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Difference Between Kazaa and Kazaa Lite

Kazaa vs Kazaa Lite

File sharing networks have been the bane of large companies that deal in entertainment, like movies and music. One of the popular software for file sharing is Kazaa. Not long after, another variant called Kazaa Lite appeared. The odd thing is Kazaa Lite was not made by the creators of Kazaa. Actually, Kazaa Lite is just Kazaa that was modified by other programmers because they saw something undesirable in it.

Kazaa is quite well known to install a collection of adware, spyware, and hijackers. They use spyware to monitor your browsing habits and learn your interests. Then, they use adware to display ads that are related to your interests. Hijackers redirect incorrect URLS as wells as provide access to virtual TLDs like .shop and .chat. All these intrusive software generate a revenue stream for the makers of Kazaa by using shady and widely unacceptable means. This is what drove some people to create Kazaa Lite. At first, the only difference between Kazaa and Kazaa Lite was the removal of all the bundled adware, spyware, and hijackers in the latter.

Eventually, Kazaa Lite developed to include a number of modifications that give users of Kazaa Lite an edge over the users of the original Kazaa. The first modification is the removal of search restrictions as well as limitations when it comes to multisource searching. This makes it easier for Kazaa Lite users to find what they are looking for. The second modification is in the participation level. With Kazaa, the participation level corresponds with how actively you share files in the network. A higher participation level gives you priority when it comes to downloading files over the network. In Kazaa Lite, the participation level is set to 1000, which is the maximum level. This may be good for the user but is actually bad for the network as a whole because it removes the incentive to share.

Due to legal issues, especially with rampant piracy taking place, Kazaa was forced to stop its file sharing operations and is now operating as a monthly music subscription service. Kazaa Lite also suffered from a diminishing user base and is considered to be dead.


1.Kazaa Lite is just a modified version of Kazaa
2.Kazaa is bundled with malware while Kazaa Lite isn’t
3.Kazaa has certain restriction in searches that are not imposed in Kazaa Lite
4.Kazaa Lite sets the participation level to maximum but not in Kazaa

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