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Difference Between Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla

civicHonda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla

The Civic and the Corolla are both four door sedans that seem to be evenly matched. However, to truly gain a full understanding of the differences between the two, and to decide which one is the best suited for you, we must individually identify their features, and determine which car has ‘it’ and which one doesn’t. Probably, the most significant difference between the two is the number of horses packed into their respective engines. The Civic has a 140Hp engine, while the Corolla has over 12% more, at 158Hp. The size and capacity of the engine directly affects the top speed and acceleration of the vehicle.

Another advantage of the Corolla, is the greater number of exterior trims that come as standard. This includes the body kit, rear spoiler, underbody spoiler, and exhaust tips. The Civic only has side-body moldings. Lastly, the Corolla is equipped with a trip computer, which is an electronic device that can help you to better maintain your vehicle, by keeping track of your trip data, like distance and fuel consumption.

The smaller engine of the Civic may prove to have its own advantages, as it gets much better fuel mileage than the Corolla. The Civic can achieve 25mpg on city streets compared to the 22mpg of the Corolla; and 36mpg on highways, a 20% increase over the 30mpg of the Corolla. Besides the excellent fuel mileage, the Civic also scores a couple of points when it comes to some other minor details. The first is the digital instrumentation on the dashboard, whereas the Corolla has analog instruments. The Civic also has interior ambient lighting, and heated mirrors for those cold nights.

Overall, it seems that this is more of a personal choice, depending on whether you want looks and performance, or practicality. The Corolla may appeal more to younger men who want something that’s a bit more powerful and flashy, while the Civic may be the logical choice for those who want a sensible vehicle, but one that is still satisfactory.


1. The Corolla has a more powerful engine than the Civic.

2. The Corolla has better exterior trims available as standard, compared to the Civic.

3. The Corolla is equipped with a trip computer, while the Civic is not.

4. The Civic gets better fuel mileage than the Corolla.

5. The Civic has digital instruments, while the Corolla has analog instruments.

6. The Civic has heated mirrors and interior ambient lighting, while the Corolla does not.

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  1. I personally would choose the Honda’s over the Toyota’s because in my perspective the Honda’s are more sportier while the Corollas are more luxurious and slower.

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