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Difference Between Klonopin and Ativan

klonopinaddiction_bookKlonopin vs Ativan

These days, it is definitely a good thing, that whenever there is a medication that you are recommended to take, you can always look up additional information on that medication. Here, we will take a look at the key differences between two drugs: Klonopin and Ativan.

The one thing that these two have in common, is that they are both under the Benzodiazepine category ‘“ which is a psychoactive drug resulting in sedation, sleep-inducting, hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects.

Under Benzodiazepine, there are two types of drugs which are used to treat anxiety-related problems. The first one is Klonopin, or Clonazepam. In the United States, it is marketed by the drug manufacturing company, Roche. Aside from anxiety and panic disorders, Klonopin is also prescribed to treat insomnia and epilepsy.

The second type is Ativan, or Lorazepam. Ativan is the more well-known commercial name for this Benzodiazepine drug, which is used to treat chronic anxiety and insomnia. When compared to all the other Benzodiazepine drugs, Ativan is considered to be the most addictive ‘“ which is why the drug should only be administered under the close observation of a physician.

Although Ativan is prescribed to treat anxiety-related problems, it has adverse effects on a person, like increased hostility, aggression and suicidal emotions. It can even have amnesic effects.

So what’s the difference with the way that these two drugs work? With both Klonopin and Ativan, its Clonazepam content affects chemicals in the brain which may have become unbalanced, and cause anxiety. The most common use of Klonopin is for seizure disorders and panic disorders, while Ativan is mostly used for anxiety disorders. To realize its full effects, Klonopin is usually taken in two or three doses everyday, while Ativan needs to be taken three to four times a day.

Just as it is when taking any type of medication, it is best to follow your doctor’s order to the letter, when using either Ativan or Klonopin. Either of these may result in an over dosage, addiction, or can even be fatal when taken the wrong way.


1. Klonopin is used to treat seizure and panic disorders, while Ativan is mostly used for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

2. As medications, Klonopin has a short-term effect, while Ativan has a medium-range effect.

3. Klonopin has anti-depressant effects, while Ativan produces euphoric effects.

4. Klonopin is usually taken in two or three doses everyday, while Ativan needs to be taken three to four times a day.

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  1. i hope ur not a dr,

    1. ativan does not oxidize and has no hepatic impairment. u gave some incomplete comparison btwn the 2 meds. i refuse to write a dissatation about this but i will point out some key points. u gave such a vague comparison of what ativan klonopin does! post script- ativan does not injure the kindeys much at all.

    2. this is b/c Ativan is confinfed to the vascular system; meaning in does not distrubute itself throughout the body i.e tissue, fat etc.

    3. b/c of this it crosses the blood-brain barrier faster and effectively.

    4. it is IMO more addictive b/c of its short 1/2 life.

    5. klonopin does however accumulate and has active metabolites whereas ativan does not (although it ativan metabolizes its inactive metabolite- Lorazepam is metabolised in the liver by conjugation into inactive lorazepam-glucuronide. This metabolism does not involve hepatic oxidation and, therefore, is relatively unaffected by reduced liver function.) this accumalation by klonopin cause concern hepatically speaking. while they both have there advantage and disadvantage…..its important to remember people are not cookie-cutters and as individuals not all develope dependency, albeit most do.

    6. klonopin and ativan have some different properties but truth be told not many. klonopin’s advantage is its long 1/2 life…but its onset, rapid as it is, is not rapid enough to mitigate a/an anxiety or panic attack.

    7. klonopin is a nitro-benzo, similiar to nitrazepam. extentsively metabolized in the liver and distrubutes tru-out the whole body unlike ativan as mention above (sorry to be redundant). basically all 1,4 benzo’s are the same.

    NOW WHEN U ENTER the TRIAZOLOG-BENZO’S thats when one’s propensity 4 addiction is amplified. i.e usually u can tell, but not always, by the suffix on the end. instead of PAM i.e diazapam, clonazapam, temazapam, flurazapam…u get the point. BUT TRIAZOLOG’S end w/ LAM i.e xanax= alprazolam, halcion=triazolam, prosom= estazolam etc. these are way, way, way more potent!!!!! but please, and i know im not telling everything b/c im not writing a PDR, but try to be more fair in ur analysis. example euphoria? k-pins also give an exaggerated sense of well being just as ativan. in fact the most popular street drug benzo is xanax and klonopin. that is a statistcal fact. junkies just aren’t, or should in say under-educated. halcion they, most, never heard of but mg. for mg. is the strongest benzo….but u would have a very hard time selling them b/c many don’t know about them. same thing w/ xanax….junkies trust the double g’s GENEVA GENERIC pharma. or single G GREENSTONE pharm. but leadler, or mylan, or purpac are just a little harder to get rid of. boy america……the western way, take a pill and it goes away.

