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Difference Between Samsung Vibrant and T-Mobile myTouch 4G

Samsung Vibrant vs T-Mobile myTouch 4G

The Vibrant and the myTouch 4G are two smartphones that you can choose when subscribing to T-Mobile. The former is made by Samsung while the latter is from HTC, although it takes on the branding of T-Mobile. You can easily make a distinction between the two devices once you pick them up as the myTouch 4G is roughly 30% heavier than the Vibrant. It is thicker by a shave but is narrower by almost a full centimeter.

The difference in size and weight is quite surprising given that the Vibrant 4G has a 4-inch screen compared to the 3.8-inch screen you would find on the myTouch 4G. Aside from being bigger, the screen on the Vibrant is also significantly better. It’s an AMOLED display which has better color reproduction and power consumption than the LCD display on the myTouch 4G. The Vibrant is also equipped with gorilla glass for better screen protection against scratches from keys and other hard objects.

Memory is probably one of the main drawbacks of the Vibrant. Although it has more ROM for storage at 16GB compared to the 4GB on the myTouch 4G, it only has 512MB of RAM while the myTouch 4G has 768MB. The smaller amount of memory can become a bottleneck in certain situations making the Vibrant slightly sluggish at times.

One shortcoming of the Vibrant is the lack of a secondary camera commonly known as a front-facing camera which is intended for video calling. The VGA camera of the myTouch 4G may be small but it does the job. The main cameras are pretty much equal as they both have the same resolution and can record 720p video.

Another missing feature is the FM radio which can be an excellent alternative if you are bored with your music or you just want to hear what’s happening in your locale. If you have an unlimited data connection, though you can get one of the many Android apps that let you listen to Internet radio.


1.The Vibrant is lighter and thinner than the myTouch 4G.
2.The Vibrant has a bigger and better screen than the myTouch 4G.
3.The Vibrant has more ROM but less RAM than the myTouch 4G.
4.The myTouch 4G has a secondary camera while the Vibrant doesn’t.
5.The myTouch 4G has an FM radio while the Vibrant doesn’t.

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