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Difference Between an Inherited Trait and an Acquired Trait

Inherited Trait vs Acquired Trait

How often have you heard the statements, ‘You sure act like your parents’, or ‘You have a similar personality with your mother’? Some would consider this as a positive complement. On the other hand, some would feel squeamish when they are referred to be similar with their parents. However, what can be done?? This is ,after all, irreversible. In fact, this is already part of who they are giving them their own unique identities.

On the other hand, consider these scenarios. A farmer teaches his son how to plow the field and soon after, the son acquires the skills and talents that his father taught him. Another would be a seamstress who teaches her daughter how to sew and after a few years, that daughter is superbly skilled in sewing. These are just some of the events that could be attributed to acquiring skills and traits from other people.

Now I ask you this, have you noticed a difference between the two statements provided above? What we are talking about here is Heredity. In its simplest definition, heredity is the natural act of passing any traits that you have to your children. Based on facts, the traits, personalities, and even our looks are due to the inherited traits that we gained from our parents. On the other hand, the skills and talents in which human beings acquire through lessons, for example, coming from a family of musicians, can be attributed to their acquired traits. Some studies show that there are some links between an inherited and an acquired trait, although no clear findings have been established yet. However, there are clear differences between the two.

Now let us first talk about inherited traits. These are traits that are genetically passed down to you from your parents. The color of your hair, your eyes, skin tone, and even height are examples of such traits. To make this simpler, these are the traits that you have been born with, without even having the right to choose whether you want them or not. These are basically irreversible.

On the other hand, an acquired trait is something that you learned and is passed down to you from word of mouth or through teachings. Learning how to sing, using a musical instrument, or even painting are some traits that you can decide whether you want to learn from others or not. In fact, talking using your native language is one clear example of an acquired trait.

You can read more about this since only basic details are given here.


1. Heredity plays a major role in our lives and how it shapes our actions and personalities.

2. An inherited trait is something that can be passed through the genes, such as hair color, features, or skin tones.

3. An acquired trait is something that can be learned and is taught to you by your significant others.

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