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Difference Between Democrat and Republican

Citizens registered as an Independent, Democrat or Republican.

Democrats and Republicans are the two main parties in the United States. While recently moderate and alternative parties have become more prominent, Democrats and Republicans remain the two historically largest parties, which hold the majority of the seats in the Senate and in the House of Representatives. Democrats and Republicans have opposing views and positions on several key issues, including economic, political, military and social matters.

History and symbols

The Democratic Party is associated to the famous Democratic donkey, which first appeared during Democrat Andrew Jackson’s 1828 presidential campaign. After his opponent called him a donkey, Jackson decided to use the image of the animal – which he believed to be smart, brave and strong-willed – on his campaign posters. The symbol became famous when the cartoonist Thomas Nast used the donkey in newspaper cartoons1. The Democratic Party started in 1828 as anti-Federal faction and grew to become one of the leading political forces of the United States.

The Republican Party – also known as GOP, Grand Old Party – is associated to the Republican elephant. In 1874, Thomas Nast introduced the elephant in one of his cartoons and, with time, the strong and dignified animal became the symbol of the Republican Party2. The GOP started in 1854 – few years later than its Democratic counterpart – to stop slavery, which was viewed as unconstitutional.

Democrat vs Republican3

The main difference between the two parties is, indeed, their political orientation. The Democratic Party is left-leaning, liberal and usually associated with progressiveness and equality. The Republican Party, instead, is right-leaning, traditional and associated with equity and economic freedom and with the ideal of “survival of the fittest”.

Given their different origins and opposing political orientations, the two parties clash on a number of fundamental issues4:


  • Republicans believe that both rich and poor should pay the same share of taxes (and possibly receive tax cuts). Even if large tax cuts may lead to a decrease in the revenue collected by the government, Republicans believe that, after tax reductions, rich people and entrepreneurs would be more likely to invest and create jobs – thus initiating a trickledown effect that would eventually benefit the entire society. Republicans also oppose raising minimum wages as such increase could hurt small businesses; and

  • Democrats believe in raising taxes for the upper class and lowering taxes for the lower and middle class to allow the government to boost spending for social programs for lower class

Gun laws

  • Republicans oppose gun control laws and believe that one should be able to obtain ammunitions with no registration. Republicans also strongly support the right of self-defense; and

  • Democrats are in favor of an increase in arm control but recognize that the Second Amendment is an important part of the American tradition and that the right to use firearms should be preserved. Democrats advocate for the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban and believe that the government should make the background check system stronger.

Voter ID laws

  • Republicans are requesting photo identification for voting: they believe that such measure would prevent cases of election fraud; and

  • Democrats believe that everyone has the right to vote and oppose photo identification, as they believe it may be discriminatory.


  • Republicans, largely influenced by religion and tradition, believe that the government should restrict abortion. In fact, Republicans think that an unborn child has the fundamental right to live which cannot be taken away; and

  • Democrats support Roe vs Wade and believe that a woman should have the right to make her own decisions regarding her pregnancy and that the government has no right to get involved with any woman’s pregnancy. Instead of eliminating abortion, Democrats want to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies by enhancing the level of sex education in all schools. An increased awareness would also reduce the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases.

Same-sex marriages

  • Republicans do not agree with same-sex marriages and believe that a marriage should be between a man and woman only. Republicans also think that gay couples should not be able to adopt children; and

  • Democrats oppose same-sex discrimination at Federal state level and believe that same sex couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to adopt a child.

Limits of the government

  • Republicans believe that a smaller government is better. According to the Republican view, the government should have less responsibilities and should not interfere in the economic sphere; and

  • Democrats believe that the government should have a strong role in helping and supporting Americans. The intervention of the government in the public sphere includes the creation of regulation for businesses and for the health care system.


  • Republicans are in favor of strong border controls and push for limits to immigration – in particular from certain countries. Republicans believe that a tighter control on immigration would benefit American workers and would reduce the risks related to terrorist attacks. The Muslim Ban proposed by President Trump few days after the beginning of his mandate is a clear example of the stance of the Republican Party with regard to immigration and integration5; and

  • Democrats are generally more favorable to open immigration policies. Indeed, they do not believe that there should be no control and that anyone should be allowed in the country and granted asylum; but they believe that the process to request asylum should be quicker and that mass deportation is not the solution to all problems related to terrorism and unemployment.

Death penalty

  • Traditionally, Republicans are in favor of death penalty and believe it is a just punishment for certain crimes; and

  • Most Democrats are against death penalty and believe that capital punishment should be commuted into life sentences.

Health care

  • Republicans support private health care systems and believe that the regulation of the national health care system should not be entirely in the hands of the government; and

  • Democrats support public universal health care and believe that the government should intervene to assist Americans who struggle to cover their health care expenses.

Individual vs collective rights

  • Republicans believe in individual rights and in the “survival of the fittest”; and

  • Democrats believe in collective rights over individual rights.

While the differences between the two parties are clear, not all Democrats have the same ideas and not all Republicans support all the traditional beliefs of the GOP. The two parties have become so big that it is almost impossible to understand where they really stand on certain issues. For instance, while traditionally Republicans are against abortion and in favor of death penalty, there are cases in which Republican representatives have expressed their support for free choice and have condemned the use of capital punishment.

Furthermore, while Republicans traditionally advocate for a “small government” that should not interfere in the private sphere, they do support some “big government” stances when they insist on the need of imposing government regulations on abortion. In the same way, while Democrats advocate for a “big government” that should intervene in economic and social decisions, they support free choice and believe that the government should have no say on abortion and should not interfere with a woman’s pregnancy.


The Democratic and the Republican Party are the two main forces that have shaped the political scenario of the United States since the 19th century. It is interesting to note that in the past few decades, Democrat and Republican Presidents have been constantly alternating. Such tendency shows that the American society remains deeply divided over key issues.

The traditional, right-leaning Republican Party opposes the liberal, left-leaning Democratic Party on economic, social and political matters:

  • Republicans believe in strong border controls, in tax cuts, in the use of firearms and in death penalty. They are against abortion, same-sex marriages and support private health care systems; and

  • Democrats support open immigration policies, believe that rich people should pay higher taxes, advocate for more regulations in the use of firearms and oppose death penalty. They are in favor of free choice, support same-sex marriage and adoption rights for same-sex couples and believe that the government should intervene in economic and social matters, including health care.

However, the two parties are so large and diverse that it is quite complex to understand where they really stand and to identify the line that clearly separates them. In fact, we can find extremists and moderates on both sides and the evolution of the national and international assets often leads people to change views and perspectives on key issues, including immigration, gun control, death penalty, same-sex marriage and abortion. Therefore, while the traditional stances of the Democratic and the Republican Party are quite different, the reality is rather blurred and their positions do not oppose as neatly.

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  1. Hey Recce1. At least people like you and me can have a civilized debate without resorting to insults and name calling. I don’t think anything else needs to be said. I’ll move on now to debate with my civilized Dem friends.

    • Typical republican! you people personally attack blacks, hispanics, women, muslims, college educated people with wreckless abandon but let someone punch you back and you self proclaimed “TOUGH GUYS” start crying like big babies! A- stop trying to talk tough it you can’t take i!!!!!!!!!!! B- stop repeating fux news nonsense and maybe civilized people won’t either laugh at you or insult your glaring ignorance!! WOW republicans are such whining old fools!!

      • You are just a mean black person that does so much name calling, I almost forgot why I even came on this site! I should be used to that though, I mean after all, only blacks can do name calling without fear of going to jail! I am just sick of all the whining that you people do! I don’t even want to talk with you because I know that all you will do is whine about a past that has been so distorted, that I will not read about the slave days. My grandmother was in cotton fields working and sharing a breast to feed to white and blacks babies so that they all could get the work done! I am sure that is repulsive to some, but that is the way it was. If the truth is to be known. Now, I will research another site! Thank you for proving what I have always known, whine, whine, whine, black child.
        Born in the South and a Republican to boot. And I love my true black friends from there.

      • I am a conservative. You disgusting id have no idea of morality or right and wrong. The democrat party is your master. You defend Muslims without knowing theire beliefs. They are Old Testament. Read it sometime. Islam is a geopolitical system. Hence “The Nation of Islam “. You are correct conservative values are dying. This is why you win this world and it’s demise. The New Testament. Congrats

  2. Boy r u wrong. Republicans believe the individual should be responsible for themselves and their neighbor – not the govt (anyone who honestly examines our politicans should understand why.) They have always believed we are all equal. They fought for the 13-15 & 19th Amendments and voted for the Civil Rights Act in greater percentage than the Democrats did. They are pro life and antiwar. (WwI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam were all started by Democrats – who also commissioned and dropped the only nuclear weapon ever used in war.) And, they are smart enough to know if the mother dies, so will the child within her … and understand biology enough to understand the difference between a human being and ‘a blob of tissue. As the Guy who made first he an embryonic stem said, “If you aren’t uncomfortable with this you haven’t thought about it enough.” -James Thompson-

    • You’re statements are somewhat correct but that nonsense about republicans believe in government not helping citizens is ridiculous! republicans give a damn and scream bloody murder about poor people getting government aid but have zero problem with multimillion dollar big business getting welfare or oil companies getting subsidies!! republicans talk about less government and freedoms but thats another lie! If you’re gay they want the government to punish you with no civil protection! if I’m correct wasn’t it republicans that fought to counter Terry Schivio families wishes to take her off life support???? Dude comparing the republican party of today to republicans of the Eisenhower era or Abe Lincoln era republicans is like comparing roses to weeds or poison ivy!! Why don’t you invest some time study political history buddy!!

    • You may want to review your history books. WW1 was started by the Germans, as was WW2. Korea was started by Koreans, as was Viet Nam.

      Iraq was started by Iraq. Afghanistan was started by Osama Bin Ladin in cooperation with key people in the Bush administration who wanted an excuse to go to war and give their cronies lots of fat yummy military contracts.

      The Iraq war and the situation in Afghanistan happened under the direction of GeorgeW, who lied to the American people and the world simply because he desperately wanted to go blow up some Arabs.

      GWB was and is the stupidest person ever to hold office, and that’s saying something, because there have really been some colossal idiots (reagan) in there, especially immediately before Obama. Embarrassments to the US people, GWB at the very least should be hanged for his crimes against humanity and the people of New York City.

  3. For you cry baby republicans who whine about dems hurting their feelings give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!! hey I challenge anybody to go to any conservative website and read their post!!!!!!! LMAO you want filthy uncivilized comments that’s the place to go!!!!! So you whining crying little republicans complaining about insults should start with your own klan!!!! If I had I nickel for every time some internet republican called Obama a nigger I’d be rich!!!!!! republicans can’t talk for more than two minutes without dropping the N- BOMB!!! OR WELFARE CRACK!!

    • I am a conversative and proud of it!!! I do not consider myself a racist. I actually don’t look at the color of someone’s skin when I make a decisison about their values. Honestly, Condoleeza Rice is my hero. I respect her position on many things. My vote against Barack Obama isn’t about the color of his skin. He is measured by his performance in my eyes. He has failed and will continue to do so if given another opportunity. I wish he was running against Condoleeza so the race card wouldn’t even be an issue. Can we please get past it people!!! I recently read an article that stated due to poor employment numbers, many blacks have really been financially hit hard during Obama’s time in office. It isn’t about race…it is about qualifications!!!!

    • Bro chill out. You’re crazy. If you have good arguments then olay but there is no need to over generalize an entire party. Isn’t that the same things you Democrats say about people stereotyping? Not all republicans are racist just like not all democrats are “social knights” If your gonna be crazy do it somewhere else.

  4. I feel like I am economically Republican but then I stand with Democrats on all other issues…Economics is a big deal though. I’m not sure who to vote for…

  5. I can’t help but address the socialist nature of the Democratic party. That Marxist spirit has you all in a trance, leading you like docile lambs into the destruction of our country. Blinded by the lies and mislead by the false freedom of unattainable hope in man. How foolish are you all to believe that freedom is FREE, to think you can live a life as you want without consequence, say what you want to say and do what you want to do. Freedom comes with a price and that price is the price of your souls. Is it worth it to gain the whole world and in the end lose your soul. Is it worth it to reject Christ and form an alliance against the things of God to become entwined with the spirit of the Antichrist… This sleeping nation must wake up before complete and utter darkness consumes every flicker of light. Even a fool knows he cannot see without light… So why are you so comfortable in darkness? Why do you despise what is good and love what is bad? This election is not a matter of Democrat verses Republican but its a war verses good and evil, unity verse division, right verse wrong.. Do not be deceived God will not be mocked you will reap what you sow…. (Galatians 6:7)

    • Leave religion out of a political debate, unless you’re a supporter of the crusades and the catholic church’s role in helping Nazi war criminals escape justice.

      Then preach on, crazy person.

  6. I find it very difficult to appreciate the comments that are emotionally driven. I support lower taxes, less government, and more jobs. I also want to stop ballooning deficits in order for our country to survive and flourish. In today’s society, a strong military is critical. Any thing short of that is irresponsible. For one to think, as a country, we can all sit around a table, play footsie and be friends is not living in the real world. Many liberals think that spending $90 billion dollars on green energy is money well spent. I live near a wind farm and have yet to see any benefits from it. They produce approx. 1% of energy. I don’t want to be told I have to drive an electric car and I don’t want government handling my healthcare. There are few government entities that function well. The private sector people are getting very tired of working hard only to turn almost 50% of our earnings into the government for wasteful spending. And, if people want to see Big Bird everyday, make a donation. No one wants to make the tough decisions regarding how to cut spending. Class warfare is dangerous. Obama doesn’t have the experience we need in a leader. He is failing and will continue to do so if reelected. Simply look at the facts. Numbers don’t lie. We need a leader who will consider all the people in this nation. With the jobs numbers down, there are less people paying taxes for all the “free” benefits to support government dependency. We need to start looking at the fraud associated with all the dependency. Inside of throwing billions of dollars at green energy, we should be clamping down on government abuse of our tax dollars. I do not want to live under a dictatorship. This election we need to vote for constitutionalists and conservatives, people who will protect our First Amendment rights.

  7. Excuse me.. but from what I understand, Republicans are all for capitalism and the freedom to pursue wealth, with little or no government intervention. Correct?

    So.. how come, when the big crash came and it became evident that the current financial structure was so rigged and corrupt that it nearly crippled the entire country, how come all these “republican” capitalists, who basically drove themselves into the toilet, all had their hands out saying “bail me out! Bail me out!”

    Why? Shouldn’t the government, in such a circumstance, if republican, say to them “sorry, but that would be intervening. We believe in less government involvement.”

    Seems to me that the best single word definition for republican is “Hypocrite” and for Democrat “Realist”.

    • The democrats gave the banks money and let the people lose their homes. I think you should examine reality instead of smugly drinking the koolaid.

  8. I take it a democrat wrote this discription between a republican and a democrat. That information can not be farther from the truth. Wake up and smell the coffee america. Obama is not the answer. He is a puppet. Lets get a thinker in office who can change this country back to greatness.

    • todd, you’ve offered nothing of substance to back up what you say. Obama is not the answer you say? And you think Romney is?

