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Difference Between Andragogy and Pedagogy

Andragogy vs Pedagogy

Nowadays, the emerging systems of education have become full of variations to us. Before, we only used to attend physical classes in schools, colleges, and universities. In the present, schooling may be done in many ways like having a home schooling, and the modern, online class. The evolution of the learning system in the world led to the development of many teaching methods and approaches depending on the goal and vision of the school. Two major and common methods of teaching are andragogy and pedagogy.

Andragogy, theorized by Dr. Malcolm Knowles, focuses on adult education. This learning approach consists of learning methods and strategies on adult humans. This concept of learning is widely used by educators worldwide. Knowles, stated in his theory that adults should focus on six premises related to the adult learning motivation.

The six premises are:

  1. Adults could respond better to internal than external motivators.
  2. Adults are most interested in learning subjects having experience in work and more experiences in life.
  3. The basis of learning activities is experience, which clearly shows that adults have better experience.
  4. Adults need to know the need and reason for learning something.
  5. Adults are contributors of their own involvement in planning and evaluation of their instruction, they should also be responsible for their decisions on their education.
  6. Adult learning should be more problem-centered than content-centered.

These premises help idealize the education of adult learners.
Pedagogy is the more of learning as a teacher. The art of teaching and instructional methods, pedagogy focuses a child-centered learning. More systematic than the Andragogy, pedagogy is also called ‘Critical Pedagogy’ when it involves students which are already adults. Like Andragogy, Pedagogy is problem-centered and focuses on details pertaining to the student’s; background, experience, environment and situation.

  1. Andragogy is an adult focused teaching approach while Pedagogy is a child focused teaching approach.
  2. Both methods of teaching are problem centered.
  3. Pedagogy is more systematic than andragogy because of the complexity of the students while andragogy is motivational.

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