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Difference Between Alveoli and Nephron

Alveoli vs Nephron

Both the alveoli and the nephron are vital function areas of the human body. The main difference is that the alveoli are the main functional units of the lungs while the nephron is the main unit of the kidney. The Alveoli are that air sacs where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged and transported. Inside the unit of the alveoli, you can find tissues that create the hormones, enzymes and other pulmonary surfactant. On the other hand, the nephron acts as that unit that maintains concentration of water in the human blood that regulates its production, blood pressure level and acidity. Eventually, the unit will act as the filter for human wastes and urine. If the alveoli act as the filter for air, the nephron acts as that system that will filter the blood, absorbs nutrients and excretes water and wastes.

In its structure, the alveoli appear as that two-tiered unit that comes with elastic fibers and capillaries that round off to a basket description. The capillaries of the alveoli extend outward from the main pulmonary artery and vein. These branches act as that source that will push blood that is either oxygen filled or oxygen depleted to the heart or to the lungs. Meanwhile, the nephron appears with both the renal corpuscle and renal tubule. These two main structures assist in the cleansing and filtering of the blood that will be transported to various parts of the body. The renal corpuscle is the primary portion that filters the blood and the renal tubule will act as that system that will reabsorb the nutrients into the body.

The Alveoil has one major component, which is referred to as the surfactant, that assists in its filtering of the air in the respiratory system. This part generally helps in the stabilization of the alveoli or the air sacs that will make it stronger and prevent collapse. If the surfactant is not present, the body will not properly expand the lungs when a person breathes in. The Nephron is composed of three major components. These parts are the glomerulus, Bowmanís capsule, and the long renal tubule. As the blood enters the kidney, the renal artery will transport it to the Bowmanís capsule where selected body nutrients are reabsorbed and the unwanted ones are transferred into the urine.

In its essence, the alveoli are that functional structures that will aid the human body in is breathing process while the nephron works in assisting the system in its excretion of waste from the body. Both are essential elements of the body that if become damaged will disrupt the internal flows of the human body.


1.The alveoli are found in the lungs while the nephron is found in the kidneys.
2.The alveoli aids in the respiratory system while the nephron acts as the functional unit for the endocrine system.
3.The alveoli have one very essential part called the surfactant while the nephron has three important sections to aid its function.
4.The alveoli support the filtering of the air while the nephron supports the filtering process of the blood.

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