      See, that’s what is so very common in the republican argument. They don’t provide any substance, just a lot of name calling, fearmongering and religious rhetoric.

      It’s like a symphony orchestra before they perform, when they do their warmup. Just a lot of dissonant noise and no music. blah blah blah.

  9. Anyone believing the writings of this article is being duped by the system. A look at reality finds Dem/Rep budgts are 98.8% the same. The difference between demicans/republicrats = 1.2%. Have fun watching the nation crumble because you’re to ignorant to look past rhetoric to facts.

  10. Not for nothing. Many black folks vote democratic…but Abraham Lincoln was a republican. A republican who was against slavery and abolished it. Meanwhile, the democratic party at the time was all for each state having the “right to own slaves” if they so chose….. Their own party. Hmmm….

  11. this is to Knight4444, you are a total douche bag, I read every rant and like the democrats you talk a lot of nonsense, you claim to have valid points but it is just talk, liberals think they are so much better than everyone else, you’re a joke and have no clue and people like you that back the democrats will be the down fall of this country, personally both parties need to be burned down and the political system should be rebuild “for the people, by the people”, but someone like you would not understand that cause you want the democrats to control the country with BIG Government, telling you what to do, wear to work, what to eat, what to drive, personally I do not want more government and I don’t want to pay for low life’s who won’t get a job cause they suck the government tit bleeding our economy like the illegal’s and you make nothing better by bringing race into it, who cares if your black, white, brown, yellow…who cares this country was founded and built by immigrants of all kinds and besides that why go off on Al for speaking his mind, it was a dumb comment but freedom gives him the right to speak just as it gives you the right to be a giant douche

    • @FreeAmerica

      Do you really believe that the Republicans want a smaller government. I think you are delusional. That’s just what they say to convince you to vote for them. Bush was in office two terms, I didn’t see the government get smaller. In fact he headlined “No child left behind” which caused many problems in non-English speaking communities. If they really wanted a smaller government then they wouldn’t try to control our decisions (eg. pro-life). That would just increase the government. Also if they go for a smaller government then who would take over? Big Businesses?

      • Republicans want smaller government that’s a joke!!! most republicans are so hopelessly ignorant if they had any common sense they’d know Regan tripled the national debt!!! DAMN can’t they study ANY REAL history????? NO they’d rather watch fux news and listen to lies LMAO

        • @knight4444: Republicans also are more aware of the Constitution and laws. They know that Article 1 sec 8 of the Constitution combined with the Budget and accounting Act of 1921 and the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 puts Congress responsible for the nation’s purse strings – so blaming Regan or Bush, or crediting Clinton is nonsense. We are also more polite and don’t put much weight in racist comments like yours.

          • @minerva you’re hilarious!! your precious gop got it’s ASS kicked by over 4 MILLION votes!! and with your other two propped up saviours McCain and the MILF you got beat by over 8 MILLION votes! the intelligent rational thinking americans VOTED you lost!! AGAIN!! what part of landslide don’t you comprehend???? But like the typical republican when someone points out the TRUTH you have a stroke!! and start CRYING racism!! LOL republicans are the mostly anti black anti hispanic anti woman anti muslim anti science anti intellectual you people start CRYING racism!! first off @minerva I’m not a bigot or racist!! you just can’t handle the TRUTH!! like most republicans! the republican party is 90% WHITE that’s a FACT!! not RACISM a FACT! and the republican party being 90% WHITE isn’t by accident you idiot!! republicans are destroying themselves by having complete idiots like rush limbaugh and bill o’reilly as your spokesman!! @minerva you talk about RACISM!!!??? I bet you listen to that filth everyday but magicially mystically can’t hear the open RACISM by your heros LMAO. It’s funny you republicans are the rudest nastiest foul mouth creatures on EARTH but when anyone hits you back you clowns start CRYING!!! give me a break!! @minerva why don’t you take your sensitive bleeding heart republican butt to other REPUBLICAN base websites and count how many time republicans call president Obama “OBUMMER” or ”NIGGER” oh I forgot republicans are so polite and christian RIGHT?

          • @minerva when you decide to hop you’re sensitive butt on the internet trying to talk political matters try learning how to spell your saviors name ok it’s ”REAGAN” not REGAN!! you clown I guess you spell knife, NIFE too right?? @minerva you’re over 65 yrs old! are’nt you?? LMAO I see why your gop lost the whitehouse and the congress and lost seats in the house!!! it’s too bad the dems are worth a damn!! it’s just republicans are wothless!!!

    • @freeamerica you’re the typical idiot OLD WHITE phony patriotic flag waving moron, if you actually had a comprehension of anything I wrote you’d realize I’m not a democrat!! you’re simply a OLD feeble minded dope like your hero’s like Clint Eastwood, Hank Williams jr., Ted ”draft dodger” Nugent if you’re a republican I guess you’re in shock your savior “”ROMMEY”” got his ass kicked by Obama and the pathetic democratic party!! LMAO ROMMEY won ZERO swing states lol ZERO!! the party of old white racist males is dying!! the USA is changing and you’re scared shitless!! this isn’t the 1950’s anymore Bubba!! the country is getting browner and you hate it!! too bad grand pa generation X is dying thank GOD!

    • hey grandpa Obama two, white paste face republicans ZERO LMAO

  12. I have read most of the comments on here trying to understand the complete difference between Democrats and Republicans. The only thing I got from this conversation is that Knight4444 sounds like a racist jerk trying to justify himself and everyone else is stooping to childish criticism to try and defend themselves against someone as ridiculous as he. Who cares what the name of your political belief is… Vote for who you think would run the country better. It doesn’t mean that one is worse than the other it just means they are different. The people of the USA are different and one of the greatest perks of living in the USA is FREEDOM. I am a working low-middle class, married, woman with children. I believe that the money I earn and the taxes I pay should go to help people NOT support them, I believe our military should earn more money than any politic or sports player, I believe that a womens right to choose should be determined by the right to choose between life for herself or life of her unborn child but abortion should not be a form of birthcontrol because some low life woman/man did not know how to use protection and got themselves knocked up. I believe that we should have freedom of religion even in schools and the workplace. I believe in FREEDOM from the government. I believe the government should be here to assist the people not control them. And above anything else… I pray to God that one day this world will wake up and see what it has done before it is too late. Hatred and name calling will solve nothing.

    II Chronicles 7:14… if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    • @permreader is your typical republican not very bright making foolish nonsensical assumptions while making silly half ass rants!! yes @permreader is your perfect candidate for republican brainwashing! all while screaming to anyone that will listen “I’M A CHRISTIAN!!!” no @permreader you’re a fruad a clown! quoting scripture out of one end of your pie hole then talking crap makes you look idiotic!! listen mrs pharisees you pray for Rommey your savior because he got CRUSHED LMAO praise the Lord

  13. Statistics: 1 of 50 000 people create 1 new thought (we-the others just repeat sombody others` thoughts). Mainstream ideology is the belated reaction on the new ideas. The liberal idea of social “freedom” appeared wrong for the masses of people as the “capitalist`s” and was changed for the leftist freedom for the people-“social justice”. “Social justice” is the backward idea of the feudal society (it doesn`t even provide equality for the leaders).But Stalin`s era of Gulag and poverty is finished as the leftists `ve understood that the capitalism can feed everybody if the lefties in power can milk capitalists.In America these clever people are the Dems.

  14. Hmmm… if only there were a way to combine the minds of the two, or — nevermind; wouldn’t work. I grew up here in Texas, the deep confederate state, and I grew towards the left wing of thinking. I also came from a conservative family who flicks their noses at any progressive ideas. I am an 18 year old white/hispanic male and I can agree on the majority of white conservatives and it’s lack of diversity; but let’s face it, it isn’t that unreasonable to assume that it’s an age issue conservatives are dealing with and that the conservative party should either open their minds to adaptation with their precious 200 year old constitution or have their party slowly but surely die out. Either way I could care less, this shit just about makes me want to invest in a tent, a couple pounds of weed, and take my beliefs with me into the forest. But, that’s just me, you guys are free to try and work out whatever you can.

    • @steven the republican party is dying!! both parties are bought and paid for by big business and the very wealthy! but republicans OPENLY flaunt their alliance to the rich that’s why their fighting to keep the Bush tax cuts which was suppose to expire in 2010!! what’s truly tragic is around 60 yrs ago the gop has a half way decent party!! too bad they allowed the southern racist and sick religious right to high jack their party!! theres a reason why the republican party is 90% WHITE! the vast majority of the minorities in the gop ONLY vote republican because of religious and/or their financially very well off!! poor clear thinking americans have absolutely NO reason to vote republican! BTW when the dopey tea party finally realizes their being CONNED their going to leave!! LMAO thats why Dick Army took his 8 MILLION buyout!! the tea party NEVER was a ”grassroots” movement!! it was a “FREEDOM WORKS”” Dick Army invention!! do you believe ANY republican will fact check my assertions??? LMAO hell no

  15. For @SAM- @WHOCARES- @minerva- @ABB123 bottom line your republican party is dying! and calling me a racist or what other nonsensical name calling isn’t changing a DAMN thing!! the bottom line is your party counts on WHITE so called christian voters!! and alienating everybody else!! you fools your base is too small a either dying off of old age BECAUSE the average age of republicans being 65 or older represents 39% of your party!! HELL I bet 3 quarters of republicans responding to this website are over 65 yrs old!! LMAO listen republicans your party is dying for Obama to kick you’re asses twice should tell you EVERYTHING!!! you clowns have tried every filthy trick in the book Obama a muslim terrorist Obama has a deep seeded hatred of WHITE people Obama a Kenyon spy Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate Obama married a man in Kenya Obama gonna take our GUNS Obama gonna kill GRANDMA Obama going to sell us out to the U.N. Obama is a marxist Obama is a communist Obama is a socialist Obama is a welfare food stamp president!!! ON AND ON AND ON!!! but after all those incredibly ignorant stupid lies!! your ”GREAT WHITE DOPES” keep getting beat!!! LMAO Obama won the popular vote and the electoral college!! in bigger numbers than your other saviors margins YES RONNIE REAGAN

  16. Republicans are typically lazy under educated people (I’m talking politics) see republicans depend of fux network and republican radio for information. Here’s a FACT look at the republicans party platform in 1956 when Eisenhower was president!! republicans actually wanted a strong society!! republicans wanted the middle class to thieve!!! the income tax on millionaires I believe was 91% and the country was strong!! But today’s republican party which is bought and paid for by corporations and the wealthy (KOCH BROTHERS) are fighting like hell to protecting their sugar daddy’s!! LMAO But today’s republican party is so unbelievably ignorant and lost!! your religious nuts your corporation won’t drown out the will of the people!! SO go read the 1956 republican platform!! now watch!! not one internet republican will research this for themselves, thus my point! republicans are intellectually lazy people BTY Eisenhower was the last good republican president!! republicans should honor Eisenhower not Reagan!!

    • Sounds like the same party to me. Tax cuts, balanced budgets, strong military, local over federal, individual over collective, and of course” America’s trust is in the merciful providence of God, in whose image every man is created … the source of every man’s dignity and freedom.”

      Their whole fiscal cliff stance could be summed up as, “We hold that the protection of the freedom of men requires that budgets be balanced, waste in government eliminated, and taxes reduced.”

      I assume you will support us in that.

      Finally, you keep saying white – but you have it backwards. Democrats consider neither whites nor men part of their constituancy.


  17. Republicans use real logic. Democrats use stoner logic.

  18. I disagree w/the last line of the article. Republicans fought for the 19th amendment and Democrats against it. Today, the issue is definition of rights. Ex. Equal pay mostly exists. The problem is the career choices women make. They avoid hard sciences or value adding labor jobs and work less overtime – so they are paid less. It is a legit choice, not a problem requiring gvt intervention. Equal pay act passed in 1963. The birth control issue was a joke. Avg. Cost of the pill is under $10/mo. Can’t the couple pitch in $5 ea? Texting is more, but they have the money for that. Indeed, the difference I see on this issue was seen at the Conventions. When a Republican says something stoopid about rape he is universally condemned and disinvited from the Convention. Conversely, a known harasser and accused rapist is the keynote speaker at the Democrat Convention and gets a standing ovation.

    • @minerva LMAO dude you must be over 80 yrs old and a FUX news viewer or simply mentally ill! I’m NOT repeat NOT a democrat!! I just view the republican party to be far worse and light years phonyer than dems!!! and listen you really don’t wanna bring up SH*T at who’s presidential conventions do you?????? just ask that CNN black female reporter who got peanuts thrown at her by republican delegates!! and their racial slurs!! Now what were saying!!!!????

      • The two who threw peanuts were ejected from the convention, so you can’t extrapolate to Republicans as a group; the behavior was universally and demonstratively abhored. Conversely, the Demos cheered when an accused rapist took the stage at their convention – so there’s your real war on women.

        • Phonier? How about a guy who made sure 2000+ high powered assault weapons made it into the hands of drug gangs feigning self-righteous indignation at law abiding citizens’ guns and accessories, while exploiting kids for a photo open in a room full of guys with guns put there for him!?!!

  19. @minerva LMAO my God you’re “STUPID” your talking about CLINTON??? I’m no big fan of CLINTON! but you need professional psychiatric attention!! why don’t you grab a dictionary and look up the word “ACCUSED” lol and while you’ve at it try not to spell “STUPID” “STOOPID” LMAO and you state republicans use LOGIC!! LMAO trying using correct spelling first and work you’ve way up to LOGIC!

    • Republicans aren’t racists, they’re just drawn that way. That so many drink the kool-aid is why the numbers are skewed, and you, my friend, must looooove kool-aid. You are ignorant about history and me. Your premises are wrong, and therefore are your conclusions. You are a fool and an ass who can’t discuss without poisoning the well. The real enemies of women and poor of any color is a culture that tells them they can’t succeed and promotes behaviors – like sex outside of marriage, fatherless families (not rotating mom sex partners) where boys have neither discipline or a feeling of being needed, and money and phones in exchange for remaining in the slavery of the gvtment dole. Uncle Sam makes a lousy step-father and only screws women. People need to get ôff the plantation and drugs and make a future for themselves and their descencents. (BTW: I don’t listen to Limbaugh, don’t have access to FOX, and I know how to spell, I just use humor sometimes. I don’t just think I’m smart, I’ve got a card to prove it.)

  20. Oh by the way I love the republican party! their actually fighting to extend the Bush cuts for the wealthy but will only deal with this phony “FISCAL CLIFF” nonsense by cutting social security, medical care and raising to age to collect social security to 67!! for you republican types how the hell can you agree with that??? LMAO give tax breaks for wealthy people but cut earned benefits from seniors!! that’s brilliant!! Robin Hood in reverse!!! and republicans have the nerves to call themselves CONSERVATIVES!! lol the republican party hasn’t been conservative since Eisenhower!!

    • Robin Hood is the epitome of a Democrat hero. While he is wealthy he does nothing to help the poor. But, when he wants more power, he steals from others hoping the ignorant masses will support him. As for cutting social security – the Demos wouldn’t even give seniors a COLA for the first years of Obama, and Obama saved the Bush tax cuts. And, thank you for reminding me Democrats couldn’t care less about living within a budget. The Senate hasn’t passed ONE in the last 4 years … and Obama’s 2012 budget sucked so bad he couldn’t get a single vote between the two houses.

