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Mozilla vs Firefox

Mozilla and Firefox are often thought of as one and the same. People often use the terms interchangeably, but there are a few differences between the two though they are very closely related.

The name Mozilla can be identifiable with a lot of things. It can refer to Mozilla Organization, Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Messaging, Inc. and all the various extensions and related items. These related items can pertain to the products that the Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Messaging develop and manufacture in addition to the company projects that the corporation undertakes. The name is also attributed to the Mozilla Manifesto and the Mozilla mascot.

Mozilla is a creation of Netscape to create the package application called the Mozilla Application. The Mozilla Foundation itself is a non-profit organization while its subsidiaries, Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Messaging, Inc., are two taxable-for-profit organizations. Another subsidiary is Mozilla Online, Ltd. There are also Mozilla entities that ascribe to a particular country. Examples include Mozilla China, Mozilla Japan, and Mozilla Europe. These are all non-profit organizations that help with the distribution of Mozilla products in a global setting. Mozilla mascot is the name attributed to the Netscape Communications Corporation logo described as Tyrannosaurus rex.

On the other hand, Firefox is attributed as the specific name of the product that Mozilla Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes. Firefox is classified as a software application, specifically an Internet browser, created by the Mozilla Corporation. As a product, it is part of the Mozilla Application Suite, a software application package also made by the same company.

Firefox was formerly known as Firebird and Phoenix. Firefox began as Mozilla Navigator (launched on June 5, 2002) and later, under the Firefox name, on November 9, 2004.

Firefox is one of the most popular and most utilized Internet browsers. It currently holds second place in the Internet browser market share and is the second most-used browser among its competitors.

Firefox is also characterized as an open source Web browser and an open source project. This indicates that Firefox can be downloaded and upgraded for free. Another reason why Firefox is popular is that it conforms to Internet standards and protocols. The Web browser is also known for being consumer friendly by responding and correcting errors as well as having a lot of features and is accessible to run and use various platforms and versions of Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. Currently, Firefox’s newest version is Firefox 7.0, and there is an available mobile version for smart phones.

The older versions of the application use a Gecko layout while the latest versions apply the combination of a Gecko-Trident layout. Since 2005 – 2008, Firefox has been the recipient of various awards, mostly from magazines and websites that cater and specialize in the computer and technology industry. It has been consistently named as the best product, best Internet browser, and Editors’ Choice Award.


1.Mozilla is the umbrella term and name for various entities like: Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Organization, Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Messaging, Inc., Mozilla Online, Inc., and other attributed items from these entities. Firefox is one of these related items being one of the products that the Mozilla Corporation develops, manufactures, and distributes around the globe and online.
2.Firefox is a specific name for the open-source, Internet browser application that Mozilla Corporation produces.
3.People often use the term “Mozilla’ to refer to “Firefox.” Though the full name is “Mozilla Firefox,”people often use either term to refer to the browser as it is perceived as commonly attributed to the company and the application.

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