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worshipPraise vs Worship

Praise in general means making positive statements about someone. Worship is the act of showing religious devotion.

Praise can be about anything, it can be about a person, an item, a place, a concept or just about anything one wants to promote or talk good about. Praise may or may not be about religious devotion or sentiments. Worship is only associated with religion. It is generally of a religious or spiritual figure, personality, deity or an event.

Praise is normally to glorify an accomplishment. Since most people are responsive to praise it may generally be done to perk up the spirits and raise the confidence. Worship is normally unconditional and an expression of gratitude to the almighty for one’s being.

In some religions praise is an integral part of the worship process, however, this praise is invariably accompanied by thanks and gratitude towards God. Praise by itself would not really be called worship. A simple line for example ‘God is Great’ would not amount to worship but just a praise. However, if this is accompanied with, Gratitude like ‘ we thank You for all that we have’ becomes a prayer or worship.

Praise and worship can never really be equated since worship may be through praises of the lord but just praises would not really amount to worship. One sees places of worship but no places of praises.

The opposite of praise is criticism. However, the opposite of worship can only be blasphemy.

Praise may be done anytime or anyplace. However, most religions would prescribe places of worship and methods of worship. Often religions or religious leader would prescribe the frequency of worship also like daily or weekly. Worship would normally also be done in groups or congregations. There might also be some rigid rituals associated with worship. However no such rituals or methods are prescribed for praise.

Acts of worship may be generally through words, songs, dance, rituals, sacrifice, meditation, pilgrimage, festivals. The praises on the other hand would normally be spoken words or songs.

1.Praise is making positive statements but worship is to show religious devotion and gratitude towards God.
2.Praise may be at any time or place but worship is generally at a prescribed place or time.
3.Praise can be through words or songs but worship may be through words, songs, dance, rituals, sacrifice, meditation, pilgrimage, festivals.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your article, although I’m not sure if describing worship as usually being at a prescribed time or place is quite right. Romans 12:1 asks us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, as our spiritual act of worship. So it isn’t about a time or a place – it’s about how we live and in everything we do, making a choice to follow Him in our everyday choices. Submitting our freewill to doing things the way God instructed in his Word.

  2. Please help me to have sequential notes concerning this concepts so that i can better teach others the right thing

  3. In general the word “PRAYER” is used to represent talking or having a conversation with God. This conversation may be constituted of for e.g. Asking for help, thanking Him for providing help, confessing etc.
    The word “prayer” or “supplication” is also used to represent asking or pleading for something with an expectation to receive from someone.
    The word “praise” is specifically used to represent applauding someone for what they have done. This is closely related to thanking someone for what they may have done for you.
    The word “worship” is specifically used to represent giving of honor, respect, homage and adoration to something or someone. The God of the Bible desires that mankind “worship” Him and this worship is uniquely His since He is a unique God. When asked by the devil to worship him, Jesus answered, “It is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'”
    In conclusion, PRAYER (general use) may include all of the above, worship, praise and finally supplications/prayers.
    Reference : worship a Christian’s highest occupation by AP Gibbs

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