    • Uh..in your attempt to be smarter than the author of this article you might want to know it’s dissertation, not dissatation.

      • listen, I am sorry I mispelled a word but this is a fact- Triazolobenzodiazapines are the most addictive benzodiazepine drugs on the market not Ativan (lorazepam). don’t get me wrong, it can knock you on you ass but as far as Physical addictiom is concerned, Triazalobenos are by far the most potent and addictive. Most benzos that end with *lam not Pam. example alprazolam (xaxax) is a triazalo, Versed (Midazolam, maimly used in anethstesia) is a triazalo, Halcion (triazolam) is triazalo ect.,
        Actually I was on klmopin and I have a Liver disease and Klonopin is metabilized in the liver and Ativan is metabolized in the kidneys so I, without doing my research, asked hin to switch me to ativan. by day 3 I was in full benzo wihdrawl per my pharmacist at Walgreens who called my doctor and explained my situation then sent me back to my docor’s office where I gave the Ativen back and was promptly written a script for Klonopin again and I filled and felt normal omce again. The problem was my doctor was not thinking in terms of equi-potency and the fact that Klomopin has a 40-60 hr half life while Ativan has about a 12 hr half life. A half life is how long it takes for half of the drug to be metabolized and excreted from your body.
        The reason Ativan would be more addictive to a benzo naive person is it’s fast acting nature. It moderately tranquilizes a person very quickly sending a rush of relaxation but the down side is the faster a drug comes on, the faster the drug leaves the body (this even pertain to routes of administration). Klonopin on the other hand in know as a long -acting benzodiazepine which come on slowly and platues, thus preventing axiety instead of rescuing one from an actual episode, and the slowly wears off. this is why it is NOT as addictive to benzo naive patient. The reason I went into withdrwls like I did is because I have been on klonopin for years and i am dependant on it. My body was not used to the come on and wear off behavior of ativan and was used to a steady amout of benzodiazepine substance in my bloodstream so after a couple days when those constant levels of Klonopin dwindled I would be kinda ok for an hour than I was NoOT ok then I’d take more and was kinda ok then I was not ok. So I would guess one must look at this issue from a long term standpoint and a short term and the prescriber must know if they are benzo naive or tolorant. This is a much broader subject with a much broader scope and deserves a much broader conclusion than the one above.

    • i could not have said it better…..and yes my name is joey g as well. xanax and other of that ilk is a triazolo benzo. valuim is weaker but adequate for elderly. i see soooo much misinfromation about what is stronger. they are ifferent in slight ways….like 1/2 life, the way the body metabolizes etc.

      but i would like to correct- although many that end in the suffix lam are not all triazolo-benzo. some are not- like Cloxazolam= which belongs to a class of benzo’s that are– Oxazolobenzodiazepines. but yes on the whole u r right but there are great many which are not. even Thienodiazepines have LAM in the suffix, like Etizolam.

      but i agree w/ 99% of what u said kudos

      sincerly joeyg.

      • thought there were 2 joeys……..it was me. any way then yes i agree w/ my statement. just because i spoke out against the author does not mean what i said is not valid or sound- it is.

        u can point out my misspelling (sic?) I DONT CARE! why? because i know what iam talking about.

    • i agree, “the western way…” However when you are and have been experiencing anxiety for 20+ years. i can’t find anything. doc put me on wellbutrin and i kno im not to take other medications, but my cousin offered me a klonopin and i have been doing extensive reasearch. A. im facinated. B. i have severe anxiety but no one seems to care.
      by that i mean, well, they just give me something and it’s like you said, we are not cookie cutters but good Lord, i’ve been on all of them and nothing worked, until my cousin gave me a 1 mg. klonopin, wow. no instant anything. i loved the fact that it mellowed me out and i didn’t want one that night. didnt need one. but i think wellbutrin and klonopin might just work for me.
      anyways, thank you and have a great day.

