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Herbs vs Shrubs

A shrub has many stems and may grow in a height of up to five to six metres. The places where they grow are referred to as a shrubbery. They can be grown either in parks or gardens. They have small branches with leaves on them and these branches grow close to each other. They can be ever green or deciduous. Few examples of shrubs include mountain pine and common juniper. If the shrubs are small, then they are called as sub-shrubs and few examples of these sub-shrubs include periwinkle, thyme and lavender.

Herbs are also plants, but they have a specific purpose. It can be used for medicinal purpose. They are mostly known for their smell, which is pleasant and amazing. They can be used for spiritual purpose as well. The fragrance of these herbs makes it valuable for many purposes, like medicinal and spiritual. All the parts, like the roots, flowers, leaves, seeds are  considered herbs. The examples of herbs are rosemary, bay laurel, Christianity myrrh, basil and frankincense. Herbs can be grown in containers, beds and borders. When they are grown with other variety, it adds on to the beauty of the herb.

There are various species in herbs and shrubs. There are about three groups of shrubs and four groups of herbs. The stratum layers differ microscopically. Depending on factors like PH, soil organic matter, soil moisture content and potassium available, it is concluded that the ecological differences in herbs were less than that of the shrubs.

Shrubs have many stems and it is called as a woody plant whereas herbs have a single stem. The branches of the shrubs arise from a single base whereas there is just one permanent stem present in herb, which is referred to as rootstock. Since these herbs don’t have much shoots, there are very few chances of growing  into a taller one. The stems act as main support for the shrubs. The height of the herbs can be few inches and sometimes it may go a little taller whereas shrubs grow to about 5-6 metres tall.

The herbs are best grown beneath the shrubs canopy, but the factors like history of flora, differences in climate, role of fire, disturbances caused by man also contribute in their growth. Herbs grow better. They are mostly annual species. There are about 50 to 150 herbs and shrubs seen in ocimum genus variety.

1.Herbs are shorter than shrubs.
2.Herbs don’t have multiple stems while shrubs have multiple branches.
3.There are about 3 groups of herbs while there are four groups of shrubs.
4.Herbs can be grown beneath the shrubs whereas shrubs cannot be grown in such a way.
5.Herbs are called as rootstock whereas herbs are referred to as woody plant.

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  1. what are the differences between vegetables,herbs and spices

    • Both spices and herbs are used to add flavor and taste to food. However, next time you are confused by that oriental cookbook you are trying, take a look at the subtle differences between herbs and spices.

      The most prominent difference between both of them is that herbs are leaves of herbaceous plants. Spices are, more often than not, derived from the roots, stalks, seeds or fruit of the plant. Though most people confuse the usage of the terms, technically.

  2. what is the difference between herbs and trees.

    • Herbs r non woody plants usually for medical use known mostly by there smell whereas trees have woody stem and dont have any smell……


  4. The difference between herbs, shrubs and tress is actually not with the branches.

    In botany the classification is based on height of the plant.

    Less than 30 cm is HERB
    30cm to 3m is shrub
    above 3m is calld tree.

  5. Wrong !!! Read science of facts to get the actual differences .

  6. i like it.:)#1!
    love it 😛

  7. The stems of herbs are green in colour and very soft,very small

  8. Good job done .
    Looking at the Summary,the first point has a mistake there ,thus
    5.Herbs are called as rootstock whereas herbs are referred to as woody plant.
    It should be :
    5.Herbs are called as rootstock whereas shrubs are referred to as woody plant.
    Thanks .

  9. yes herb has woody …
    it meance it has vascular bandel ……xaylem and pholum

  10. there is mistake in this topic please correct that

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