      • @minevera I’m curious how long have you been using drugs?? You seriously need to stop watching FUX NEWS because even the low level morons republican knows Bush jr. had the Wall Street bailout in place even before the new president was even elected! you’re not very bright are you? and spare EVERYBODY with your whining about GRAMMAR! if you want to debate someone A- try using FACTS B- stop sounding petty and girlyman talking about grammar! It only makes you look more like a cry baby loser!!

        • Your rants have become tiresome. You may not pet my monkey.

          • @minerva, pet my monkey? you really are mentally disturbed aren’t you?? see you’re the typical republicans! OLD- IGNORANT- AND LOUD!! LMAO see @minerva only a fool would bitch about reading someone elses opinions and then say “I’m tired of your rants” you idiot! if you don’t like my ”rants’ DON”T READ THEM!!!! LOL are you on SSI for mental illnesses?? and will you stop whining!!! you act like my ex girlfriend at the end of the month!!!!

          • Grandpa, you need a LIFE!!! lmao hows that retirement coming? living off that democrat SOCIAL SECURITY ponzi scheme deal?? lol you’re “YAWNING” because you’re old and feeble! go take a nap grampy! LOL, and don’t forget, OBAMA 2 – GOP 0 lol, two elections, two AS* kickings! you team lost by over 13 MILLION votes pops! Hows that GOP working out fern ya??????!!!

          • Yawning at a pathetic, lame, fool who doesn’t know man from woman, young from old, and sh*t from shinola

          • LMAO, man, woman, young, old, WTF?? I don’t care what gender, race, or age you are, you’ve proven to anyone reading that nonsense you throw up here that you’ve a moron!! I see why your party is in the SH*TTER!! it’s hopeless idiots like you and that band of OLD- OUT OF TOUCH- WHITE GUYS are dying out!! it’s facts Bozo! go google your parties APPROVEL RATING!! LMAO, we both know you’ll never look to see, because you even know it’s LOW!!! LOL, now YAWN at that sheepie!! BTW Bozo, tell everybody why FUX news ratings are at a ALL TIME low!! AHHHH, poor baby! lol

    • BTW: Grammar tip. When you mean they are, you use the contraction “they’re,”. Notice the word they is in it? “Their” is the possessive. It is their dog. When it’s a location, it is there.

      Here + t = there
      Here + w = where
      The spelling is related.

      Another common error is here and hear. You have an ear, and with it you hear.

      Hope this helps in the future 🙂

  21. Republicans don’t murder politicians – though they have been known to cannibalize a few when the media’s roasting becomes too tempting. They also don’t use guns to murder anywhere near the rate Democrats do. (Willing to bet if the Newtown killer voted it was for a Democrat … )

  22. When a 5-year old girl is suspended from kindergarten for ‘threatening’ another girl with a Hello Kitty bubble “gun,” you can be sure the decision wasn’t made by a Republican. That’s a difference. Drug prohibition, alcohol prohibition, gun prohibition – all Democrat ideas. It is increasingly extended to jobs you can’t have if you don’t do what Democrats want. Regulation after strangulating regulation are from the Democrats. They are “the man,” and be prepared to be crushed if you don’t do what they demand.

  23. Democrats make rights dependant upon doing what they want.

    Republicans ban things they believe negatively impacts society.

    • Republicans have been STOMPED two straight elections (BY OVER 13 MILLION VOTES) and their popularity is at a ALL TIME LOW! now try using your FUX NEWS propaganda to argue that reality!! dude, you’re really pittyful!! LMAO @minerva, you hate it when I jam that FACT down your throat huh???!! 13 MILLION VOTES)!!! thats a mandate! RIGHT BUDDY??????? lol

      • Good Knight(4444). Smoking pot decreases IQ by an average of 10 points. Here, my friend, you are clearly above average.

        I would recommend you lay off it, as it is clearly affecting your memory. Like a mynah bird, you repeat the same thing mindlessly over and over. Do you remember you said it? Or is the short memory part of your brain short circuited?

        Fux news. Oh, so clever. 13 times is not enough. Math. I know you can’t focus enough to do it, but abt 30% of your posts use ‘fux news.’ And watching it isn’t even slightly relevant to the topic. Yet, regardless of the number of times I explain I don’t have cable/dish so don’t watch it you regurgitate the same old joke, thinking it’s really a clincher.

        Same w/LMAO. Anyone who uses it that often is LAMO. (Especially someone who doesn’t get SNL references.)

        Lemming is another accurate term for you. (A sad, retarded, lemming.)

        Who cares who got the most votes. It only emphasises a point. Republicans are free thinkers, and they won’t support a Rino.

        Still, Democrats wisened up. Less of them even voted in 2012 than the span between Obama and McCain or Romney. Maybe they gave up pot.

        So, let’s see … can you form a coherent thought? Can you reply without using “fux news,” LAMO, old, McCain/Romney v Obama, racist? And, if you do … how long will it take to do so.

  24. And this is a reply to my post how?

    (And you think you’re so clever and classless and free … but you’re still a f*cking peasant as far as I can see … )

    • @minerva, I am clever! your GOP is killing itself!! Willard Rommey!! lost by over 5 MILLION votes!! John McCain lost by over 8 MILLION votes! what part of the math is too difficult for you??? And 2016 will be another presidential AS* kicking by the democrats. maybe you should become a independent @minerva! because that joke ”tea party’ is pulling the GOP so far RIGHT people are just turned of by republicans! why do you think so many republicans have left that clown car party!!!?????

      • Classless is more like it. (BTW: Which Republican supporter wrote that lyric?)

        I am an independant, oh silly one. Just writing differences between Democrats/Republicans as the thread requests.

        Tying into the lyric writer question … here’s another difference …

        The Hippies still live within the two parties.
        The Republicans kept the freedom, love of God, and wanting self to help others.
        Democrats kept the free love, drugs, and environmentalism.

      • Knight4444 doth protest too much me thinks. Sanford was outspent 3:1, Biden stumped for Busch and she held a double digit lead … in the polls. Yet Sanford won, in par by mentioning Pelosi. Rumors of the GOP’s death are greatly exaggerated.

    • Go google ”approval rating republican party” lol you won’t check it out huh??? of course not! from where I sit, you’re a classless, fu*king peasant! have a nice day.

      • Knight, my friend, intentional or not, you are funny. I don’t know if it’s that pot-stuffed brain that makes you ignorant or you actually know, yet still gloat, about the 31%/60% approval/disapproval rating Congressional Democrats have according the the latest poll conducted 04/25-29/2013. That’s a drop since the election (37%/54%) and even the end of March (32%/59%). I’d say “you’re the pot calling the kettle black” but you would probably say I’m racist IN CAPS (and miss the joke).

      • Do you have any pop-culture knowledge at all?

      • I forgot to add my difference between Democrat/Republicans that explains the Republican low approval ratings … they admit blame themselves rather than everyone else Ex. Obama supporter Lauryn Hill blames slavery on her failure to pay taxes. Find me a Romney supporter who would say something that ridiculous.

        Listen to the President. Everything is everyone else’s fault. (Doesn’t he know that “Blame it on Someone Else” day isn’t until Sept 13 this year?)

        Bush came in when larger corporations like Daimer-Chrysler, WorldCom, & Enron were crashing. There was a full recession by March. And, the Wall Street and much of the economy went into free fall after 9-11. Did he blame Clinton? Forever? Nope. He sucked it up and encouraged us.

        Democrats don’t encourage. They nag and blame. And, while it is true that many people start believing the emperor has clothes – it doesn’t mean he does … and it doesn’t make Democrats better or correct.

        • LMAO, you’re just not very bright grandpa! you can post your delusional rants till Christ returns! your republican party is dying! 2 elections, 2 ASS kickings!, thats not a rant!! it’s a FACT! And I’m curious, why do you keep babbling about democrats??? I told you DUMMY!! , I’m NOT a democrat!! LMAO, boy are you dense or what??!! BTW, you know damn well the republican party sucks! why are you waiting time trying to defend them??! Oh, I forgot! you’re just not very bright!! PS, good for Mark Sanford!, he and S.C. deserve each other!! Who said this?? S.C ,, too small to be a republic, too big to be a insane asylum!! Tell Williard Rommy hello for me grandpa, SEE YA

  25. Republicans are accused of things Democrats actually do. Ex, use IRS as against enemies, disrespect confidentiality of sources, let people dieand lie about it. This administration is so corrupt I feel bad for Democrats – but I don’t know what they expected from Chicago politics.

    • Dude seriously, you need to get a hobby! your idiot Fux news talking points are boring us FU*K!, listen @minive if republicans are so golly gee wiz awesome, why is america laughing at the GOP?? My God you’re ignorant! In racist as hell america you let a black man beat you!! TWICE!!! LMAO. You brain dead republicans called Obama everything from the joker to Satan himself!! and guess what???????? america still preferred Obama over your DRY- OLD-
      LAME-_ WHITE GUYS!! LMAO what does that say about the republican party @minive??????? LMAO BTW idiot! the IRS goes after 100’s of groups and organizations, like AARP- NAACP- and many churches! so stop with the Bill O’reilly BS!! that’s why your fat ass savior, rush limbaugh is about to be unemployed! HAVE A NICE DAY! @minive

      • Apparently you get all your thoughts from a magic 8 ball. Fox news. Racist. Old white man. LMAO. These are the answers to all things…

        Except, none of them are the *correct* answers. Even in MA the Republican is beating the Democrat. Just because public schools have become a propaganda machine for Democrats, doesn’t mean American’s aren’t smart enough to believe their own eyes (well, 67% are – the rest trust these guys as they become fascist big brother.)

        The difference between you and I is that I don’t believe the average Democrat is as evil as the progressives in Washington; they came out of Chicago politics. The rest are Americans who will see the ugliness of all this as soon as the can shake off their white guilt (something I never had, coming from an ethnic immigrant family).

        Truth be told, tough, I could get behind this HealthCare thing – if it means you’d get your head examined.

        Oh, and everything you said Republicans said about Obama … actually was done against Bush (one of the greatest Presidents of all time.)

        … Republican policies reduce unemployment and gas prices. Perhaps because the are focusing on the people and consequences. Obama apparently doesn’t know anything – maybe ‘cuz he’s too busy with vacations and White House/celebrity party’s.

      • Bush is now more popular than Obama. http://www.gallup.com/poll/163022/former-president-george-bush-image-ratings-improve.aspx

        Additionally, and here’s the difference requested by the post, Republicans don’t flip (quite so much) as Democrats on issues depending upon who is in office. If it’s bad for the goose, it’s bad for the gander. We realize that our guy may be trustworthy, but who knows who will be there in a decade or two (or even the next election). http://www.people-press.org/2013/06/10/majority-views-nsa-phone-tracking-as-acceptable-anti-terror-tactic/

        So, those are the poll results as they stand today.

        What does your magic 8-ball say (or did you ingest it)?

        • OMG!! @mineva, I knew you weren’t the brightest bulb on the tree! but you can’t be serious! bush’s approval ratings???? LMAO, you can’t be serious!! go read the damn link you provided! you meathead!!! yes his ratings are improving!! but damn dude!! they were rock bottom to begin with!!!!!!! theres nowhere to go BUT UP!!! wow! I’m going to assume you’re not this ignorant! and if republicans are such hot SH*T! answer this one simple question!! WHY CAN’T YOU WIN ELECTIONS???????????? now do what you do best!! ignore the question and start your customary ASS KISSING of everything republican!! BTW if bush jr. is so wonderful tell everybody here! WHY HE CAN’T GO INTO MANY FOREIGN COUNTRIES???? LMAO, WAR CRIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Republicans don’t do the things Democrats accuse them of. Democrats do the things they accuse Republicans of.

    Republicans teach about the Constitution. Democrats consider you the enemy if your teach the Constitution or Bill of Rights and sics the IRS on them.

    Democrats has DOJ spy on the press. Republicans don’t. (1st Amendment)

    Republicans don’t infringe on right to bear arms. Democrats admit they wouldn’t let you have a gun if they could, and try to make it hard on law abiding citizens (2nd Amendment)

    • OMG!! all this endless BULLSH*T you keep babbling on and on with!! you’re trying hard to justify why you’re a republican!! enough already!! your beloved GOP is dying! and you can view it 20 ways to sunday! your constant defending the party shows how ridiculous you are! Before you start crowing about FUX news propaganda, realize this, I ‘ll say this slow because you’re obviously very elderly and not very coherent! READY?? 2 elections, 2 historic L A N D S L I D E S!!!! by over 13 M I L L I O N votes!!! your party got beat by a afro american male in 2007!! as racist as america still is a B L A C K M A N beat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO , now go watch the mail for your SSI check! provided to you because DEMOCRATS fought your beloved GOP so your sorry ass wouldn’t be homeless at 65. BTW whoever the dems run against the club of old caucasian males will lose too. Bring your butt back here and reread my prophecies in 2016, oh wait, heres a bonus prophecy, READY? in 2014 the dems will keep the congress LMAO

      • Fux News, check. Racist, check. Old, check. LMAO, check. Goodness you are redundant. Doesn’t that 8-ball have the standard 20 answers? (Better not tell you now, the outlook is not good. My sources say no.)

        The difference between Republicans and Democrats … Democrats get their news from Comedy Central.

        BTW: Initially shocked at your level of racism. But then I remember how racist Democrats are. They started the clan, they blocked kids from schools, they keep blacks on the plantation … they always notice race. Republicans are beyond that.

    • @mineva, I usually just poke fun at republicans in good humor, but in all honesty, you’re just just not very intelligent are you???!! I’ve stated over and over and over and OVER! I’m not a democrat! can’t you READ???????? OMG! you’re dense!! I’ve stated many times BOTH parties are corrupt!! and you keep talking crap about dems while trying to make the GOP look like God’s chosen ones!! LMAO, I call you a OLD fool for a reason!! Because that’s all you’ve given everybody here!! Just like jim demint!! this loser swears he’s going to destroy Obama with his “WATERLOO” prediction! guess what?? Obama won another term and demint QUIT!!! walked away from his senate job to go work for the RW heritage foundation!! Guess demint found HIS “WATERLOO” moment for himself! LMAO, the GOP is killing itself! so @mineva, you just keep being their sheepie!! because it won’t be much longer bubba!

      • I’ve stated over and over and over I’m not a Republican. I’m just pointing out the differences, like the thread requests. Each post unique. And, when did I ever say you were a Democrat?

        And, I hate to brag, but I am very intelligent. Very intelligent. And I got a card to prove it – says MENSA on the top. (Not named Minerva – aka “the Goddess of Wisdom” – for nothing.) You’re wrong on so many things, I have to let you know.