    • Hi Joey:
      You poor thing! Your life must be hell, but you will recover, trust me. Just don’t believe for one minute that you have to live in this hell for the rest of your life. In my opinion, maybe an anti-depressant, such as Elavil (or Amitriptyline), might help you, and I think you can take this for the rest of your life if you have to. Some people just need help. I used to take Elavil for years, then all of the sudden I felt I didn’t need it anymore and stopped cold turkey, without any problems. I think the key is that you have to really make up your mind and then never look back.
      I don’t know if this helps you, but I will put in a prayer for you. Maybe you don’t believe in prayer, but it does help. So just trust yourself more and take the next step to freedom.
      Wishing you all the luck in the world,

    • Thank you for that. BIG help.

  2. in my own experince the major 3 mentioned above. (and i had aLOT OF EXPERINCE) XANAX- is a drug that will kill you. not directly,but indirectly. it’s effects are immediate, and you build a tolerance much faster than the other two. you will almost always get a sesiour if u take over 5mg aday, and then suddenly stop. this happens all the time in detox centers. stay away from this drug….and thats what it is, a drug. not a medication!!!!!!!!
    ATIVAN- in my opinion is the best for anixety, and will help the shakes . this is good to take if you drink alot ,and suddenly stop. decreasing the amount over 3 to 5 days. the effects are “NOT” euphric, but more like a calming effect. when taken in large will cause extrem drowsiness, and eventuly sleep. only additive if you want it to be . this medication is very benificially if taken as prescribed. KLONOPIN- don’t even bother taking this. it will do nothing for you. does nothing for anixety, or for sleep. in my experince, this medication is useless……

    • Klonopin sure does work for anxiety; you should not generalize on a medication that didn’t work for you. I’ve taken Xanax klon and ativan, and I feel that Ativan and Xanax produce euphoria with well being while klonopin helps me to get through an extended stressful time.
      I am trying to find out which is the best for sleep aid though.

      • Jordan: Just found this site because I was changed from Clonazepam to lorazepam & wanted to check them out….I take Trazadone for sleep & MAN I mean sleep! I actually only take 1/2. Lots of dreams tho!! Hope that helps.

    • klonopin does cause euphoria as well as the other 85 benzo’s out there (some illegal in u.s.). it has all the same properties as ativan except its better suited for epilepsy. the truth is in the pudding; if it didn’t offer a sense of exaggerated well-being it would not be one of the top 3 prescribed and abused benzo’s in the u.s.

      that said ativan might offer a more sense of euphoria- but agian when ur taking 5 to 7 mg of klonopin there is very little difference. the same w/ 100mg of valuim. i know from experience…its nothing to brag about…..but nonetheless its true. i mean damm- take enough serax- which is relatively weak and u will get a euphoria. why? simply b/c it makes u dizzy. a childs 1st high is spinning in circles. it makes u light-headed and dizzy…..quite frankly it feels good. not to mention these tranqulizers- the calm…..makes u tranquil.

    • Hello,
      My name is Kimberly and I have been on Clonapin for 16 years! I started it with an anti-depressant, as was taking 1/2 mg. 3 times a day. About 7 years later, and anti-depressants later, my doctor put me one 1 mg. of Clonapin –ending up with taking it 4 times per day! I have been having extreme panic attacks! Complete with tremors, pacing, teeth chattering, etc! I mean horrible!
      My new “facility” recently put me on Prestiqe for depression and I had been vomiting for 2 -3 months every morning!!! My new doctor does NOT wish to switch my Clonapin!!! I need a great deal of help! I believe that I have become “ammuned” to Clonapin and it is no longer working in my system!!!
      That is why I came across this site…to see the difference between Ativan and Clonapin!!!
      If anyone can help me, I would be so very grateful!!! Also, I am not sleeping well, as Trazadone no longer works with the Prestique!
      I would appreciate some input!!

      Thank you in Advance,


      • I just came across this site.
        I sure hope you received help.
        Your doctor is suppose to rotate you jf your body becomes immune to the medications.
        If he isnt rotating you and then possibly rotating again after some years get a different doctor.
        Tell them what you want.
        If your not already on it use ativan for awhile.

      • Kimberly,
        I feel for you. Pristiq was pure torture for me. Coming off of it was even WORSE. Nothing helped me. I was also on klonopin, didn’t help. Now I take Effexor (75 mg er) and Ativan , twice a day. Keeping fingers crossed this works.
        I hope you are feeling better.

