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Difference between take and get

Take It or Get It 

Take is a general term applicable to any manner of getting something into one’s possession or control. On the other hand, “get” is to receive, gain or obtain something.  The difference is subtle:  “Take” implies that you may take something from another person who may give the object willingly or not so willingly.  “Get” means that something was voluntarily given to you.  Both verbs, however, can be used in written and spoken English in many different ways.  The past tense of take is took and the past tense of get is got.  While the past tense is the same for all pronouns and proper nouns, the present tense is conjugated differently.  See below:

I take

You take

We take

They take

People take

He takes

She takes

It takes

One takes

John takes

I get

You get

We get

They get

People get

He gets

She gets

It gets

One gets

John gets

Examples of the usage of take used as a transitive verb, which means the verb must have an object.

  • Allan took the IPod from Mary to download music for her. (Allan took control…)
  • The teacher takes the homework from the students. (The teacher now possesses …)
  • I take charge since Mary is unable to manage the group. (I seize control…)

Other ways of the use of take are listed below:

  • John takes a long walk every evening.  (John goes for a walk….)
  • I will take you to the doctor since you are not well.  (I will escort you ….)
  • Take it easy, life is not all that bad.  (Be calm…)
  • We take our supper at 7 p.m. every day.  ( We eat at …)
  • He takes a bus to work every day.  (He rides on a bus …)
  • Take heed of what I say for your own good.  (Listen to what I say…)
  • Take good care of yourself while travelling.  (Look after yourself …)
  • He took ill with mountain sickness while trekking.  ( He became ill…)
  • Did you take your pills after lunch?  Did you swallow your pills…)
  • It takes courage to change careers at a late age.  (It requires courage…)
  • Take it or leave it! (Accept what you have been offered, there is no other choice)
  • I’ll take you to court if you don’t repair my damaged bedroom.  (I will sue you…)

Get means to obtain or acquire or receive something.  Below are examples of “Get” used as a transitive verb.

  •  I get my vegetables from the supermarket.  (I obtain my vegetables from….)
  • He got the first prize in the singing competition. (He received the first…)
  • The girls got permission to go the cinema.  (The girls obtained permission…)
  • When can we get our certificates?  (When can we receive …)
  • Get me the newspaper.  (Fetch me the newspaper)

Other ways to use GET are as below:

  • I get hungry at noon.  (I become hungry…)
  • Every time that tune is played, John gets depressed. (…John becomes depressed)
  • I’m getting married in the morning. Get me to the church on time.  (I’m going to be married in the morning.  Reach me to the church on time)
  • James gets up at 7.45 a.m. every morning. (James wakes up…)
  • Let’s get going or we will be late.  (Let’s leave….)
  • If you help me, you get to keep 20% of my earnings. (….you will receive…)
  • She gets impatient if she is kept waiting too long. (She becomes impatient…)
  • I am getting tired of listening to your complaints.  (I am becoming tired…)
  • Maria needs help to undress.  She can’t get her dress off. (…She can’t remove her dress)
  • He gets embarrassed when you talk about his achievements. (He becomes embarrassed …)
  • I’ll get moving now or I’ll be late for my next appointment.  (I’ll leave now…)

Look at examples below using both “take” and “get”

  • She took the plunge and finally got married!  (She made a decision and finally  married)
  • Have you got more of those scarves?  I will take the pink one.  (Do you have more scarves? I choose the pink one)
  • I take it that you will get my laundry today.  (I assume that you will fetch …)
  • I take great pleasure in informing you that my daughter got a fabulous job.  (I am pleased to inform you that my daughter obtained a fabulous job)

The difference between take and get is that when you take an object from someone, you choose or pick the object.  If you get something from somebody, the choice is up to the giver.

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  1. When you buy something second hand online and you go to the seller’s home to collect it. Which one is correct? I have come to take the christmas tree or i’ve come to get the chirstmas tree and why?

    Another thing i heard on tv today was i’ve come to take what i can and somebody said this after their house burnt down. Shouldn’t he have said i’ve come to get what i can.

    I know that take involves movement away from you and bring means the opposite.

    Thank you

  2. This explanation is pretty poor.. youre assuming there’s always a ‘giver’. What if you’re taking/getting something that belongs to you. ‘Take your jacket because it is raining’ or ‘get your jacket because it is raining’. The difference is location.. you need to get something that is far away but take something that is near.

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