        I’m not old. I was born in Detroit, in 1972 – which is likely younger than you. In fact, you know what you come across to me? A middle aged, low income making, self-loathing Black man. And that is why you were so insulting to Obama, by acting like he sucked so bad a turd should have beat him (something about which I don’t disagree – but only due to is lack of qualifications and the negative results of his 1st term – not because he was a black man. Goodness, the first blacks to hold office were voted in by Republicans). You really aren’t stoopid, but are angry – and my guess it’s because people don’t notice that you really are a smart guy. So, you’re probably a Christian, probably a Baptist, but you turn to many things the Bible tells us not to do because you can’t find the comfort of a good woman to just love you for who you are – to see you for who you are. And so, I’ll pray for you – and recommend you get off the drugs, stick with the Word, and get back to school. You finish college and you’ll find your dreams.

        Now, back to the topic – Democrats see it a success they spent $830 billion for .1 million jobs (or $8.3 million/job – according to the Congressional Budget Office Feb 3, 2013 report … the CBO also said it was the longest high unemployment since the Great Depression in 2012 … so it must still be true … indeed, soon it may surpass the Great Depression in job numbers).

        Democrats attack the biggest employer in the country (Walmart) without seeing the irony that the second biggest is Kelly Services – which probably explains why we keep losing full time jobs and only have less people on unemployment due to the part-time jobs numbers. Hiring part-time over full-time is encouraged by the Democrat’s Health Care Program.

        Because the price of gas keeps rising faster than makes any sense, the price of food does. So, Americans get to work part time and while their CoL increases. Good move, there. (Democrats also think destroying trees, aka organic biofuel, reduces global warming but fail to see that more trees are what we need and oil/coal is also an organic biofuel. )
        Democrats don’t care about the plight of Americans who are underemployed and facing raising costs of daily goods – because that keeps them hungry enough and angry enough to keep voting Democrat. (Watch Cornell West’s words come to live as the Blacks are pushed to the back of the bus now the gays are donors like the liberal Jews – like It’s OK, they always give you enough scraps to live and serve a purpose on their plantation.)

        Hey, guess what is American’s main source of news … http://www.gallup.com/poll/163412/americans-main-source-news.aspx

        Take care …

      • Democrats carry urine and excrement to protests – possibly representative of what they are full of. The also throw food and break things – like a baby having a tantrum. They leave the place a mess – and like most of their policies, make everyone else clean up and pay for their folly and personal enjoyment. Republicans bring signs and prayers. If they bring food, they eat and share with others – and pick up after they go some. That is why cops are required at Dem. Protests. Usually, they are just hanging around Republican protests … to protect them from the counter protesting Democrats. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362499/Texas-senate-votes-pass-measure-toughen-abortion-laws.html

        • @minerva, seriously! please seek professional help. Your ranting and raving and paranoid delusions are truly sad, you’re the village idiot that watches FUXnews and actually believes that garbage!! I keep refereeing to your age and race because it’s typical of the old caucasian male who’s always bitching about SOMETHING!, you’re a miserable being!, you’re so unhappy with your life, this country, your greying hair (WHATS LEFT) your inability to satisfy your wife or boyfriend, your pissed off a non caucasian male isn’t president!!, you need serious psychiatric help, your hatred of democrats boarders on insanity. Obama fought to get you health care, use it!!, find a good psychiatrist and get HELP.

        • Detroit??, as low as Detroit has sunk in the last decade!, you’re a even bigger disappointment, ! you and Teddy Nugent should hang out together!! birds of a feather you know!! You self absorbed conservative caucasian males are truly laughable!!, you denigrate minorities, women, gays, etc etc with impunity!! , but let someone call you out, all hell breaks loose! and save that MENSA BS for somebody else!! if you truly had an IQ over 150, you wouldn’t be typing up the half ass, juvenile, ranting and raving nonsense you post up here!! I recommend you trying YOU TUBE for posting your nonsensical rants! that environment would suit someone of obvious limited mental abilities!! Mr. republican, ooopss I mean Mr. MENSA, LMAO BTW, I’m in Southfield Michigan, 15 minutes outside Detroit, we should have coffee one day, lol

  27. Democrats blacklist; if you don’t do what they demand you can’t have a job. Republicans want people to work. They want everyone to succeed and make more; Democrats don’t care if you work and will subsidize your sloth – they want 2 classes, them (the elite) and everyone else.

  28. Republicans are happier than Democrats. Indeed, “conservative Republicans were 68 percent more likely than liberal Democrats to say they were “very happy” about their lives.” “[T]he happiest Americans are those who say they are either “extremely conservative” (48 percent very happy)” – according to the NYTimes.

    • BTW, mr. ”happy republican” I suggest you watch a little documentary called ”RIGHT AMERICA FEELING WRONGED” and try convincing everybody how “HAPPY” republicans are, my GOD you’re stupid lol you haven’t made one factual statement on this site since you darkened it’s door!! republicans “HAPPY” LMAO, republicans weren’t even “HAPPY even during Bush jr second term!!! LOL that’s why many republicans started calling themselves LIBERTAINS!!!!!!! and bolted!! LOL and thus the astro turf “TEA PARTY” was hatched!! @miveria, seriously!, I’ve talked to a lot of republicans before but your in the hall of shame for biggest sheepie EVER! tell everybody at the senior citizens home hello for me

      • I’ll believe a peer reviewed study over a politician’s daughter’s highly edited and selected ‘documentary’ every time.

        • BTW @Minerva, you don’t have a CLUE about what’s going on in Detroit or Lansing, so do me a favor, STFU! LOL your boy SNYDER and DEVOSS with your koch brother MONEY pulled that “WHILE THE HOUSE IS IN RECCESS MIDNIGHT end around was typical republican strategy, if you can’t win, CHEAT!!! that’s why punk AS* SNYDER ran as a moderate and as soon as he was in office began acting like the typical far right stooge!! So I strongly suggest YOU stick to subjects YOU actually know!! like basket weaving or watching NASCAR!! that dale earnhart jr is some’m else HUH?? VOOOMM VOOOMM

      • Hey, how about that documentary on black inferiority done by George Wallace? (Democrat George Wallace.)

  29. @miveria, I’m being honest, you’re a fool, PERIOD!, you can call it redundant or whatever!, you present yourself as a fool, thus I treat you as such! you can’t read! you don’t respond to questions put before you, you keep bringing up FUX news propaganda! what response should I give you? Your GOP is dying! and you calling me a racist is par for the course for todays republican! it’s called ”projection” when are you going to get it through your neanderthal brain? TWO ELECTIONS,. TWO LANDSLIDE AS* KICKS!! stop watching FUX! and educate yourself. I’ve wasted too much time poking fun at you, you’re boring. you’re just not very entertaining! for such an elderly individual you’d think life would have dealt you a better hand in the area of intelligence. lol @miveria, you’re proof positive of the old saying”theres no fool like a old fool ” you gotta be a southerner! RIGHT?

    • 51% is not a landslide. Winning 49 states, like Reagan did, is. Obama / Romney was almost identical to Bush / Kerry. Obviously the magic 8 ball doesn’t Google.

      The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats are more likely to live in subsidized housing (81%), get food stamps (67%), and welfare (54%) than work (54%) – while Republicans are more likely to work.

      Probably because Republicans have their kids within marriage than within the circle of trash – where a guy has a kid w a woman, but lives with another woman with kids by several different guys and they all live off he taxes of those who married and work while blaming everyone for their lack of success.

  30. Why is limbaugh broadcasting from his basement?? LMAO, why is darrell issa going to be investigated for corruption, why is Ken Cuccini (MR NO ORAL SEX) a laughing stock????, why is OBAMA president AGAIN? because the GOP is even worse than the democrats!, MENSA!, my ass!, for a person that’s 42 yrs old you’re exceptionally, extra ordinarily ignorant!, Mr MENSA, and that incredibly stupid statement about the first black politician being a republican just emphasises how mind numbing, completely clueless you are!! the GOP that had the first black politician ISN’T the same GOP of today, Mr MENSA, I’ve stated here MILLIONS of time the political parties have basically SWITCHED positions on civil rights!, so bringing up facts from 100 yrs ago, than have ZERO relevance to the present, makes you sound like a foo!, That’s like someone comparing the catholics and the Spanish inquistions of 1478 to catholics of 2013!,, you’re just not very bright!, and you’re sorely lacking in COMMON SENSE. SORELY

    • Thanks for the laugh about Republican ‘baddies’ on when Jesse J is being sentenced, Detroit is a shambles, Clinton’s foundation is missing money ($700 million for New Orleans/Katrina relief to start), should I mention the pervs from San Diego to to NY … Weiner … it never gets old). The difference between demos and reps is Republicans know there are problems with their candidates and purge them, while dems get all self-righteous and vote for corruption over and over again. Everyone knows Chicago is one of the most politically corrupt places in the country (along with Detroit, DC – seriously, the dudes caught smoking crack with a hooker and he still gets put in). No one in their right mind would vote for a Chicago politician for President … which tells a lot about Dems state of mind. Stoopid NOW supports rapists like Clinton and the Kennedy’s. It makes my head spin. Obama has done more to destroy he economy – appeasing Big Oil by keeping the gas prices double what it was when he was elected and allowing the poor and Joe Average fight to survive on part-time jobs and rising food, energy, and necessity costs. They give him a Peace prize, never wincing as the world is on fire in death and destruction under his watch. Obamacare is nothing more than a giveaway to the insurance companies and big pharma. He runs guns to drug cartels then says they got many from the US and we need to have more gun control. The gvt is spying on us using our private phones and from the air. The IRS, who now monitors our medical care, picks winners and losers from an enemies list. If this were a Republican president people would be n the streets … but the Demos only notice if it is a Republican because they are hypocrites. So the difference is Republican voters have integrity, and Democrats do not.

  31. ENOUGH, LMAO, enjoy conservative world pal!, you’re the voice of old self absorbed WHITE GUY!!, you juvenile rants about Wallace just gives proof of your stupidity!, only a fool would bring up george wallace in 2013 to prove a point!! damn your dense, lol. BTW, only a individual that’s lacking in COMMON SENSE would try to down play a presidential candidate getting beat by over 14 MILLION votes!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! YOU’RE beyond funny!! you really need to stop quoting limbaugh!!, it’s making you sound extremely ignorant. this is my last response here

    • Limbaugh broadcast from his basement?(you have to have your head up your ass to think that) Knight4444 you have said so much bullshit you look fucking stupid. Not that I support republicans right now but there is no way I can support the ignorant statements you see as truth. Tell me, do you know what propaganda is. If you did you wouldn’t say dumb shit like “Today’s republican party is basically a club for ANGRY bitter old white males, the gops is 89% WHITE . And expect that poll to actually mean something. ( 1st dumbass sheep idea) ‘republicans are racist’ WOW. talk about eating propaganda. (2nd dumbass sheep idea) ‘republicans are hillbilly rednecks’ (3rd dumbass sheep idea)”@mineva, I usually just poke fun at republicans in good humor, but in all honesty, you’re just just not very intelligent are you???!!” ‘good humor’ Maybe you are just retarded. “your beloved GOP is dying!” Nope, no sigh of the GOP dying that I can find. (4th dumbass sheep idea) In fact the last election prove otherwise. You seem smart, and might actually be worth a damn if you calm down and stop spreading non sense that holds no logic to it what so ever.

      • Grow up!, tough guy republicans are so fragile!!, you disrespect women, minorities but when someone points out you’re SH*T stinks you start crying like little old ladies! @XXXXXXX, you guttless clown!, you just keep acting like a tough guy over the internet , because that’s the only place you run you’re big mouth at!! And tell you’re wife eeerrrr, I mean cousin @emily to be seen, not heard, she’s as ridiculous as you are.

        • Welcome back, knight. Just wondering, are you being ironic or overtly misogynistic?

          • You’re a funny guy, seriously @minevra you don’t really believe all the nonsense you post here! do you?? LMAO BTW, the ACA was made the law of the land by the SUPREME COURT which is a conservative court, just ask Antonin Scala or John ROBERTS two fine upstanding CONSERVATIVES

    • Buddy, you can say that grass is fuchsia (e.g. the major party’s flipped on race issue) a gazillion times, but that doesn’t make it true. You never ‘explained’ it, you just spew the illogical nonsense. I’d be delighted to discuss it, though. Please present your best case on this – or admit your defeat on this point.

      • And, can we agree to provide links to supporting evidence? You make a lot of conflicting and sometimes ridiculous claims … Ex. Include I am an old man, but then say I can’t be as old as 40, fail to recognize my name is that of a woman, and purport the parties magically, purposelessly, and instanrly reversed their positions on civil rights – when known racist biggots controlled the Democratic party … and they continued to elect known KKK members into office – including the US Senate.

        • riiiight, until the Nixon era, when he stole all the southern Democrats by telling them that the GOP was more racist. Remember Bobby Kennedy? MLK? JFK?

          • Bush won fair and square; anyone who believes otherwise needs to question their sources. When many many news outlets commissioned various ways to count the 2000 Florida votes – taking a year to complete, Bush won every time, every way. There were other actually Constitutional reasons what happened was correct. First, counting/certification has to be done by April 1 of the year following the election. Second, on Jan 20 Clinton had to step down, and with no elected president, the vice-president would be president.

            I note the pro-Dems never evidence their claims, just believing .what they want to believe is fact and everyone else are wingnuts and liars. To be different, I present what the NYT had to say after they finished their counting:

            A comprehensive review of the uncounted Florida ballots from last year’s presidential election reveals that George W. Bush would have won even if the United States Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount of the votes that the Florida Supreme Court had ordered to go forward.

            Contrary to what many partisans of former Vice President Al Gore have charged, the United States Supreme Court did not award an election to Mr. Bush that otherwise would have been won by Mr. Gore. A close examination of the ballots found that Mr. Bush would have retained a slender margin over Mr. Gore if the Florida court’s order to recount more than 43,000 ballots had not been reversed by the United States Supreme Court. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/11/12/politics/12VOTE.html

          • Huh? You mean when he desegregated the schools?* Yeah. That’s why the South turned so he could win 49 states in ’72. You just go on believing stuff that defies logic.

            Or are you implying he killed JFK? That, my friend, was a Palestinian to whom Obama’s friend and fundraiser dedicated his first book.**

            JFK & MLK were killed by Democrats.

            I know the history and Dion’s song. I also know it was DixieCrat and never DixieCan – and that Congressional segregationists didn’t switch parties st secure votes. Your ‘truth’ is a myth.

            *”Bussing” as it became known started as a Nixon directive in March 1970. At that time 7 states, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, all had duel schools – despite the Brown decision a decade and a half earlier. Eisenhower sent in National Guard to enforce it. Yet, dual schools went uncontested for the following Democrat decade of JFK and LBJ.

            **RFKs son in NPR interview referencing former? Terrorist Bill Ayres: Mr. CHRIS KENNEDY (Board of Trustees, University of Illinois): I intend to vote against conferring the honorific title of our university to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father, Robert F. Kennedy. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=130107466

    • Voting trends indicate it’s Democrats who are losing ground. In 2012, Obama received 4 million less votes than he did in 2008, but the Republicans gained 2 million. Both Romney and McCain received more votes than Gore or Kerry. So, there’s another difference between the parties.

