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Difference Between Benelli Nova And Supernova


Ever since the invention of guns, manufacturers have been competing to design and develop more and more sophisticated arms to meet various contingencies. Out of these, the most talked about guns are Benelli nova and its advanced variant, Supernova. These weapons are very powerful and thrilling gadgets. Though there is remarkable commonness in them, they do also have striking differences.

Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nova is a very popular pump action shotgun. There are two main models available in the market. The first one is meant for hunting, while the other is used for tactical purposes. The most distinguishing features of the gun is its single lightweight receiver and the butt stock, which are made of heavy-duty polymer to keeping it resistant to weather, scratch, and other ordinary neglects that a working gun regularly encounters. The Nova is 40 inches long and weighs only 7.2 pounds when unloaded.

The ergonomics of this gun is superb, which makes it cool and convenient while handling. The double action bars, together with the locking rotary bolt head is compatible for varying target loads that range from the lightest to the massive 3″ magnum 20-gauge shells. It also has fixed IC, M and Full choke tubes. The sighting mechanism has a silver bead at the centre of the vent rib and a fibre optic sight at the ending. This makes it easy for a flat sight plane. Also, it guarantees better results against most of the backgrounds. However, the ghost ring sight is not comfortable for wing shooting. The gun’s forearm has a unique button for stopping the magazine feeds. While in action and pumping the forearm, if the button is pressed, it will block the next round, leading to use the ejection port. With an affordable price, Nova is considered to be a rough, functional gun with interesting features.

Benelli Supernova

Elegantly built, the Benelli Supernova 12-bore is a pump gun with a lightweight steel framework having quality polymer coating.   It is strong and capable to resist all sorts of weather conditions. The 8 pound Supernova gives the impression of a long gun when compared with its counterparts. The most distinguishing features of this shotgun are its single receiver and changeable stock with shim kit.  The length of the Pull is 14-3/8″ and the drop at heel is 2-1/4″ whereas, the drop at comb amounts to 1-3/8″. The trigger guard is angular and provides enough space to accommodate a gloved finger. The trigger-pull is comparatively long and smooth. There is a push button shell-stop device at the fore-end of the gun, which enables magazine cutoff, much similar to the Nova. The Supernova gets unlocked effortlessly with the help of a built in semi rotary bolt head.

The safety is reversible and is suitable for left hand shooting. The modular stock system has the facility to switch between three different stocks. The sling fittings attached, provide a hands-free carrying of the gun. The weapon is well balanced, and shoots better than the other models of its kind. The Super Nova is well known for its zero muzzle jumps. The ridges on the stock offer excellent gripping surface.

The recoil dropping capability of Supernova provides a removable and adjustable stock for a pistol-grip stock. The recoiling system is devised in such a way that it has links to the stock and the mercury element inside the recoil apparatus. . The women folk have a great liking to this shotgun as they feel comfortable with it. Moreover, it is easy to break down and makes cleaning a gentle task. The Supernova boast of the dual-action bars and the two-lug rotary bolt head that lock up inside the barrel, making it rock solid.

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