      • You’re not ‘ immuned ‘ to Klonopin, and this is not just a tolerance issue. When we take “benzos” we introduce chemicals similar to what the brain naturally produces. When the brain senses the chemicals are already present, it puts its own system at rest.So instead of the medicine working with your naturally chemistry, it now becomes an either/or scenario. This is why high doses of Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, et.al, is not a good practice. No matter the drug, in this class, you are going to have to make some hard choices. The ideal would be to learn how to reconnect with your body/mind’s ability to react as it should. There’s no pill that will make you sleep better, feel call & confident, eliminate depression without some serious drawbacks. The point of drug therapy for anxiety/depression is to make it BEARABLE. You have much to do yet. It will not, cannot be easy. Your meds are but one of many tools at your disposal. I left out a the pharmacological talk I have read in other answers. It isn’t necessary and much of it sounds great but isn’t accurate. I studied addiction/addiction therapy. I have personal experience as well. I am now a nurse. I only add this so you, the reader will know my comments are not just “off the top of my head.” Good luck, and may Spirit be with you.

  3. hello, im new to this website but not new to anxiety.i have been dealing with panic disorder for 14yrs, when u think youve got it all figured out, it hits u harder! ive been taking paxil and paxil cr for 13yrs off and on.. just recently had a badd anxiety attack and went to the ER and was givin ativan 1mg for the first time! i gotta say it was great for me>>ive been taking it now for a month or so and it works good for me..ive always been reluctant to take anything other than the paxil<ive been putting myself threw missury for noyhing because the ativan takes care of anxiety fairly quickly!! this coming from someone how has had anxiety for hours at a time..not to mention anxiety with phobias as well..well just thought i would share this, hope it helps someone…thank you

  4. @ tomwade. I don’t know about Klonopin being useless. My father is in a ventilation weaning facility and is experiencing great anxiety and they gave him Klonopin and he’s been out cold ALL day. It was administered at 8 am and it’ snow 3:34 and he’s still out cold and he’s a big guy… 6’2″ and just under 300lbs. I think you may want to be more specific than so general… misleads people… just sayin’.

  5. I am an opiate preferred addict all drugs I have taken. I went I to surgery and put back on opiates. Went Immediiatly to suboxone. Now on 1/2 2mg film per day but had a serious anxiety panic attack today. Was on Ativan and worked with minimum side effects and A bit of energy/euphoria. Doc changed to klotopin. Fell drowsey and no energy. Anybody have a comment on what direction.

  6. I am an opiate addict. I have been on suboxone for 6 years(started at 32mg/day pills, 2yrs in down to 24mgs/day, 5 yrs in 16mgs/day, then 8mgs/day and in the past 3 weeks weened myself down to 4mgs.) I have also been on 0.25mgs on Triazalom each night for about 8 months now. Tomorrow I am going to start a 14 day outpatient detox from the suboxone. They are more than likely going to give me some sort of benzoid to relieve withdrawl symptoms. I heard it was klonipan. Now my question is, since I have been taking Triazalom .25 for 8 months, if I get Klonipan and take that instead of the triazalom, will I be able to get off the Triazalom? I CANNOT sleep without it. If I dare try to take a nap during the day without taking my Triazalom, I am awaken abruptly by a quick anxiety jolt. Its like as soon as my body is about to fall asleep, my body convults or I feel like Ive stopped breathing, or I get a head rush or just muscle spasms.

    You all seem to know your benzoids so please, I want to quit all drugs, even if they are currently prescribed to me. I want to go to sleep without anything but a melatonin if I must and I want off this suboxone and am willing to take Klonipan if thats going to help me with the suboxone withdrawls, however it would be nice)I think) to replace the triazalom with the klonipan and then come off the klonipan…

    Your advise is greatly appreciated….

    • My mother had breast cancer .full asectomy .after twelve years they take her off cold turkey. She has been very sock.she can’t function. She has lost her mind.she can’t think,sleep,shaking.they have her methadone. That s what I get .it has been the worst thing I have ever seen.once you start having withdrawal s and are detoxing nothing helps.good luck to you.its going to be the worst thing you ever went through.. At least u are getting help.I have had to take care of her myself it has been hell for her and me .I don’t understand how u can do this to a human being.

  7. I for all time emailed this website post page to all my contacts, because if like to read it after that my contacts will too.

  8. I have been on 2mg of clonazepam 3 x daily for about 3 yrs. now. Today my Doctor switched my med to lorazepam1mg 3 x daily because the clonazepam seemed to stop working (tolorance probably). Is this an equi-anxiolytic dose meaning is 1mg of lorazepam equal to 2mgs of clonazepam for anxiety/ panic disorder?