      • Just not enough to win huh? Romney lost the popular vote by over 5 million. but you keep trying, since the only way Bush got into office was to steal the election with republican electioneering, like Katherine Harris, a RW leaning SCOTUS, and a lot of Confusing ballots and voting machine fraud. Now they are just trying to make it harder for anyone that is non white to even vote…

        How about winning the vote with ideas instead of rigging the system?

    • Who lost by 14 million?

  32. Wow…. I could really care less about who does what. I like my weapons but believe they should be taken away from certain people (murderers.) government should help with some things. Such as tax based yearly income…. White black Mexican straight gay blue purple or pink should be on equal grounds… And honestly… 99% of the comments here are what is ruining our beautiful country. We are no longer dare I say “patriots” we are the ass holes that everyone hates including our own citizens. Most of you “Republicans” or “Democrats” get so worked up over stupid crap that doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. Both of are biased about each other and the rest of the world. I want someone who can take care of this country and its people when needed. If Obama was white I still wouldnt like his ideas. I am not Democrat or Republican. I am simply an American.

  33. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats start World Wars and Republicans don’t.

    • ever heard of GW Bush, Minerva? He started a war…. just sayin’

      • WORLD wars. Can’t you read? But, since you brought it up, after Dems used nuclear weapons on civilians, they started the Korean War (ended by Republicans) and the VietnamWar (Ended by Republicans) without provocation or Congressional approval. A little different than Bush, dontca’ think?

        • Actually, minnie,

          Eisenhower signed the treaty that got us into the Vietnam conflict. it promised that we would protect them. republicans are good at starting things and then sneaking off like “I didn’t do nuttin….”

          kind of like when Bush, at the END of his term of scorched earth, and legislating his buddies a whole lot of money, decided to let Henry Paulson hand them one last
          Trillion Dollar parting gift

          • LOL so true but trying to get a republican to accept reality is like pulling teeth from a chicken, Rand Paul the plagiarism idiot just got busted Sunday for stealing someone else ideas!! what a dope!! and @minerva, please tell everybody about the Benghazi scandal?!! Oh you don’t wanna talk??? WHY???? because DYLAN DAVIES on 60 MINUTES just blew the whistle on the GOP’S latest BS scam parade!! I can’t hear you @minerva, what lame BS excuse will you’re pot smoking brain create NOW???????

  34. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is if someone goes on a nut and they are presumed to be Republican they are evil Tea Party person (though none are), but if they are presumed Democrat they are crazy …

  35. The author I believe really tried to be as fair as he could considering his obvious Right-leaning politics. Some of his an a lot of other Conservative (and a few outright RW whackos) posters here have tried to box in Democrats as weak, sniveling little Communists and the references to our “foreign, Muslim, Communist President” were veiled very thinly.

    However, while RWnutjobs–sorry ‘Conservatives’ always believe they are right, they are driven by firm Christian based ideology that EXCLUDES any room for diversity, which is where the ‘communist’ label comes in.

    In actuality, most moderate Democrats, are just normal, red-blooded Americans that have guns for hunting and protection, believe in individual responsibility but don’t leave the less fortunate behind, allow people to have their OWN religious beliefs,(be it muslim, buddhist, jew, or shinto) and believe that the ever widening gap between rich and poor is the biggest problem facing the world today.

    The Republicans would rather pay all the ‘other’ non white races peanuts, keep them in ghettos, and then cut off their welfare in order to stop them from breeding and further diluting their white superiority, while enjoying all the government benefits like corporate welfare, farm subsidies, oil subsidies and tax cuts for the upper class so called “job creators.” Of course those “jobs” are really nothing more than 35 hour a week minimum wage jobs.

    Hows that for a “fair” assessment?

    Read more: Difference Between Democrat and Republican | Difference Between | Democrat vs Republican http://www.differencebetween.net/miscellaneous/politics/difference-between-democrat-and-republican/#ixzz2ho8IaReg

    • It is not a “fair” assessment. It is slanderous stereotyping, filled with outrageous slurs that incites hatred and violence.

      It reminds me of Yale Law & Psychology Professor Dan Kahan, who recently stated Tu. Oct. 15, 2013, that he found that “the Cognative Reflective test did not meaningfully correlate with left-right political outlooks … except that … identifying with the Tea Party correlates positively with scores on the science comprehension measure.” He then goes on to how surprised he was because he totally expected Tea Partiers to be more ignorant about science, not more knowledgeable. He admits, “All my impressions come from watching cable tv — & I don’t watch Fox News very often — and reading the “paper” (New York Times daily, plus a variety of politics-focused internet sites like Huffington Post & Politico).“ Yet, instead of applying scientific method to all his (preconceived) conclusions about these people and reexamining whether the information he gets may be biased and wrongling molding his views, he “still subscribe(s) to my various political and moral assessments–all very negative– of what I understand the “Tea Party movement” to stand for.”
      He is close-minded. Note that despite the fact both you and he subscribe to the same close-mindedness – I didn’t say all people left of Tea Party, or even left of Moderate, or even who only get their info from NYT, etc. are close-minded. I say you and he are.

      This close-minded stereotyping breeds hatred. And your spreading of false, inflammitory, tripe like, “Republicans would rather pay all the ‘other’ non white races peanuts, keep them in ghettos, and then cut off their welfare in order to stop them from breeding,” you are spreading hatred and inciting violence.

      • truth hurts, minnie.

        It is time that the Democrats start giving back to the GOP the same win at any cost crap that has been fooling all those 25k a year
        Okies into voting against their best interests

        Gays God and Guns is all the GOP has that keeps anyone other than the top 1% voting for them, and those that are out there watching football and hunting instead of reading this post are sucking up their pablum like brainwashed children

  36. The difference is an elephant and doney, a donkey/democrats are jackasses and elephant are big and brave we believe in not abortioning a child it’s considered murder we don’t believe in gay marriage because Jesus put a man and woman on the earth not a guy and a guy or woman and woman we arnt racist

  37. @Billodot, thank you! finally someone with common sense posting a comment here, reading all these idiot republicans babbling about how their party is so “RIGHT ON TRACK” is hilarious!! these GOP’ers are in DENIAL, their propped up heros keep get spanked by the american public at the voting booth and still these typically OLD- WHITE- phony ASS christians keep running their pie holes like Reagan was still alive and selling his special brand of BULLSH*T! news flash republicans, what percentage of americans trust house republicans? 37% thats pretty damn bad!! but after trying to shut down the government because they know the ACA is going to be a huge success, I guess the mighty GOP is going to roll over and let the pathetic TEA PARTY GANG take over!! THE GOP is DYING!!! ask Rafael Cruz, ask Rand Paul, they’ve gone from republicans to TEA PARTY sock puppets!! LMAO RIP GOP

  38. Interested in how liberal Democrats blame conservative policies for the tragic HIV rate of my hometown, Detroit, particularly among minors. (Conservative Republicans blame the breakdown of the family, and believe there are enough studies to support it.) http://www.lansingcitypulse.com/lansing/article-9431-still-fighting-hiv.html

  39. For all my republican friends who foolishly believe the GOP is doing just “HONKY DORY” well maybe you folks outta have a pow wow with Mr. Jeff Miller he’s a top notch republican strategist who wrote a memo starting ‘The GOP is DYING!!” see boys and girls your koch brothers MONEY give aways have been exposed!!! in california the FPPC is investigating the beloved GOP taking over 16 MILLION DOLLARS!!! LMAO. you republicans are in really deep SH*T!! your tea party buddies are tearing you APART, your blatant RACE baiting is backfiring!! your best presidential candidate is Chris “I CAN’T STOP EATING” CHRISTIE!! what a train wreck!!!

  40. See the state of todays HOPELESSLY- PROFOUNDLY- IGNORANT republican is laughable! to support their rush limbaugh (GRAND WIZZARD KKK) screwball arguments they FOOLISHLY believe talking about “DIXIECRATS” from 1860 to the mid 1960’s and trying to make that era fit todays democratic party shows how utterly ridiculous they are!! ANY 5th grade should know after LBJ started be force the democratic party in embracing CIVIL RIGHTS and made his famous saying ”the democratic party wanting CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS, we will LOSE THE SOUTH FOR GENERATIONS” thus those SOUTHERN DIXIECRATS basically became REPUBLICANS!!! strom thurman for example. @Minerva, you’re not very bright! actually you’re extremely IGNORANT!! any damn fool could WIKIPEDIA this stuff if they weren’t intelligent enough not to have known it ALREADY, you are a symbol of todays republican party, you’re too FU*KING intellectually LAZY to seek out the TRUTH for yourself, instead you brainwash yourself in republican propaganda!! listening to FUX NEWS !!

  41. The republican brain is so HOPELESSLY dysfunctional and unless!! their so tribal and AS* BACKWARDS, these idiots are all smiles when their candidate wins because IT’S god’s WILL, but when their candidate loses here comes the parade of lame AS* EXCUSES!! The democrats have kicked the crap out of the GOP’S would be saviors! McCain lost by 8 MILLION VOTES!! – ROMMEY LOST BY over 5 MILLION VOTES! @minerva- since your arithmetic is on par with your overall intelligence thats over 13 MILLION combined!! So ROMMEY gets beat and guess what? it’s because Obama GAVE AWAY STUFF! OMG!! really?? seriously??!! NO, Obama won because A- he’s a much better candidate and ROMMEY couldn’t STFU!! that overseas tour talking about Anglo White Protestants was humiliating!! or his DUMB AS* comments about the 47% was IDIOTIC. Obama had NO competition, thus a 5 MILLION VOTE butt kicking.

  42. Or ROMMEY’S hiding behind the useless mormon church running away from Viet Nam war and hiding in EUROPE!! or ROMMEY ‘S going to the NAACP just to insult them was FOOLISH!! and republicans wonder why black people don’t vote GOP!! BTW, I voted for Obama, NOW WHERES MY FREE STUFF??? pure ignorance! listen republicans when you decide to run a candidate don’t start whining if your candidate loses!! just accept it and GROW UP! besides, it’s not the dems you need to be scared off!! your tea party creation is AS* raping you!! CBS news reports that the tea party is 89% WHITE- 54% ex RUPUBLICAN- 41% INDEPENDENT- 5% dems 53% are HATEFUL of government compared to 19% nation wide. LOL so I suggest you republican save your anger for the tea party crew!! just ask Mitch McConnell lol or john mccain!! ” difference between republicans and democrats??”, republicans are much bigger cry baby hypocrites. MUCH BIGGER. especially your phony religious AS* CLOWN republican types.

    • So, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire are the most racist states? They are each abt 95% white – significantly more than your Tea Party numbers. Each among the most Democrat states. And, a recent Rassmussen poll showed 42% Americans identify with the Tea Party. At 39%n Obama’s approval rating is lower – lower even than Bush’s at this point. You, my friend, are not facing reality.

  43. Oh @minerva, please oh please tell us more stories about those racist democrats, PLEASE! the democratic party is racist huh! that’s why the democratic party 4 out of 10 are non white, 22% of the democratic party are black, where the GOP is 2% BLACK. I know, I know here comes the lame AS* EXCUSES!! because BLACK PEOPLE are too blind to see the democratic party is USING them, no it’s because the GOP has been race baiting for decades!! remember Willie Horton? remember bill bennett’s comments on aborting BLACK BABIES? the GOP is 89% WHITE for a damn good reason! your constant WELFARE labeling is insulting! considering theres far more caucasians on WELFARE than BLACK PEOPLE. I know I know more EXCUSES! ”because theres more caucasians than BLACK PEOPLE” I say cut WELFARE OFF!! and lets count all those SOUTHERN white women with 4 plus babies screaming bloody murder! BTW, why are RED STATES at the top of the list on WELFARE?? just askin’……….

    • From where do you get your numbers? Forbes released the 11 states where more people were on welfare than worked. Obama won Ohio, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Maine, California and New Mexico. And Mitt Romney was victorious in Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. Mississippi is the least racist state in the nation, according to your definition. Alabama and South Carolina are extremely not racist, too, by the same standard. I don’t understand Willie Horton, but when 2 of 3 black children die from abortion, it’s hard to not think genocide.

      • Your first mistake? reading Forbes! remember, he was the presidential candidate that wanted to gut social security, and cut programs for the poor to the bone!
        I won’t call them ‘entitlement’ programs unless that is supposed to mean that they are “Entitled” to not starve to death, and not live in a garbage can behind YOUR house.

      • Those children are aborted by the mothers that know they can’t feed them, not by Democrats. Maybe YOU should open your house to all the little fetuses that made it and now are orphans!

        • Statistically, you are incorrect. Over 80% of abortions occur because other people aren’t supportive of the pregnancy, particularly the father.

          48% of abortions occur because the woman is immature and unready to have a baby. Perhaps that they weren’t using birth control proves the point, but it also shows they weren’t ready to have sex.

          Even if you were correct, the problem isn’t the baby, but lack of money. And, as pointed out in an earlier post, poverty could be almost eliminated if people would just do 2 things … graduate high school and wait until marriage to have sex. And a difference between. Democrats and Republicans is Republicans encourage both those things while Democrats throw money at the teacher unions and encourage sex outside marriage.

          Furthermore, abortion isn’t the only option. There are plenty of people begging for babies – so much so the outside the country to get them. And, not that it’s any of your business, but I have a mixed race mixed ‘birth’ family, have taken in and directed pregnant women and their children, and financially support community shared pregnancy centers in my area so the women can get the support their ill-chosen sex partners won’t.

          Human life is not a commodity.

          • It is too late when the horse is out of the barn. That’s like saying,
            “those homeowners should have known that EXXON was going to frack in their area so it is their fault their water is flammable” Really?

            Yeah, all those poor people trying to live on 7.50 an hour at those minimum wage jobs should have used their daddy’s trust fund to go to college and get a bankers job.

    • Btw: I never said anything about black people; please don’t imply I have or would. People are people. Race is only relevant to racists.

      • Race is only relevant to those on the receiving end of it. To call an oppressed people Racist is absurd!
        So you are saying that South Africans that suffered under Apartheid were RACIST!?!?!?!?!???? really?
        Those Poor, poor whites in South africa! Their afternoon tea was interrupted!! wow!

        • Oppression is about power, not race. My grandmother had to hide my father in his clothing so he wouldn’t be killed by snipers (of the same race) who were target women and children. The history of all countries include heinous acts done by those seeking power on those from whom they want to take it.

          “DO THE IRISH LOOK LIKE MONKEYS?” The answer was, “Yes,” as recently as 2005. Notre Dame’s mascot is never protested, yet it stereotypes Irish not as brave, but as a monkey faced scrapper looking for a fist fight (likely drunk). The discrimination, imagery, murder … oppression … done by one race to members of the same occurred throughout US history – and even continues through today. A quick review http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2011/01/28/irish-apes-tactics-of-de-humanization/

          Race is a way to oppress, but it is not a requirement. The Klan would implode with no one ‘white’ enough for the leadership. The caste system make people untouchable even today. Africa is poisoned with Muslims murdering Christians. Oppression knows no boundaries, be it race or religion or politics or whatever – in order for someone to be the most powerful, someone else has to be the least – and dehumanization makes it more palatable to do the ‘necessary’ evil.

          Conclusion: Race is only important to racists.

