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crackCoke vs Crack

In today’s dangerous drug world, it is important for everyone from users to doctors to concerned parents to understand the differences between coke and crack. Cocaine has been around much longer, and is considered a more stable drug. By stable we are referring to price, consistent purity, and ease of availability.

Cocaine takes nearly 15 minutes to interact with the body’s system and produce the effects it is used for, while crack tends to be a nearly instantaneous hit at 15 seconds. This makes cocaine a more popular drug among those who are hedging toward the ‘safe side’ versus those that are looking for a more ‘wild ride.’ Crack is generally considered to be a more potent and dangerous drug because it entices the user to lose control of their thoughts and actions more directly than coke users.

Cocaine comes with a higher price tag. It is more difficult to find a ready supplier because of its higher price. The higher price is usually consistent but it isn’t something that most addicts can afford on a regular basis. This often means that the popularity of cocaine is secondary. Crack is cheap, available, and provides instant relief.

Cocaine is not considered to be as dangerous or as addictive. Many social scientists believe this is more because of the price than preference. Users will find that they use cocaine as a ‘treat’ rather than a regular thing. Other users will only use cocaine, which means they tend to refrain from daily use.

Additionally, there is a question of the actual purity. When cutting cocaine, manufacturers regularly cut in additional ingredients, making it stable and predictable. On the other hand, crack is the purest form of the drug available. This means that its toxicity levels are dangerously higher, create stronger and more intense reactions, and are more likely to intermingle with other drugs and medications in a life threatening manner.

The powder form of cocaine is generally snorted or injected. Crack is a crystal rock type of substance that is smoked. While each method and type gives the body and unusual sense of motion and provides additional energy and induces euphoria, crack tends to wear off faster and requires another hit before cocaine users tend to find they need an additional dose.


1.Cocaine has been on the market for a longer period of time
2.Cocaine requires 15 minutes for effects to take place
3.Cocaine is more costly than crack, meaning it is either a ‘treat’ or it is used less often than crack
4.Cocaine is considered to be less addictive and even less volatile
5.Cocaine is missed with additives while crack is the pure crystallized rock
6.The delivery of each drug is different. Cocaine is generally snorted or injected while crack is inhaled through smoking.

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  1. “Crack is Whack!” Whitney Houston

  2. What is all of this misinformation?

    “Crack is the most pure form of cocaine, this means that it’s the most toxic”????????

    To make crack, you simply take cocaine, add water + baking soda, mix it in a spoon, apply heat, and then let it dry. It can’t be more “pure” BECAUSE of the “toxins” added to it. And, “it’s cheaper”??? Why would someone take their “expensive” cocaine and make “cheap” crack with it? The extra step is what you’re paying for with crack, smoking it speeds up the high and you don’t have to cut it up and form a line with it. More efficient, faster high = more $$$.

    Crack is only considered more dangerous because the purity level varies more (again because it’s less pure/more toxic). You get your high from one dealer, go to another and expect to smoke the same amount for the same high, and all of a sudden you overdose because the batch had a higher coke:baking soda ratio. The faster high and briefer duration is what attracts the fiends (stupid people). It’s just their nature that makes crack seem more dangerous, but it’s really just weak, desperate people with their pathetic, desperate personalities. “I NEED IT NOW!!!!” See, it isn’t the drug that makes people crackheads. It’s the personality of the fiends that causes them to prefer crack to cocaine.

    Chemically, there seems to be no reason for why crack would be so much worse than cocaine, and it really isn’t. “Cocaine is a party drug, crack is for crazy fiends.” “Yo, wanna party? Let’s snort some coke first! You’d rather do crack?!?! You’d have to be nuts to try that!” “I love cocaine, but crack is whack!” What’s wrong with everyone? It’s the same damn drug.

    Dumb white kids talking about cocaine….

    • Seems to me you know an awful lot about cocaine, probably because you’re a regular user. Why is crack cheaper than regular cocaine even though it’s more processed? Perhaps crack keeps better, or maybe since it’s more potent and demanded you can sell it cheaper. Or maybe it’s just culture. You might as well ask why white bread is usually cheaper than mulitgrain bread, even though it’s processed more.
      Plus, you’re a racist s.o.b. “Dumb white kids talking about cocaine.” The only person to bring up race was you.

  3. jack
    u r absolutely ri8″!!!

  4. wow both answers are retarded. NO they are not the same drug when u cook cocaine with soda or amonia you are changing the molecular structure all together you are removing the majority of the impurities with the exception of cafeine and levimisole (super buff) google that shit…. nasty stuff..

    cocaine is much much much safer than rock…
    rock narrows blood vessels to the brain much more and you are far more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. I cant believe this site and the responses im speaking as an ex crack user and dealer. btw crack is far more expensive than cocaine if you cook 28 grams of cocaine to make crack you get if your lucky 23 or 24 back and that is rare these days, crack goes 1000 times as fast and your body absorbs nearly all of the drug instantly dont even try to say they are equal in danger different ball park… look up crack cocaines affects on the heart alone and then reply.

  5. oh my bad yes its possible to get cheap crack these days that is because it is not actualy just crack dealers have been using a product called levimisol an are able to turn 1 keylo into 2 it is water soluable just like cocaine and nearly impossible to detect… sooo ya theres that but real rock cooked from good cocaine aint fuckin cheap but it is becoming extremly rare,, i guess drug dealers dont make enough money at 400 percent 1000 percent is a whole lot better uh…. smakkk

  6. all druggs are death u bunch of fools. crack cocainne meth speed herione and even pot AND even ciggaretts and alcholol….and guess what u make fun of people that use a drug that u think is worse than the other? its sick cuz a drug is a drug is a drug and just like racial comments same thing thats like saying black people arent as potent as natives and bronze isnt as pure as caucasion

  7. Drugs are bad kids haha

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