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hallucinationAcid vs Shrooms

Lysergic acid diethylamide or commonly known as acid is extremely non-toxic with lower rate of side-effects. It boost up energy, increases association and artistic ideas, raise spirit or mood, increases sense of smell, taste, hearing etc., increases visual hallucinations and illusions. There is alteration in perception of self and the environment creating an intense life and spiritual experiences. The person may think that the surrounding and the things around are moving although it’s motionless. Goosebumps, increases in blood pressure, pupil dilatation, salivation are some of the neutral effects of acid. It rarely causes increase in temperature. Altered level of consciousness, being paranoid, anxiety, overpowering emotions, bewilderment, fear and panic are just some of its negative effects.

Acid can worsen the current mental problems of a person such as depression, acid psychosis which is a schizophrenic disorder. Visual hallucinations are angular with complex scene or pattern. It is more of an abstract form. Acid can give a more probing, rational and radiant effect. The feeling is over-sensitive and fast-moving. It is cold and tends to change proportionally. However, deaths are linked to multi drugs intoxication and not merely from taking acid alone. Suicides are hardly associated with LSD or acid.

Psilocybin or popularly known as shroom is a fungi specifically of psilocybe genus. It produces mind-bending substances psylocibin and psilocin. Psilocin is taken into the brain after being absorbed by the blood. It works like the neurotransmitter serotonin and affects mood, pain tolerance, appetite, sleep and senses.

Shrooms have exceptional visual if taken in large doses in a dark surrounding. It is more organic and in agreement with nature. The images are rounded in forms. Each shroom trip tends to be a special event. Regular users are more in touch with the exceptional moment the shroom could offer like a sixty-four thousand dollar feeling compared with the acid. Shrooms’ effect is also soothing, relaxing and changes gradually sometimes make one feel sleepy. It could last five to seven hours with climax experience taking place for the first two hours. It is the part where the person is having visual hallucinations. On the other side, shrooms experience is less intense and a bit slower.

1. In acid the visual images are angular with complex pattern. In shrooms the images are rounded.
2. Acid give probing, rational and radiant effect compared to shrooms that are organic and in agreement with nature.
3. In acid the feeling is over-sensitive and fast- moving while in shrooms it is like a sixty-four thousand dollar feeling.
4. Acid users experience cold and proportioned changes while shroom users are experiencing soothing, relaxing and gradual changes.

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