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Difference Between Internet and Ethernet

Internet vs Ethernet

We all know the Internet. Since you are reading this, then you are on the Internet and using it. Another similar, but totally alien to some, is the term Ethernet. The Internet and Ethernet are two totally different things, although they are often found together. By definition, Ethernet is a term that is used to identify a group of technologies that allow for computers to be interconnected in order to transmit data from one to the other. On the other hand, the Internet is the name used to refer to the global interconnection of networks and computers that allow those who are connected to quickly share massive amounts of information.

Since the computers that are in the Internet are interconnected, they must use a standard for interconnection. This is where Ethernet comes in as it and its compatible standards are the underlying technologies that allow the Internet to work as it is doing so.

The term Ethernet is also used to refer to a network of computers. There are therefore thousands of Ethernets all over the world. In comparison, there is only one Internet as its size means that it is not feasible to have duplicates. Ethernets are also managed by a few system administrators, which can also be just one person. The system administrator has full control of the network. With the Internet, it is too big to be under one group. Although there are agencies that handle certain aspects of the Internet, they do not have full control over it.

Another key issue with networks is security. Ethernets are relatively safe as access to the network is rather limited; restrictions are also in place to prevent unauthorized access to the network. When connected to the Internet though, you should take extra precautions as you may be exposing yourself to security risks. Just about anyone can gain access to the Internet and launch attacks or release malware.

1. Ethernet is a collective term for technologies that allow for the interconnection of computers while the Internet is the name used to refer to the global web of interconnected computers
2. Ethernet and its compatible standard make the Internet possible
3. You can have multiple Ethernet set-ups but there is only one Internet
4. Ethernets are usually under the control of a few people while the Internet is not
5. Using Ethernets is more safe than using the Internet

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