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Difference Between DLNA and InfoLink

DLNA vs InfoLink

The TV is gradually becoming a part of our home network along with our computers, tablets, and phones. This trend is because of new features being introduced like Infolink and DLNA. The main difference between DLNA and InfoLink is their purpose. InfoLink is a feature that allows a user to quickly access information from the internet. In contrast, DLNA is a feature that lets you store, control, and display your media on different networked devices.

InfoLink attempts to bring the internet to your TV, although in a very limited way. The best comparison to InfoLink is RSS as it brings the information to your TV in a similar manner. So with InfoLink, you can check the news, weather, or even the stock market during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show. DLNA serves a very different purpose from InfoLink. It tries to do away with the many hassles of getting your media from one point to another. With DLNA, you can use your smartphone to load and control a video, stored on a NAS, directly on your TV screen; given that all these devices are DLNA compatible.

There are also a couple of differences between DLNA and InfoLink due to how they work. For one, InfoLink only works if you have access to the internet since it needs to download information. DLNA is fine without the internet since it only looks for DLNA capable devices on the local network. The second is the number of devices you need. InfoLink is a stand-alone feature that doesn’t need any other devices to work. DLNA, on the other hand doesn’t work on its own. By its function, DLNA needs at least two devices to work; one for storage, and another for control and playback.

DLNA is the more important feature of the two as it greatly simplifies the task of playing media. Movies on your computer can easily be streamed to your TV, so you no longer have to move it by other means. On the other hand, InfoLink is more gimmicky than anything else. And its capabilities are easily surpasses by smartphones.


  1. DLNA is meant for delivering media from one digital device to another while InfoLink is a service that lets you see internet content
  2. Infolink requires an internet connection while DLNA does not
  3. DLNA only works with two or more devices while an InfoLink device works on its own

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