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Difference Between Leapster 2 and Leapster Explorer

Leapster 2 vs Leapster Explorer

People who have young children at home want them to be engaged in games that are not only fun to play with but also impart some education. One of the popular choices in this category is Leapster Explorer and its previous and cheaper counterpart – Leapster 2.

Leapster Explorer provides enhanced functionality like an e-Reader and video gaming. You can attach a camera for an additional $24.99 and thus extend the capabilities to storing and editing pictures. The eBooks feature lets you flip the pages by simply sliding your fingers on the screen. You can connect to online play via LeapWorld. There are flashcards available that allow a child to develop his/her math and vocabulary. There are 20 new games released with Leapster Explorer that just run on this particular console. The incompatibility of Leapster Explorer with the previous version can render your previous Leapster 2 games obsolete.

Let us look at the differences between the two:

1. Leapster 2 games cater to subjects like numbers and developing math skills whereas
the Explorer version includes games on geography, map skills, social science, and
health care.
2. Leapster Explorer is not backward compatible like Leapster 2.
3. Since Leapster 2 has been around for quite some time, it’s easier to find discounted
games that can be added to it. Its backward compatibility features allow you to
download games that run on the Leapster 1 version as well. Leapster Explorer being
new won’t offer discounted games.
4. Leapster Explorer with its better screen resolution of 320×240 3.2″ screen offers an
easier playing experience.
5. Leapster Explorer has four times more memory and a four times’ faster processor
when compared to Leapster 2.


1. The Leapster Explorer costs around $69.99 whereas Leapster 2 will come for $49.99.
2. Leapster Explorer, in addition to gaming, provides functionalities like video playing
and eBooks experience. Leapster 2 is solely useful for gaming purposes.
3. Leapster Explorer as well as Leapster 2 have finger-operated buttons for the gaming
experience plus a touch screen that can operate via either a stylus or a fingertip.
4. Leapster Explorer has a screen resolution of 320X240 when compared to Leapster 2’s
resolution of 160X160.
5. Leapster 2 is capable of keeping a child of three to five years old busy and
entertained with its games. The child will not get confused with additional features.
But if your child is around five to nine years old, then Leapster Explorer is necessary
to keep them busy.

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