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Difference Between EMT and EMS


Our lives are undoubtedly very important to us. There are numerous reasons to enjoy life and take the best care of it in the safest ways ever. The importance of life also holds true in two major emergency services that are always being present in emergency cases. These are the EMS, or the Emergency Medical Services, and the EMT, or the Emergency Medical Technicians.

EMS is solely the services provided for out-of-hospital patients who are in need to be transferred to a hospital or other facilities for more serious medical treatment and focus. The levels of services provided are basic life support, advanced life support, traditional health care professions, and in some cases, intermediate life support.

In most cases, EMTs, or sometimes called ambulance technicians, have three levels depending on the stages of life support to be provided (Certified First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-intermediate, EMT-Critical Care, and EMT-Paramedic). In emergency scenes, the EMTs primarily arrive ahead of time. They give first aid to patients who cannot be transported immediately to a nearby hospital.
To have accurate information about these two groups, it is pertinent to distinguish the two with one over the other because they have separate roles which are not interchangeable.

The major difference, which is obvious within the two, is that basically EMTs work within EMS. Especially with basic life support, EMTs are skilled to perform a whole range of emergency care skills from basic to more technical like proper attendance to spinal injuries and oxygen therapy.

Another difference we can take a look at between the two is that EMTs are involved only in basic life support whereas EMS features are involved in all levels within the EMT community. This is important for easy monitoring of proper transport and emergency care.

Lastly, EMS is a broader entity in that it also covers more than emergency situations. For example, in cases of possible poisoning, this medical services group is also responsible in information dissemination to save lives and to ensure the health of the people. EMTs, on the other hand, are technicians and do not work in such activities. They cannot just perform skills that are not within the scope of their training and certifications. If need be, the local state will insinuate the need for additional certifications as well as more training for the EMTs be able to function in more health-related activities.

EMTs and EMS both fulfill a significant purpose in providing first aid. With these very special agencies we are being secured against life-threatening harm and injuries. As long as these two medical teams are around, we can still live peacefully within our own boundaries, worrying about nothing as we rest in deep slumber.


1.Identification is the basic difference between EMT and EMS. EMTs primarily work in EMS.
2.Features are different in that EMS covers a wider range of life support where EMTs only concentrate on basic life support.
3.EMS is involved in a wider coverage of health awareness aside from emergency situations like possible poisoning threats. EMTs do not engage in such activities unless otherwise indicated in their skills, training, and certifications.

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