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Difference Between Counter Depth and Regular Fridge

Refrigerators are essential components in any modern kitchen, with the ability to break or make the kitchen outlook. When it comes to purchasing one, there are limitless options ranging from single door, freezer on the bottom, freezer on the top, stainless, double door, single door, counter depth, and even regular fridges. The choice on the type of fridge to purchase should be centered on aesthetics, pricing, and kitchen fitting. While all these types are available in the market, the most common refrigerators are counter depth and regular depth fridges.


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What is Counter Depth Fridges?

With wider and shallower specifications, counter top fridges are designed specifically to be aesthetically pleasing and be more space efficient. They have side by side or French doors, with freezer compartments on the left. They are taller, with a gap between the units for opening and closing purposes.

Some advantages of purchasing a counter depth fridges include;

  • A streamlined look, as the fridge does not protrude too much past the counter
  • Convenience to access of the contents
  • More storage choices since it’s wider

Some disadvantages are;

  • A wider profile means more kitchen space is required
  • The crispers are smaller and shorter, hence it may be difficult to store long items
  • The freezer compartments have less capacity
  • They are more expensive
  • They are less flexible


What is Regular Fridges?

These are the most popular fridges, especially for domestic use. This is because they are more affordable and also have more storage space. Since it’s more common, buyers are spoilt for choice as there are many model choices. 


  • They are cheaper in comparison to counter depth fridges
  • They have more storage capacity
  • They are very flexible


  • The fridge sticks out beyond the kitchen cabinets


Similarities between Counter Depth and Regular Fridges

  • Both are great options for a refrigerator


Differences between counter depth and regular fridge


While the counter depth fridges are more expensive, the regular fridges are inexpensive hence more affordable.


Counter depth fridges are not flexible. On the other hand, regular fridges are more flexible.


The counter depth fridges are wide and taller. On the other hand, regular fridges have less width and are less tall.

Aesthetics need

While the counter depth fridges are specifically for aesthetics need, regular fridges are specifically for functionality need.

Convenience to retrieve items

While it is easy to retrieve items while using counter depth fridges, it might pose a challenge to retrieve items while using regular fridges.

Counter-Depth Fridge vs. Regular Fridge: Comparison Table


Summary of Counter Depth Fridge vs. Regular Fridge

While the need to have a fridge in a kitchen is a necessity for most people, the model or type to purchase may be a hard decision to make. While both the counter depth and regular fridges are great options, considerations such as kitchen space, costs, and general preference have to be looked into before a decision is made. 


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