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Nectarine vs. Peach

Everyone who visits the grocery store has done it before, mistaken a peach for a nectarine. It is not until you hold one in your hand that you are able to notice the difference between the two types of fruit. Both the nectarine and the peach are derived from the same species of plant known as the Prunus persica. They are even of the same family of fruits and both grow on trees and scrubs across the world. These trees actually self pollinate and are known to be flower producing trees during the springtime. Pickers of the fruits know that they must be picked and eaten or prepared when they are ripe on the tree. Typically peaches and nectarines will only last 2-3 days once removed from the tree. If there is any form of bruising on either of these fruits they tend to rot very quickly shortly after. Growers of these fruits are also aware that if peaches and nectarines fall from the tree to the ground and are not picked up, the rotting fruit will draw the attention of many ants and other pests.

Peaches and nectarines originated in Asia, however they are now grown in many different countries in warm climates. Science has found that the two fruits are so similar there is only one genetic difference between the two. So close in fact that it has been recorded that people have found nectarines on peach trees, and peaches on nectarine trees before. Peaches and nectarines ripen toward the end of summer months. When ripe, they emit a sweet smell that is virtually identical. Additionally, they are so similar they are commonly used in the same cooking and baking dishes.
Nectarines are typically smaller than peaches and this fruit is firm when ripe. The flavoring of these fruits is sweet, often sweeter than peaches, with coloring that varies from cream yellow to a blushing of red. The outer skin of nectarines is smooth all around and they are typically consumed skin and all. Peaches are generally larger in size than nectarines and softer when ripe. Peaches are lightly sweetened fruits, with coloring that is cream yellow to red, however they are paler in color than a nectarine. A peach is famous for their fuzz on the skin, when consumed some people prefer to remove the skin. Others enjoy eating it as well.
The peach and the nectarine are not the same fruit, however they have many more things in common than they do different.

1. Nectarines and peaches are of the same species and family. They are often interchangeably found on each other’s trees.
2. Peaches and nectarines smell the same, and are commonly used for the same cooking purposes.
3. Peaches have a fuzz on their skin and nectarines are smooth skinned. Both are cream yellow and red in coloring.
4. Nectarines are smaller than peaches in size and are typically sweeter in taste too.
5. There is only one gene that differs between the peach and the nectarine.

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