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Difference Between Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment

workJob Enlargement vs Job Enrichment

The difference between job enrichment and job enlargement is quality and quantity. Job enrichment means improvement, or an increase with the help of upgrading and development, whereas job enlargement means to add more duties, and an increased workload. By job enrichment, an employee finds satisfaction in respect to their position and personal growth potential, whereas job enlargement refers to having additional duties and responsibilities in a current job description.

Job enlargement is a vehicle employers use to put additional workload on employees, perhaps in economical downtime. Due to downsizing, an employee might feel lucky to have a job at all, despite the fact that his duties and responsibilities have increased. Another approach is that by adding more variety and enlarging the responsibilities will provide the chance of enhancement and more productivity. Job enrichment involves organizing and planning in order to gain more control over their duties and work as a manager. The execution of plans and evaluation of results motivates workers and relieves boredom. Job enlargement and job enrichment are both useful for motivating workers to perform their tasks enthusiastically.

Although job enlargement and enrichment have a relationship with each other, they also possess some distinct features that differentiate them, such as area of expansion, mutual reliance, allocation of duties and responsibilities, motivation and profundity. Job enrichment is largely dependent on job enlargement, whereas job enlargement has no such dependency. Job enlargement expands horizontally when compared to job enrichment, which expands vertically. Vertical growth of job or augmentation is helpful to obtain managerial rights.

In spite of mutual dependency, managerial duties are sanctioned, as in the case of enhancement. The employee focuses more on job depth, which does not happen in job enlargement. Job enrichment has a greater motivational impact than job enlargement.

The job enlargement theory involving horizontal expansion to increase job satisfaction and productivity is relatively simple, and applied in numerous situations. Job enrichment, when compared to job enlargement, not only includes more duties and responsibilities, but also gives the right of decision making and control.


1. Job enrichment is dependent on job enlargement, whereas job enlargement is not dependent on enrichment.

2. Job enlargement means taking charge of more duties and responsibilities which are not mentioned in the job description.

3. Job enrichment gives more control and managerial access to perform tasks and responsibilities.

4. Job enlargement is horizontal, whereas job enrichment is vertical expansion.

5. Job enlargement and job enrichment are tools for motivation and growth.

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  3. Problem solved for me… 🙂
    The post is helpful but I am still confused in on thing..

    “Job enrichment is dependent on job enlargement, whereas job enlargement is not dependent on enrichment.”

    what does it means and how they are dependant….?
    Just need a little explanation, thanks in advance…

    • Thanks so much i got it very clear .But since Job enlargement still makes the job boring even after enlargement, there is tendency of the law the Diminishing return to set in what is the alternative?

    • In my understanding, job enrichment requires job enlargement because job enrichment bestows more responsibility and autonomy, and to check if an employee can handle those aspects, it has to be first checked through job enlargement. Job enlargement would require the right attitude and aptitude, and if an employee can satisfy these criteria for the job, the higher management can apply job enrichment on that individual.

  4. Thank you for bringing light to the possibility and sanity of “job enrichment”.

    Workplace Enrichment ~ is a method bringing job satisfaction through harmony and genuine community at work.


    I would truly appreciate your review of Workplace Enrichment.
    Thanks, -joe 🙂

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