  9. I was told by my psychiatrist that Klonopin is longer acting than Ativan, and I’m going to be starting it tonight. Any help it can give me, I’m all for!

  10. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

    • They all are benzodiazepines. Some work better for some than others. Xanax works best for me. Clonopin is supposed to last longer butcdont do anything to me. Valuim is too weak. And ativan works o.k.some people have a hard time getting off them. I try to take half then quarters otherwise I have seizures. Indontclike thatcive been on benzos for 20 yrs. Then my phsyc. Didn’t take my insurance anymore so I set up an appointment with a different. Doc. I saw 2 Phys. Assts. And they tried to give me Zoloft or Prozac. What a waste of time and my copay. Xanax and African are the only meds that give me a medium. God bless everyone.

  11. I together with my buddies were taking note of the good points on your web blog and so at once got a horrible feeling I never expressed respect to you for those tips. All of the young boys appeared to be as a result glad to learn them and already have truly been making the most of these things. I appreciate you for genuinely so accommodating and also for getting this form of important subject matter most people are really wanting to be informed on. My honest regret for not expressing appreciation to you earlier.

  12. I have been taking kolonopin for 2months now for undiagnosed tremors. I was referred to neurologists but not until June. This all started in march. Because of the tremors I am constantly in severe pain and they just keep prescribing more meds. So in conjunction with the tremors I have been having fainting spells as well. Fainted at work again yesterday so now they put me on ativan. This is all crazy yo me. I have been considering second opinion but don’t know where ti go. Any advice???? I. Need help

  13. To me, if I am starting to feel manic, Klonopin is the only one that takes it down a notch but after a week or two, I feel like I have anvils in my feet… lol

  14. To me, if I am starting to feel manic, Klonopin is the only one that takes it down a notch but after a week or two, I feel like I have anvils in my feet… lol

    However, I don’t take them for anything but that… anxiety isnt my issue so I am fine

  15. So I’ve been on almost every psychiatric med younk can think of. For me, I’ve been on klonapin 1mg twice daily prn. My problem is i’m in a constsant state of anxiety or panic attacks & the klonapin doesn’t kick in in time. By the time it makes an appearance, i’m in some psych ward. so what works better quicker?

  16. Day 3 of taking 0.25 mg klonopin 3 times a day. Haven’t had much anxiety, just really tired. Does this go away as the body gets more used to it? Also, would it be ok to take an ativan too if I felt a panic attack coming on?

  17. Wow, I think I will stick with the Doctor’s information because she studied it and has a degree, this article is nearly opposite information. And there is the fact that everyone is different so there is no way to say how it will affect anyone. Best to not give advice on the internet about drugs I am done looking.

  18. I went into withdrawal … I was om Klonopin 2mg, three x daily and my doc switched me to 1 mg of Ativan, three x daill. Within about 24 hrs I started experiencing anxiety and would try to take more, not to feel good but to feel normal and then I did a lil research and realized ativan only has a 12 to 15 hr half life and Klonopin has a 40-60 hr half life so I called my pharm at about 72 hours later, I was in a bad way with almost hallucinatory like symptoms. My Walgreens Pharmacist confirms I am in full blown benzo withdrawl after taking 2mg of kps three x a day for 2 yrs. He called my doctor who had a klonopin rx promptly waiting for me when I got there. I aggressively thrust the Ativan bottle back at him… I was in a bad way, it was horrible I felt jerky and an impaired sense of motor skills, I dunno why I didn’t give it to the Pharmacist. He promtly took it looking at me me with observational eyes as he could tell what world I was in. I hurriedly trucked it back to the pharm and within 2 hours I was fine… That was not fun. It was my first experience with this type of withdrawal. This article is extremely lacking in the info department. Fist off, YES, you guys are correct, Trazalobenzodiazepines are the most addictive type if bezo, hands down!!! Ativan is an old benzo and does not belong to the triazalo sub-type in the benzodiazepine family. Xanax(Alprazolam), Halcion(triazolam), Versed(midazolam) which is used in the protocal general anesthesia cocktail of versed, propofol, and fentnyl. This sub type of benzodiazepine is far more more potent and rushes into the brain much faster than classic benzos, ie diazepam, clonazepam LORAZEPAM(ATIVAN) ect. Triazalos cause far more, extremely calming/soothing effects. Not all benzos that end with LAM are triazalos but most prescribed benzos are. Versed is usually only used in anesthesia and there are some novelty benzos hat end in LAM but your not getting those goodies from the pharm. All benzos can be dangerous but in the feel good departmrnt, Triazalos are the best/worst.

