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Deference Between Netbook and E-Book reader

asus-netbookNetbook vs Ebook Reader

The two gadgets are both meant to enhance communication and guarantee easy portability. However each of the two has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the user’s needs. Although the two gadgets may look extremely different in appearance and size, their purposes can’t be any different from each other.

Looking at the two machines on a more serious note, the net books are generally weightier as compared to most e-book readers even though in some cases their weights may vary interchangeably. Another glaring difference is the fact that most net book readers have a greater screen performance when used outside while e-books tend to be much poorer in bright environments. Hence, it should be preferably used indoors. Both gadgets however come with built-in flash drive slots to enhance easy connectivity to other USB devices.

Typing cannot be made any easier while using net books as contrasted to e-book readers. Thanks to the complete key board lay out that gives you all the keyboard features that can be available form any standard computer. The net book is also quite outstanding in screen color and resolution, a factor that makes it calmer to the eyes in almost all environments as compared to the low color from the net book reader. The low color screen makes the e-book reader seem to reflect images at you as though it were a mirror unless of course you are in dimly lit areas.

The net book is more equipped in terms of software applications and can be well tuned to accommodate software and programs that run on normal computers. This makes reading or opening of any files, that you may have transferred from the computer, quite easy. In fact, you can comfortably use it interchangeably with the computer. Transferring stuff or downloads from your regular computer to the net book will take no time and little hassle as the net book is equipped with wireless connectivity which even links you to the internet without too much effort. In simple break down,

1.The e-book reader may be compromising when it comes to the above as it does not have compatible programs to open most software applications that run on normal computers. The most outstanding plus for the reader however is its high battery life. It could come in handy if you are going away for more than a day and if you are not sure you will be able to access a power source to recharge your machine.
2.The net book, on the other hand, may offer more flexibility in terms of typing, downloading and Internet connectivity speeds but the battery life is most likely to be less due to these many features.

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  1. Let’s also remember tha that got to have e-book reader will be obsolete in around one year and if you want to tranfer your e-books it will be “No way, you must purchase again” I myself have a simple solution, I just took all my books apart and transfered them into JPEG’s using my four in one scanner and turn them 90 degrees counter clock wise and use Windows slide show with pause clicked and adjust the brightness of the screen.

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