese government for control over what Google is allowed to show Chinese users. The long drawn out battle almost ended with Google pulling out of China altogether. Tensions have only been minimized when the Chinese government decided to renew Google’s license to operate in China.


1. Baidu is a Chinese company while Google is an American company

2. Baidu is only available in Chinese while Google is available in a wide variety of languages

3. Baidu is number one in China while Google is number one everywhere else

4. Baidu does more censoring than Google does

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