  19. All benzodiazepines work differently in different people. (xanax seems to be a bit different because of its potency) here’s how I perceive them. Having chronic anxiety.
    xanax is the strongest and will be an upper for some people (people who’s anxiety is debilitating such as mine) while at high doses without tapering up, will be a downer.
    klonopin – less of a downer for chronic cases, roughly equivalent to xanax (2mg k pin – 1 mg xanax)
    ativan, was like a sugar pill for me which also made me suicidal.
    Valium – mostly a downer, but one of the best I’ve seen and heard of for Alcoholism, but bunk for MY anxiety.
    every drug effects people differently until you hit extremely high doses that aren’t prescribed. And not everyone gets addicted, some don’t work so well for others. Xanax and klonipin work the same for me. Ativan and valuim don’t work at all for me.
    just be careful. It is brain chemistry your playing with.

  20. I was on Xanax about 16 years ago for approximately 2 years after the slow horrible suffering death of my Mom from Emphysema and COPD due to worst drug of all, nicotine! I was her primary care giver, we lived together and I had a hyperactive ADHD 3 years old son, and newborn daughter to take care of at same time! My husband worked alot! I watched her suffocate, lapse into a coma and eventually die in her bed in living room which had become her room due to her disease and not being able to walk without getting extremely out of breathe! She was also on oxygen, and still smoking, but would turn machine off before she lit up, although there were times she’d forget and I’d be freaking out, thinking my babies and I were going to blow up! People please don’t smoke cigs! You will get one of the worst, suffocating diseases, emphysema, and it’s so preventable! Just don’t start, and if you do, please try to quit now! Take it from someone with first hand knowledge of the suffering it brings! At the time I didn’t know much about Benzodiazepine withdrawal when I decided to go cold turkey off them! I felt jittery, got a droopy eye lid, left temple headaches above droopy eye, felt awful! My ignorant doctor had me go for MRI’s, MRA’s, had the test for myasthenia gravis, EKG’s, many bloodtests, 2 neurologists, ophthalmologist, ENT specialist, and an ophthalmologist neurologist! The works! I was also put on every anti depressant known! All did nothing except make me gain 25 lbs! Of course one doctor told me, (the chronic worrier), that he thought because I had some white spots on one MRI, that I probably had MS! The eye doctor, regular opthamologist said this! Not a specialist in that field! And when a doctor tells someone that, they are most likely going to believe them, especially a worrier! I was convinced I was dying, or going to be badly disabled, and not be there for my babies! A horrible time in my life! I think it was the ophthalmologist neurologist and a different GP that convinced me I definitely didn’t have MS, and most people that get MRI’s will have white spots on them, it’s normal! As all these weeks were going by with me going to so many different specialists, having many tests, I was actually detoxing from the Xanax! That’s all it was! My droopy eye wasn’t Bells Palsy, I didn’t have anything physically wrong with me! What a relief and awful way to come off of that horrible, highly addictive drug! So after a few months of being agitated, extremely worried something bad was going to happen to my children, doctor put me on Clonazapam, and it’s helped me wonderfully! Been on it about 15 years now, taking 2 msg a day! And it’s a good amount, gradually went up, but this is the same dosage I’ve been on now for about 12 years! I think it’s right for my mind, lessens my worrying and anxiety! I don’t feel the need for more! Just a bit worried, probably due to my anxiety problem and nature about liver cancer! Hope that’s a rarity! And that is my story, Jeanne.

    • I was addicted years ago to Xanax and was living hell getting off of . Since more recently needing anxiety meds again I am very paranoid about getting addicted.
      I’m on klonopin now but it makes me so groggy . I was on ativan but for some reason a doctor changed it to klonopin . I take 0.5 dose usually at night only and I take 2 and in the morning can’t wake up .
      I was going to asked to be switched back to ativan but if it’s more addicting and have to take more now I don’t know what to do..All I know is without something I have insomnia so bad that I have no life .

  21. So wrong its not even funny.. First off where is this information coming from?..I was on klonapin 8 years and took 2 years to actually feel again and its the most highly addictive Benz. Ativan is weak and safer in comparison. Have been on Ativan 1 mg and it leaves your system in 3 hrs and is not very affective.. FROM experience and my Dr and knowing too many people who were on the klonapin rollar coaster.. This is ridiculous

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