    • Everytime a Democrat cries “racist policy” when referring to something proposed by the Republicans it shows they are racist. Welfare reform? Can’t do that, because it’s racist. Really? Because, as you pointed out most on welfare are whites. But over and over it’s implied that all blacks are poor and all poor are blacks. That, my friend, is racist.

      How about voter ID laws? Racist! Voter Supression! Really? That would only be because persons of color are less capable of acquiring ID than other people. (And, it never explains why persons of color are leshow they do anything in modern day America without a form of ID. Can’t work – you need a Social Security card (my son just turned 18. They gave him a voter card with no problem, the problem was getting the Social Security card). Can’t have a bank account (which I guess is OK since can’t work). Can’t buy or rent a home. Can’t even get Obamacare.)

      Republicans may be insensitive due to ignorance, but they are not Racist. Democrats are.

      Let’s look at some specifics –
      VP Biden: “I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy.” (Really!?!! Obama is the very first African American who is articulate, bright, CLEAN!?!!, nice-looking … and where does that leave you, let alone GW Cleaver, Fredrick Douglas, and all the way back in time.) I’m sure if Bush, Limbaugh, or other white Republican’s you hate said that you’d say, “Oh no. That’s not racist at all. ”

      A Difference between Democrats & Republicans is that Republicans recognize and condemn a blatently racist comment regardless of the party who was unfortunate enough to have the speaker as a member, whiel Democrats elect the utterer as the Vice President of the United States.

      Maybe even President … top runner in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. “I love this quote. It’s from Mahatma Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years. Mr. Gandhi, do you still go to the gas station? A lot of wisdom comes out of that gas station.” Of course, Biden couldn’t help noticing “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” Then again, can you really say a group with over a billion people in it is a minority? Can it be racist? (Needi I list more racist comments by Democrat leaders?)

      And, I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation why a White Democratic congressman under investigation gets unstinting support from the House Democratic leadership, while Black Democratic congressmen also facing investigation are asked to step aside.

      • Poor Minerva,

        Now she is all about defending her lack of racism. Maybe you’re right, M! The GOP is REALLY going after a certain demographic…the poor. Most poor people, (higher percentages being black in inner cities, and white in rural areas)DO NOT DRIVE– or can afford insurance, or have drivers licenses, or have bank accounts or even have a need for the three forms of ID most of these new voter laws require. Why? Because they are poor.
        In the south, where blacks walk to the polls on Sunday after church, Florida closed the polls on Sunday. States in the south have been disenfranchising poor(mostly black) voters since they acquired the right to do so.
        Yeah, all those Republicans, they’re SOOOOOOOO anti racist. Typical Rovian strategy, take a weakness, and flip it on to the opposition.
        Let me ask you this: If y’all are so afraid of all these illegal immigrants voting and stealing your elections, then why are Republicans always saying that most Hispanics are conservative? I mean, they came here to work, not to get welfare, so they should hate all the Dems ideas right?
        Obama, or as you Republicans say, the food stamp president knows that Bush’s bailout threw this country into the worst financial crisis since 1933 and now people that WERE working are on food stamps for the first time– EVER. If the GOP had such a big anti-racist, people loving, looking- for- jobs heart, then why are they giving all the gifts to the rich? The Dow is higher than it has EVER been, but starting wages for retail and factory are still around 10 bucks an hour. If a CEO gave all his money to the people, there would be 400 people living in his house making what they are making now. 400 ! Is that ok? The top 2% makes MORE MONEY dollar for dollar than the bottom 98%. that is about 150 billionaires for the MILLIONS of people below the poverty line.

  44. It is amazingly funny how the so called “liberal Press” keeps giving jackasses like 47% Romney and sourgrapes McCain unobstructed air time to whine about how they lost.

    It also amazes me how whenever the “liberal Press” on the TV news is doing a political story, the GOP whacko out on the fringe gets face time and a recorded soundbite and the Dems response is a quote given as an afterthought.

    They obviously must be doing it because the GOP is such a trainwreck and we all know the press likes trainwrecks… but MAYBE, just maybe the CORPORATE media is brainwashing us into moving farther to the right.

    I mean, look what it did to Minerva!

    • Jacka** – as in really a Democrat? You’re correct on Romney and McCain. Democrats. Rinos. Funny you should mention 47%. Today’s Washington Post poll shows that midway between Romney (49%) and Obama’s (45%) ‘votes’ if the election were held today. I can only presume it’s because the publicly finally noticed all the Democrat’s policies are failures. (Yes, Mr. President, your intention was to have something that helped more people than it hurt – but it wasn’t designed in a way that would.)

      I love watch the kids I tried to warn slowly realize they are getting screwed the worst.

    • What did it do to me, and what is “it?”

  45. Trying to reason with @minerva is a exercise in futility!! he’s just one long running boring as hell talking point!! he’s just listens to conservative propaganda and and just echoes the BULLSH*T as if it’s truth!! his ENDLESS rants about dems being absolutely evil and republicans being absolutely 100% angels is just a sign of how delusional he is!! this idiot criticized me on some elementary GRAMMAR but yet the clown can understand basic COMMON SENSE. @minerva, the country isn’t RIGHT or even center RIGHT! the media is center RIGHT and both political parties are either RIGHT or center RIGHT!! @minerva, you’re a fool! there is no LIBERAL MEDIA!! you cons own the airwaves!!! PROOF?? why are we bombard with interviews from washed up republican NITWITS?? sarah palin, your female grifter gets interviewed ever week, ann rommey’s rich BIT*H was on CNN talking about how her husband would have run the ACA so much better than Obama!! ann rommey is so FU*KING stupid, she doesn’t realize that her husband said

  46. that “THAT WHEN I BECOME PRESIDENT I’LL DESTROY THE ACA” now @minerva tell everybody how was willard rommey going to run the ACA better than Obama if he pledged to DESTROY IT???????? @minerva, like I said, you’re a FOOL LOL

  47. Of the 16 cities the left-leaning Washington Post says other countries warn their citizens against visiting, all of them voted for Obama. That is a major difference between Democrats and Republicans. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2013/11/14/16-american-cities-foreign-governments-warn-their-citizens-about/

    But, instead of taking the simpleton route of billodot and Knight666 and saying it’s Democrats that make these cities unsafe, I believe that the people in these cities live in areas that make them listen to what the Democrat party is offering. And because of the vitriol of politics, they aren’t listening to any common sense solutions from the other side.

    I believe people vote the way they do for cultural reasons, and both parties exploit. Here is a recent article that, while I don’t agree with it 100%, gives some insight. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2013/11/08/which-of-the-11-american-nations-do-you-live-in/

    Finally, as for racism – neither party has a monopoly. But, according to a 2012 Berkley study, if any party’s whites are slightly more racist, it’s the Democrat party.

    Here is data asking whites the question Do you Favor Laws Against Interracial Marriage (this is from 2002, the latest year available for this question). In addition to white Democrats favoring laws against interratial marriage over white Republicans (11.9% vs 11.5%), the study also found that in 2008 more white, strong-Republicans would vote for a black for president, than white strong-Democrats would. (94.7% vs 92.4%).

    So, I guess another difference between Democrats and Republicans is that a larger percentage of white strong-Democrats would not vote for a black president than white strong-Republicans.

  48. Minerva,

    Just so you know, the list of the poorest states in the union are BRIGHT RED:

    2. IDAHO
    9. ALABAMA
    10. ARKANSAS

    Now if you allow all the poor in THOSE states to vote, then the GOP NEVER, EVER wins an election again… so, you suppress the vote and keep your staunch anti-abortion stand to reign in all the poor Christians, and you got it made.

    However, BE CAREFUL about cutting Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, Welfare, ETC… because if you do that, you may have an armed revolt on your hands.

    I can see all those poor, gun-toting Christians now, surrounding the statehouse with their little Tea Farty hats on and chanting
    “gimme back my Food Stamps”!!!!!!

    • BTW, Bob, I like that this was a specific criticism with some verifiable facts. When you answer my questions, I will be better able to address your concerns.

      I believe a bigger issue than who is elected is what policies are enacted to reduce the poverty. Since the primary factors in chronic poverty are having children outside wedlock and not graduating he, it seems a better use of resources to encourage and support marriage before kids/sex and graduating that elect some guy because he’s on ‘our’ team.

  49. @minerva666, is such a douchebag IDIOT! I’ve been kicking his AS^ with facts for over 9 plus months, now @Billodot is ripping you a new one. You’re a hopeless fool! anybody DUMB enough to quote Forbes magazine tells me EVERYTHING I need to know. BTW maybe steve will run in 2016, why not! @minerva666, name ONE viable GOP candidate, ONE!! LMAO and don’t say chris christie, because you know damn well your party of wanna be Daniel Boone macho redneck warriors love them some rand paul LMFAO, heres a secret @minerva666, rand maybe popular with hillbillies but the majority of SANE americans aren’t down with buck tooth tractor driving con artist!! @minerva666, you FOOL, when your party picked willard rommey as their GREAT WHITE HOPE didn’t you say out loud OH SH^T!! we lost!!! LMAO you IDIOT.

    • Christie is a douchebag – and a big one at that. McCain & Romney were Rinos, so deserved to lose.

      2016 is years away, enough that the next flash in the pan may not be known well. Take Clinton – and even Obama, though he did have that Convention speech.

      But, of the visible candidates, I’d say governor Rick Snyder of MI is an interesting choice. He really pulled the state back up and his poll numbers are climbing. Michigan is a larger state that swings between the party’s. Of course, that didn’t help Romney, but he’s a Rino. Scott Walker of WI is similar, but the state isn’t as big. Mike Pence, IN, would also be a good choice. And let’s not forget John Kasich. I could go on and on …

      And, there’s always Sarah Palin 😉

      • Yeah,

        PLEASE,PLEASE let Sarah Palin be the GOP candidate, so Hilary can cruise to victory.

        Haven’t you ever noticed that whenever a Republican screws up or loses favor with the press, all the little Minervas and Tea Farty Morons everywhere start calling them RINO’s. HMMMM………

        First the CBO is Baaaaad, and then, ….They’re Good! because Obama ended up on the short end of one of their reports. How long did the GOP say they wanted to eliminate the CBO? until now of course. The GOP ONLY likes information they AGREE with.

        Then, Paul Ryan says for six months how he cuts the military in HIS budget, but as soon as Hagel announces that Obama is looking at streamlining the military budget, Ryan is the first one out there whining…

        I thought you said it was the GOP that was steadfast and never change their mind?

  50. BTW, the idiot GOP fighting like hell to sabotage the ACA is hilarious!! see @minerva666, if you even had the sense of a sarah palin you’d use this elementary logic, READY?? if the ACA is as bad as republicans whine about, THEN STOP FIGHTING IT!! if it fails what party would be CRUSHED??!! the dems!!!, you clown, now because you don’t have the sense of a dear running out in traffic, I’ll help you some more, the GOP knows damn well the ACA will be a huge success and as one NC republican who signed up for it said, I GUESS I’ll BE VOTING DEMOCRATIC PARTY FROM NOW ON, see @minerva666, that’s whats scaring the SH^T! out of the GOP!! you republicans are so incredible STUPID!! you insult women, you insult blacks, you insult hispanics, you insult muslims, you insult ANYBODY with a college education, you insult poor people and with that hatred, you wonder why your base is shrinking!! common sense, try using @minerva666, you might even like it.

    • I stand against the ADA because I read it. It was a giveaway to big business*, particularly big pharma and big insurance, harms manufacturing, and totally screws young people. It sets a frightening precedent*, and raises costs to the public*. Furthermore, it doesn’t reduce the number of uninsured. Another example of Dems not seeing their team for who they really are.

      *Mandating the public purchase something. Here it was something that is only provided by the companies that were the problem. Blue Cross, in particular, is the big winner. I’d be surprised if it isn’t the only provider in 10 yrs. Not only is it the major player in the exchanges, States are now forcing their employees into BCBS. Take the State of MI. Their employees had half a dozen choices for insurance. Next year they have one, BCBS – at up to 100% more premium cost to the employer plus higher out of pocket. It costs the State more, too. So, in the end, who benefits?

      And, can someone please tell me how taxing medical devices/equipment at every step of manufacture reduce the cost to the consumer?

  51. Huh. Thought we were talking about racism. Oh well, Democrats like to jump around topics like an ADHD frog in a frying pan. I’ll bite.

    But first, are you saying there is no voter supression now? Or that there will be a bunch of it in new laws? In either case, please provide DOJ action, clearly explain what causes the suppression, and why/how populations whose votes are/will being/be suppressed are unique to being implacted by the laws.

    And, how about this … not call names like ‘tea farty,’ ‘teabaggers,’ etc. It is vacuous and not suitable for civilized discussion.

    • LMFAO, @minerva, you didn’t like the name call?? tea bagger and tea farty bothered you?? the name calling is UNCIVILIZED??? lol and yet you’ve called me a RACIST- THE DEVIL- A PEASANT- A MISOGYNIST, to name a few, your calling me @knight666 was civilized, HUH??? you’re a hypocrite, face it. BTW, you’ve finally said something half way intelligent, both parties are to blame!! that’s because corporate america pays both sides to screw us. Unfortunately the GOP has sold completely out!! the democrats have blue dogs dems which are basically REPUBLICANS.

      • Called you Racist!?!! As my immigrant mother would say, “Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black!” Pretty sure you’re the only one who directed that word at anyone (and you do it in almost every post).

        Devil – never did it either. Don’t think anyone has on this thread.

        Peasant – quoted John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” stating “You think you’re so clever” and continued the rest of the stanza for fun. I often make pop cultural references – like when I told you your rants had become tiresome and you may not pet my monkey (SNL “Sprockets”)

        Misogynist – Didn’t call you that – asked if you were one or just being ironic because you used so many anti-female slurs while saying GOP is anti-women.

        Perhaps you don’t understand my humor. Give exact quotes and I’ll provide you with an explanation.

    • oooh all of a sudden, it’s Minerva that wants to be civilized. Is that because being arrogant is civilized?

      The GOP and the Tea FARTY Party are only interested in their OWN agenda, and will block ANYTHING that is not their idea.

      In fact, if the President uses one of their ideas, They block THAT!!!

      Now that’s arrogance and hatred, and an unwillingness to work with the other side. …but still, it is Minnie that is now calling for civility, while her party has a picture of Obama with a bone in his nose in their office, and using it as a dart board.

  52. Why the American Dream is Dead is a great example of the difference between Democrats & Republicans. (I chose this because the president spoke of it.)

    To Democrats it’s because the rich get richer. (I’d like a Democrat to explain this more fully because that seems the end of the argument.)

    To Republicans, it’s because government regulations put up a glass ceiling making it impossible for someone to build a business. Heck, you can’t even cut someone’s hair w/o a license. Can you imagine starting a car company!?!!

    I would like to add that both believe corporations are buying off politicians to keep the middle class in place. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats only see Republicans doing it and Republicans recognize both party leaders are equally at fault.

