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Difference Between Praise And Worship


‘Praise’ and ‘worship’ are two words that are somewhat similar, but vary in intensity and the relationship between the person and the thing they are praising or worshiping. Each word also has a different meaning depending on whether it is used to describe other people or things, or whether it is used in a religious way. In religion, you are much more likely to hear them used in a similar manner.

Praise is when a person talks about the good qualities of something else, usually complimenting them or admiring something that they have done.

He gave the Olympic contestants praise for their good performances.

The new medical procedure earned praise for saving many lives.

The word ‘praise’ can also be used as a verb.

I would like to praise the excellent food that was served tonight.

She praised the new Nobel Award winner in her speech.

‘Worship’ has a few different meanings, but they are all related. The word it stemmed from meant ‘worth’ or ‘honorable’. ‘Worship’, in its earliest years, meant the state of being honorable, worthy of something, or possessing some kind of distinction. Someone who had worship was in some way greater than the average person.

Over the years, it changed to the act of recognizing someone for this greatness or showing them respect. At the same time, it also became the word for revering a deity, as most deities are acknowledged as something more than the average person. With that, the meaning of recognizing another person got pushed to the side. Today, in some places, it is linked so strongly with religion that any other use of the word seems to be either hyperbole or sarcasm.

The fans practically worship this game.

The biggest differences between the two words, as was mentioned above, are how intense the words are and what kind of relationship they imply. Praise can be from something mild to something strong. Worship is always a very strong word. When you praise someone, it doesn’t say much about how good it is in relation to yourself. You can praise an award-winning neurosurgeon or you can praise an insect, or anything in-between. Worshiping someone means that they are far above you in some way. If you are worshiping, you are comparing it to yourself in a way, and saying that it is more important than you are.

In religion, praise and worship are closely related concepts. Praise can be a type of worship: showing your reverence towards something greater than you by talking about how great it is. Worship can be a number of things. The thing they all have in common is that you are acknowledging how great the thing you are worshiping is. For instance, suppose the deity that is being worshiped places a lot of emphasis on how virtuous it is to help out people in need. If someone were to go out and help people in need because the deity has commanded it, then that would show respect and reverence for the deity’s desires. Showing that kind of respect would be a form of worship.

There are other distinctions drawn between the two, depending on specific religious beliefs. For example, some people believe that religious praise is meant more to show off how much the worshiper cares about their deity than to actually worship. By that definition, worship is something quieter and more intimate, just between the worshiper and the worshipee.

To summarize, praise is complimenting a person’s good qualities, and can be done to anyone at a variety of levels. Worship is showing respect or reverence. It is always strong and implies that the thing you worship is greater than yourself.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your article, although I’m not sure if describing worship as usually being at a prescribed time or place is quite right. Romans 12:1 asks us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, as our spiritual act of worship. So it isn’t about a time or a place – it’s about how we live and in everything we do, making a choice to follow Him in our everyday choices. Submitting our freewill to doing things the way God instructed in his Word.

  2. Please help me to have sequential notes concerning this concepts so that i can better teach others the right thing

  3. In general the word “PRAYER” is used to represent talking or having a conversation with God. This conversation may be constituted of for e.g. Asking for help, thanking Him for providing help, confessing etc.
    The word “prayer” or “supplication” is also used to represent asking or pleading for something with an expectation to receive from someone.
    The word “praise” is specifically used to represent applauding someone for what they have done. This is closely related to thanking someone for what they may have done for you.
    The word “worship” is specifically used to represent giving of honor, respect, homage and adoration to something or someone. The God of the Bible desires that mankind “worship” Him and this worship is uniquely His since He is a unique God. When asked by the devil to worship him, Jesus answered, “It is written, ‘YOU SHALL WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD AND SERVE HIM ONLY.'”
    In conclusion, PRAYER (general use) may include all of the above, worship, praise and finally supplications/prayers.
    Reference : worship a Christian’s highest occupation by AP Gibbs

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