    • Minerva,

      Yes there are SOME politicians on both sides that take money from rich donors and corporate interests. But, it is in the Republican platform to funnel the cash to the top. (Thanks, Ronnie Ray Gun) When are you people going to learn that Trickle down NEVER worked?

      over the last 10 years, according to the bureau of statistics, middle class wages have risen 5.6 %…. and CEO salaries have risen 750%… The stock market is at an all time high, and all the major corporations have experienced RECORD profits.

      In 1982 the average starting wage was around 10 bucks an hour, and the average CEO pay was around 500K.

      Now, average starting wage is around 10 bucks an hour, and the average CEO pay is around 5 to 10 MILLION…… YOU figure it out.

      Apparently Republicans can’t do math, or vote without considering Abortion and Gun rights, even though Abortion is LEGAL and nobody has tried to take ANYONE’S guns.

      For the GOP, it is all about using social issues (God, Gays, and Guns) to control those that do not care enough to pay attention, and funneling more money to the top, that magically NEVER EVER makes it to the bottom.

      Come on Minnie, at least TRY to be honest with yourself

    • so are you saying that anyone should be able to cut hair? Buying a license tells everyone that you are a professional and care enough about what you are doing to certify it. Are you really rooting for utter Chaos in the Marketplace?

      I will bet that you would not be willing to let an unlicensed Doctor work on you.

      • Behold @minevera nonsensical rant about the democrats calling Mandela a terrorist!! see @minevera, once again!! your STUPIDITY is legendary!! the democratic party of 1962 was still the party of anti civil rights until the mid 60’s when LBJ wanted to CHANGE the party! @Billodot, you and I repeatedly have told @minevera that the democratic party was reinventing it’s in the 60’s!! just like the GOP was reinventing it’s in the early 70’s when the courted of dixiecrats!! notice the BS game @minevera plays when talking about the democratic party and RACE?!! he ALWAYS has to dredge up stuff from 1960 to 1970!! @minevera, why don’t YOU tell EVERYBODY about the democratic party and it’s racist views of TODAY? why? huh? I want you to educate EVERYBODY on whats so racist about the democratic party since 1970??? I’m waiting!! LMFAO @minevera, seriously, you’re just not very bright! at ALL, go study american political history and stop BORING EVERYBODY with TALKING POINTS!! nobody gives a FU*K about your opinions,give us HISTORY!! & FACTS!!

    • Apparently Jeff Bezos didn’t think it was impossible to build a business, or is Amazon a government plot to destroy the free market?

      • Thank you for your explanation. Bezos is an excellent example of government regulation. He started Amazon in 1994, when there was little/no regulation on ecommerce. In fact, two years earlier the US Supreme Court ruled that it was unrealistically difficult for a business like Amazon to collect taxes for so many states (Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, 504 U.S. 298 (1992)), specifically, “and therefore The State’s enforcement of the use tax against Quill places an unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce.”

        So I, along with the US Supreme Court, hold that at the time Bezos started Amazon, regulations like collecting taxes could have prevented him from keeping the company afloat.

        And one thing Bezos knew then and knows even better now is ”
        When you have a window of opportunity, go for the jugular – even if you have to exhaust a huge number of resources.”

        Today, Amazon spends over $40million lobbying Washington DC. So, while his money goes to Democrats in his home state – it’s more evenly split between the parties in DC.

        And, what is one of the regulations he’s pushing? Taxing the internet. The federal bill was introduced and passing w/bipartisan support, and Amazon teamed up with Walmart to supporting it.

        Why would Amazon support it, you might ask? For the same reason the Supreme Court ruled in 1992 – it puts a burden on smaller and homebased businesses and that trickles down to the likes of eBay, who relies on the small seller. Amazon’s overnight and Prime 2nd day distributions happen mostly because Amazon has distribution centers in most states.

        As for hair stylists and barbers of today – they can’t kill or cripple you like doctors and barbers of days long past. I can testify that a hair license doesn’t guarantee a good cut/style. People can just ask, “Hey, who did your hair?”

        My comment wasn’t about giant companies, and the people these regulations hurt aren’t necessarily Princeton graduates like Bezos, but people who may be otherwise ‘unhireable’ because they didn’t graduate high school, don’t have work experience – but are hard workers, have sound minds, and good ideas. These are the people who can’t even be the ‘working poor;’ they are just poor.

        So, as you can see Bezos is an excellent example of how government regulations are sometimes disigned by the big players to weeken potential competition, and in the process resign people to poverty.

        • @minerva, like Jack Nicolson said in the movie Hoffa, YOU’RE WEARING ME OUT!! @minerva, talking to you is like trying to communicate with a brainwashed parrot, I’ve completely exposed you for a lightweight, a no nothing buffoon, and you continue to proudly display your ignorance on this site. While you and your pathetic hopeless GOP tries like hell to dishonour the name of Mandela, the civilized world honors him! just like that church in N.C. that promises to fly out to South Africa to protest Mr. Mandela’s legacy! And you FOOLS actually scratch your receding bald heads and wonder why BLACK people can’t stand your beloved GOP. To expose how truly ignorant you are, I’ve challenged you to tell everybody about how racist the democratic party is today! you’ve provided NOTHING! ZERO! you keep spewing BULLSH&T about democrats from over 40 yrs ago! crap from 1960?!! it’s hilarious how you repeatedly have to use republican talking points from over 40 plus years ago! @minerva, I think it’s time for me to take a verse from the bible towards dealing with you. DON’T CAST PEARLS, BEFORE SWINE, you’re a republican supporter and the devil be damned with the facts! @minerva, your party is dying! the country is changing, this isn’t the WHITE GUY centered universe of the 1950’s, your party of 89% caucasians can’t survive! just try looking at america’s DEMOGRAPHICS, in another 30 or so years caucasians will be the NEW minority in the good ole USA! and not even conservative propaganda can change that LMFAO

          • Recent indications of Democrats being more racist than Republicans:

            In 2006, Yale Economist Ebonya Washington published a study in the Oxford Journals showing that if the Dem candidate was black, 38% of Dems would vote for the GOP candidate. 25% Republicans would vote Democrat if their candidate were black – not great, but the Den number is 1.5x as high. (Consistent w 2008 Barkley study I mentioned on Nov 20th post.)

            After Katrina, Stanford published a study showing Democrats would give much more if they thought the victims were white than minority. The race penalty averaged $1000/black person. They concluded Republicans were “more principled” because while they gave less money over all,

            Since Nov I have given you at least four published studies done within the last 10 years conducted by Berkeley, Stanford, Yale, etc., each showing Democrats are more racist. You cite Wikipedia, which even Wikipedia admits isn’t trustworthy, to claim something that I have shown on many levels historically doesn’t pass the laugh test.

            I contend that of the two parties the Republicans have never been the more racist party. And according to Stanford, are more principled in thought and deed.

  53. Democrats branded Mandela a terrorist and aided in his 1962 arrest … ”We have turned Mandela over to the South African Security branch. We gave them every detail, what he would be wearing, the time of day, just where he would be.”. And that is why the knew he was dressed as a chauffeur and the roadblock was placed to nab him.

    • @minevera, you’re so appallingly STUPID or you’re just a BALD face liar!! A- saying rick snyder’s numbers are CLIMBING is SOMEWHAT fraudulent!! but you’re a republican what else is ne?? snyder’s numbers are climbing (35.6) but you can’t get any lower than rock bottom where he was at during that END AROUND, wait till the senate is ajourned to write law! If a democrat pulled that SH*T you republicans would be screaming bloody murder!! but when a republican does ANYTHING filthy, it’s all good!! typical republican mindset!!! snyder and his puppet masters (koch bros) & dick devoss are in for a rude awakening here in Michigan!! people aren’t going to forget that BS he pulled!! and ONLY a FOOL would be DUMB enough to considered him presidential material!! and scott walker??? @minevera, do EVERYBODY a favor!! stop talking about politics!! you’re just not very bright!! BTW, when you quote liars and fools to debate your political views, remember it’s YOU who comes off sounding ASININE!!

      • You’re right, I mentioned Snyder to make your head explode. It’s funny.

        It was done, as many of my posts to draw attention to your equally ridiculous statements. I knew those numbers, and they are consistent w/why the party’s shouldn’t pick -inos. Dino or Rino, political moderates get double the hate. Normally, 33% of either party will support their guy even if he ate babies live on tv, and the rest of the electorate, 34%, goes along with whatever. W/an -ino, though, both extremes hate them, leaving maybe 34% in favor. And that is why McCain & Romney lost.

        Btw, Snyder’s numbers keep improving and exceeding Obama’s … Because O upset the moderates, too. (Plus, we cannibalize our politicians, be they black or white.)

    • BTW, @minevera let me say SOMETHING nice about you, I do not believe you’re a bigot but do EVERYBODY a favor!! when you attempt to paint the democratic party RACIST stop using data from the 1960’s it makes you sound desperate and weak! see @minevera if you’d invest time into studying the history of both parties these debates wouldn’t be so laughable. Hey, shows us some intelligence! stop bombarding us with TALKING POINTS! @minevera, for the love of GOD!!! will you study the SOUTHERN STRATEGY!!!!! will you study TRICKLE DOWN economics!!!! for the love of GOD!! will you study how ronnie reagan WAS a pro union DEMOCRAT!!! for the love of GOD! will you study how he spent time with ayn rand and OVER NIGHT became a REPUBLICAN!! (THE EARTHLY JESUS TO MOST CONSERVATIVES) will you study how reagan was associated with the FREEMASON!! will you study how nancy reagan brought astrologers into the whitehouse for ADVICE!! The average RW RELIGIOUS NUT aren’t even aware their EARTHLY QUEEN nancy was into astrology!! @minevera, I considered YOU a lightweight in regards to politics, you maybe intelligent in other areas of life but you’re woefully LACKING in politics!! GO STUDY!! because in a FACE to FACE debate, I’d dust you off within 20 minutes, and NO, my demeanor would be very respectful unlike my tongue in cheek jabs I use here. NOW GO STUDY!

      • Nixon *did* have a Southern Strategy – but it was different than what is claimed. Here are the facts, as shown in historical documents … and how the myth of Southern Strategy got started. Because this is historical, we have to go back.
        Richard Nixon was well known for his strong stand for civil rights. He consistently voted for civil rights and worked w/MLK to develop and pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957. He killed the Southerners amendment to that civil rights bill have the right to jury trials (before all-white Southern juries). http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/kingweb/publications/papers/vol4/570830-000-To_Richard_M._Nixon.htm (Conversely, Johnson voted against every civil rights bill that came for a vote while he was in Congress. Both he and JFK voted against the civil rights bill of 1957 and for the Southerner’s amendment for jury trials. ) Nixon served as chairman of a committee which sought to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race or color in the employment practices of government contractors throughout his vice presidency – and used his Presidency to create the first equal opportunity regulations for govt employees and contractors, which is codified as 41 CFR 60-2.10. He desegregated the schools, which ticked off Strom Thurman so much he deterred Nixon from campaigning with him in the South. http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1314&dat=19700726&id=KepWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=je0DAAAAIBAJ&pg=7189,3960583

        Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” is mentioned in the above Thurman newspaper article – it was also called the “One Nation Policy.” It was part of his platform and was to treat the entire nation equally (at the time the South felt slighted, believing it was still being treated differently than the North). In a 1970 news conference, Nixon explained his “Southern Strategy” stating, “we finally have in this country what the South has wanted and what the South deserves, a one-nation policy–not a southern strategy and not a northern strategy, but a one-nation strategy.” http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=2588

        “I hate those G–damned n***ers,” said LBJ to George Wallace on March 13, 1965, just days after Selma’s “Bloody Sunday”, according to Seymore Trammell, who also attended the meeting. “You boys go back to Alabama and get them G–damned n***ers quiet! And I don’t want to hear nothin’ else on the news about them G–damned n***ers!” LBJ was also known to say part of the Great Society’s design was so ““I’ll have those n***ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” This is your bastion for civil rights that went against the South. This is the real strategy.

        Nixon voted and promoted every civil rights law that came before him. LJB and JFK both voted against them. LBJ did nothing to upset the South by enforcing civil rights (though he did say, “Be ready to take up the goddamned nigra bill again.” After voting against the 1957 one; Nixon swiftly acted to integrate schools, which is why the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights stated in 1975 that, “It has only been since 1968 that substantial reduction of racial segregation has taken place in the south.”

        The South didn’t change how it voted. Neither did the North.
        The “Southern Strategy was racist” is a myth.

        Admit it. You have been bamboozled. (I’d love to see your evidence denying it.)

    • He was released 27 years later … and who was President then? Who’s administration would that have been that put pressure on for his release?

  54. The bottom line is republicans or typically intellectually LAZY individuals, they refuse to study issues with a concept of finding a legitimate neural source, they’ll watch FUX NEWS, listen to conservative radio and just buy it hook, line and sinker. Another HUGE difference between republicans and democrats is republicans look at the world as black and white, meaning it’s either up or down, right or wrong, thats ridiculous! life isn’t usually that simplistic! A man gets caught stealing, in republican world, he’s guilty throw him in prison, liberals tend to ask the question, WHY ? was he stealing in the first place? See if he’s stealing to feed his family thats a SHADE OF GRAY, not justifying stealing but it’s different than stealing just to be a criminal! the republican mind, it’s pathology is usually very basic! shot first and ask questions later. it’s this mentality of EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF nonsense! republicans don’t comprehend, we live in a society!! this isn’t the old west!! we’re all in this together! republicans are typically the most selfish, hateful people in america but can’t wait to tell EVERYBODY how christian they claim to be! they typically hate GAY people, when in reality their the ones always getting caught haven’t SEX with homosexuals, they typically hate poor people while most RED STATES suck up WELFARE like it’s AIR! but let RICH people or corporations ask for WELFARE, their absolutely giddy about forking over their TAX dollars to give oil WELFARE. @Billodot is absolutely correct! the republican party typically gets people with idiotic social issues, GUNS, GOD and GAYS the republican party is nothing more than a CON game! that’s why their party is 89% caucasian and the ONLY minorities they attract are the religious extremist or the wealthy minority who ONLY joins because they want TAX cuts to benefit themselves!

    • So, you are saying most people on welfare vote for those who
      want to take it away?

      That’s weird, ‘cuz welfare recipients that receive the following benefit programs self-identify support for Democrats as follows: public housing 81%, medicaid 74%, food stamps 67%, unemployment 66%, disability 64%, welfare 63%. I wonder why they vote Republican.

      Republicans see reality, not make stuff up. They are not the Hugo’s Javert; they even help those stealing http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/05/single-mom-help_n_3708997.html

      The difference is how to help people. Give them a fish or teach them to fish.

  55. Differance between republicans and democrats, try RACE!! heres two examples, why did Piyush Jindal (BOBBY Jindal) change his name while involved with the GOP?? because most republicans wouldn’t warm up to someone named Piyush! example number 2, WHY did Rafael Cruz change his name to (TEDDY CRUZ)? LMAO be honest! because Rafael isn’t a caucasian name!! and neither is Piyush! Now lets peep out the dems, well well well, do I see a Barack HUSSEIN Obama?? now tell me Barack is a common caucasian name?? Why can’t republicans just be honest?? their typically not comfortable with people who don’t look like them! it’s called being TRIBAL!! all groups experience this on one level or another, so lets also be honest, the democratic party under LBJ in part embraced civil rights because they wanted the black vote! and the republican party abandoned civil rights because they wanted the dixiecrat caucasian vote! LBJ knew the democratic party was going to lose the southern vote after 1965, he said it!! so stop with the BS about republicans loving minorities! and democrats hating them! after 1965 both parties basically SWITCHED positions on civil rights!!! My GOD!! you can wiki- pedia this basic political history!! ANYBODY that studied Richard Nixon’s SOUTHERN STRATEGY and reagan’s SOUTHERN STRATEGY would already know this, but once again, republicans are typically VERY lazy intellectually!

    • Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal have used those names since kids. Rafael Cruz is also his father’s name so he goes by his middle name. Jindal picked Bobby after Bobby Brady. Conversely, Obama went by Barry, like his father. He started going by Barack after meeting w/radical chip-on-shoulder black groups in college so he did it as an adult to flip off whitey. His family in Africa continued to call him Barry – per his autobiography.

      As for my racism stats showing Dems less likely to vote for a black – those are from 2008. But, the ‘Republicans are racist’ statements you and your buddy regurgitate are without valid citation and come from the 1960s.

    • U r funny. ” Wikipedia is not considered a credible source,” according to … Wikipedia (Harvard … everyone, really). I use other sources, including actual historical documents.

      Wiki’s are written by anyone, but let’s look at what it says … ” In 1980, Republican candidate Ronald Reagan’s proclaiming “I believe in states’ rights” at his first Southern campaign stop was cited as evidence that the Republican Party was building upon the Southern strategy again.”.

      So, in some Democrat hack’s mind, “state right” = slavery = racism (no proof required) To most everyone not demonizing Republican’s, it is about the 10th Amendment and letting the citizens control their lives by keeping it local. Note: 72% believe “Big Government” is the biggest threat to the US, as of Dec 2013 http://www.gallup.com/poll/166535/record-high-say-big-government-greatest-threat.aspx

      I contend the of interpretation “state rights” as “code” for racism is a misnomer, as evidenced by Reagan actually making state rights/smaller government the essence of his domestic policy.

      People like to pretend Obama inherited the worst economy since the great Depression, but Reagan did. Unemployment was over 10% (vs 6.5% when Obama elected), inflation was over 13% (vs .1% in 2008 – in fact Obama didn’t give seniors a COLA his first year).

      “Only by reducing the growth of government c we increase the growth of the economy.” Reagan’s 1981 Program for Economic Recovery had four major policy objectives: (1) reduce the growth of government spending, (2) reduce the marginal tax rates on income from both labor and capital, (3) reduce regulation, and (4) reduce inflation by controlling the growth of the money supply.

      He did them all. We pulled out and became prosperous due to the “state rights” philosophy – and are stagnating under the government umbrella (price of gas 2.5x and food doubling did not occur under Reagan, like it has under Obama.

    • on Dec 11 you stated as proof the parties switched that, LBJ knew the democratic party was going to lose the southern vote after 1965, so let’s look at the voting – when you say Nixon was using “Southern strategy”

      1968: RFK would likely have won had he not been shot in June. There was no time for Dems to have another viable candidate.
      Most South went Wallace, a Democrat running as Independent.

      1972: Nixon wins every state except Mass.

      1976: The south went Democrat. (Note: Historically, this is the beginning of red map/blue map. NBC used it in a graphic for this election, only rightly had Dems as red.)

      1980: Almost every state went Republican because Carter was one of the worst presidents ever. The south was more likely to vote Carter than other parts of the country.

      1984: Reagan wins 97.6% of the electoral vote because he brought us out of the worst economy – the double digit unemployment/interest rates/inflation of Carter. He’d have us out of this stagnation of Obama, too.

      So, 20 years out, there is still no indication the party’s flipped on racism , wrt to Presidential elections Indeed, had they the North would have as well. And, local elections still have Dem preference. You are believing a myth. You should question your source.

  56. Heres a helpful hint @minerva, stop saying foolish things and maybe people won’t call you foolish, rick snyder and scott walker as potential GOP presidential candidates?? see that’s embarrassing!! I can guarantee you that neither one of them could be re-elected to their own governorship let alone president! why couldn’t you just be honest and say, I don’t see a legitimate candidate right now, DAMN! how hard was that?? listen, your party has TWO somewhat potential nominees, Jon Huntsmans or to a MUCH lesser extent Ron Paul. THATS IT! and Hillary would crush either one of them! and I’m hot a HOMER like some people here! I don’t 100% care for Hillary, like I don’t 100% care for Obama, WHY? because their both corporate democrats. I’m talking WAY over your head now! you don’t have a clue to want I’m saying lol. 2014 and 2016 is going to severely cripple the GOP!! just ask John cornyn of TEXAS!! the tea party is threatening his seat!! that tea party is dividing your dying republican party! BTW sarah palin is joining up with cable station SPORTSMAN CHANNEL so get the viagra out @minerva, nothing gets a republican an erection like sarah THE IDIOT MILF and GUNS!! lol republican white guys are so LAME!!

    • Jon Huntsman >8-P Rino. Love his dad, can’t stand him.

      Ron Paul … his supporters are craz… ‘er … I mean passionate. Yeah, passionate. (Funny you mention him then run down the tea party since the non-AlexJones/InfoWars.com-crazy supporters of him are mostly tea party people. The non-tea party supporters scare me.)

      Paul Ryan deserves a shot, if only putting together a budget that both parters (begrudgingly) agreed to. This is the first budget Obama signed that he had something to do with since coming into office. (Last year Obama couldn’t get one Democrat in either the House or Senate to vote for one of his budgets. House: Nay 414-Yea 0, Senate: Nay 99-Yea 0) People are looking for uniters, and Paul Ryan showed he can do that.

      You’re right, though. Hillary probably will win. She will finish destroying the country. She was a terrible Secretary of State and she will be a terrible President. And the libs will be mesmorized by her and blame her stench on someone else, just like they do with Obama.

      Winning doesn’t mean you are right. It just means you are the best at winning – and in politics that includes deceipt.

  57. Arapahoe shooter: Outspoken about politics and gun rights. And what party did he mock? Shake off your stereotype and start preparing for him being some form of crazy … http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_24721367/arapahoe-high-gunman-held-strong-political-beliefs-classmates

    • The ‘rampage’ ended when someone else with a gun showed up. So, once again, the moral of the story is to let people have their guns – maybe except those crazy liberals.

  58. Speaking of math … You numbers are wrong. $10/hr @40 hrs/wk for 52 wks = $20,800. In 1982 the average household income was $19,032.

    In 2013, a person who today earns $7.50 full-time earns above the poverty level. A couple each earning that supports a family of four at almost double the poverty level.

    According to US census numbers and adjusted for inflation, current earnings are only slightly below their all time high. They have dropped since the Dems took over Congress in 2007, thou
    “Trickle down economics” werused uby the likes of JFK and goes back to early economic theory. In the past, the value was to spur the economy and create jobs. Today, there is an added value of not hearing a giant sucking sound of jobs and wealthy leaving for lower taxed places. As said for centuries, you shouldn’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg (see France 2013).

    • So You would be happy making 20k a year? Where do you live, Montana? or possibly another state where the cost of living is low? Let me tell you, the cost for one person to rent a one bedroom apartment, have a hundred dollar car payment, buy gas to only drive 5-10 miles to work, and buy only one gallon of milk, one loaf of bread and one dozen eggs a week:

      milk= $169 a year
      bread= $104
      eggs= $96
      car payment=$1200
      gas = 2600 ($50 a week)
      electricity @100 a month =1200
      clothes from goodwill= 300
      social security and payroll deductions= 1600

      That leaves $94 a month for other expenses / incidentals like toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, soap, phone bills water bills garbage bills, maybe a regular cup of joe, or possibly a newspaper.

      I am sure I have forgotten something, but my point is that the CEO of the company CRAPS OUT more worth than the 20k a year earner makes.
      I would like to see YOU raise a family with that… my scenario only included a single person living alone and doing NOTHING but working and sitting at home with absolutely NO ENTERTAINMENT expenses.

      20k a year 20 YEARS ago might have been barely enough, but now it is at the poverty level— of course that’s how you rich righties want it huh? Let them eat the moldy cake, right Marie Antoinette? Keep them under the thumb of the man, shopping at the company store and barely surviving, dependent on the Walton Family for survival while they are living on the equivalent expenses of a small COUNTRY.

      REALLY?!?!?!?!?!????????? you are an ignoramus and surely not a true Christian to want that for your fellow CITIZENS, and then you wonder why the only way the GOP can win an election is by Gerry-mandering??????? WOW your IQ must be in the low 80’s , right below GW Bush.

      • Your solution doesn’t help. Min wage is a cycle because it is a short term solution. It is only meant as entry level. No one should be still earning that after a year of working.

        To be out of it, people need to add value to their work and not stay at a job at which their mobility is stagnant. (People who climb the career ladder keep an eye on moving up, increase their knowledge and skills, and never stay at a company more than 5 years – because that is the top of where you will be at that organization.)

        I’ve helped people do this, and I did it myself. I stayed home with my kids. During that time, I started a virtual office business, wrote, taught, anything I could do on their schedule to earn $. I took classes in web design when the web was new, learned computer repair, classes in SQL (database design). By the time my kids were graduating, studied what I wanted to do, got certification. I was hired at my internship and stayed a few months – but the pay was too low, so I left, took some temp work, and within 6 months found a good job paying what that I don’t hate … And I’m taking any classes, projects, etc. to prepare for my next step. My kids are in college, which is paid for by their scholarships and our money. No loans. No gvt.

        I guarantee, 97% of those who graduate high school and waits to have kids until they marry will not be chronically poor, and anyone who puts the effort into making themselves more marketable will have a comfortable wage.

      • Where do u live, billodot? You pay over 650 for rent AND 300/month for gas + heat?!??

        Let me help you here. You could save $600/mo if u buy a house. Search Zillow and wait it out until you find one in the $20K-30K range. (My step-son got a duplex for abt $35k, lives in one and rents the other side out – netting an additional $350/money after tax insurance, in Manistee MI.). You can save more by getting a roommate. (If you meant gasoline, you are driving abt 50 miles per day? Move closer buy a house closer to work and where there is a good bus system. Ride your bike. I do both and am healthier for it. You could drop that car and save another $350/month.). FreedomPop offers free cell service on the Sprintwork.

        So, now you are have about $6k more per year.

        Can’t do anything at the gvt, who is now your biggest expense, or the fact food/gas/etc have doubled since the Democrats took control.

      • Billodot – you need to stop coveting and do the math. I randomly picked a Fortune 500 and got BestBuy – which I think we can agree represents the high CEO low employee salary/wages.

        The CEO is estimated to pull in abt 9.5 mil in 2014. If you divide out his salary by the number of employees, you get abt $50/employee – or 2.5 cents per hour.

      • Kids are majority of minimum wage. The % of those earning min wage is half that of 1978. Read Bureau of Labor Statistics and get informed. Most min wage earners get a raise within 6 months, and on average have a household income of $53k. Much ado about nothing. The sound and fury of an idiot, signifying nothing.

  59. Are you actually saying the man who desegregated the southern schools, started ad an excellent civil rights record. MLK wanted Nixon to know ” how deeply grateful all people of goodwill are to you for your assiduous labor and dauntless courage in seeking to make the civil rights bill a reality’’ Here are actual LA Times articles showing Nixon demanding Civil Rights in the Republican platform http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/thedailymirror/2010/07/nixon-demands-firm-civil-rights-plank.html.

    As president, Nixon desegregated the southern schools, increased spending for Civil Rights by over 800%, made federal govt adhere to Equal Opportunity hiring/personnel rules, increased purchases from black businesses by over 1000%, hired a record number of African Americans in his cabinet, etc.

    Nixon’s Southern Strategy is a myth – perpetuated by the likes of Wiki’s and those who want to believe it.

    • LMAO, now wikipedia is a liberal media outlet?? seriously @minerva, when I starting reading your post I just wrote you off as the typical grossly uneducated republican sock puppet, but I’m starting to lean to you just being mentally ill, you don’t even have the intelligence to understand what the ”southern strategy” was about. LMAO, SERIOUSLY?? and further proof of your ignorance, quoting the republicans PERSONAL jesus”ronnie reagan” was laughable!! because YOUR beloved GOP within the last 12 years has moved so FAR RIGHT that if YOUR SAVIOR was laughable alive and ran as a republican he wouldn’t even make it to the first round of the GOP’s debates!!! you republicans are truly delusional!! you honestly can’t see your party has moved TOO FAR RIGHT ?!! todays republican party would crucify republican legends like Eisenhower and to a MUCH lesser extent reagan! bottom line! your party consist of CRAZY RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS- CORPERATIONS (KOCH BROTHERS) etc. – racist (LIMBAUGH) – CRAZY MOTHER FU&KERS (BECK & ALEX JONES) @minerva, your party is a train wreck!! if the democrats had ANY balls they would have crushed your GOP decades ago!! but unfortunately many dems are bought and paid for by corporations also. BTW @minerva, it’s hilarious that EVERYTIME your republican hero’s get theirs AS^ES kick your lame excuse is “THEIR A RINO” you just proved my point! your party is hopelessly, unbelievably, TOO FAR RIGHT!! LMAO

      • You loose credibility when you don’t accurately represent what is presented.

        1). I didn’t say wikipedia was liberal, I said, ” ‘Wikipedia is not considered a credible source,’ according to … Wikipedia” and here’s the proof http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Academic_use

        2) The Reagan quote was a Wiki quote used to show the inaccuracy of the story.

        The rest of your post sounded like a crazy person.

        You can’t provide any evidence the party’s switched on racism, not even a timeframe – because it didn’t happen.

        I don’t accept policies are racist, except for a few.

        1). Support for Planned Parenthood, an organization that targets blacks to control their numbers and political power. http://blackgenocide.org/archived_articles/negro.html http://www.protectingblacklife.org/index.html

        2) Policies that put teachers wages above children’s performance in inner city schools.

        3). Any policy that presumes and is marketed as fact that blacks are poor and unable to control themselves.

        Note: Both 1 & 3 are plantation strategy’s. 2 is to help perpetuate the need.

        You have been bamboozled.

        BTW: have you seen the poll showing FOX news is the most trusted network? Specifically, ” 35% of Americans say they trust Fox News more than any other TV news outlet, followed by 14% for PBS, 11% for ABC, 10% for CNN, 9% for CBS, 6% each for Comedy Central and MSNBC, and 3% for NBC.”. The poll was done by Public Policy Polling – used primarily by libs and dems to do polling.

        Admit it, you’re a Republican playing devil’s advocate so I’ll do the footwork to dispel myths that make Republicans look bad.

    • Southern Strategy per Nixon’s first Inaugural Address:

      No man can be fully free while his neighbor is not. To go forward at all is to go forward together.

      This means black and white together, as one nation, not two. The laws have caught up with our conscience. What remains is to give life to what is in the law: to ensure at last that as all are born equal in dignity before God, all are born equal in dignity before man.

      As we learn to go forward together at home, let us also seek to go forward together with all mankind.

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